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Силовые тренировки для женщин: плюсы и минусы / Strength training for women: pros and cons

Strength training exercises To be, or not to be: that is the question Today we will talk about pros and cons of strength training Let’s start from the pros Why do we need strength training exercises? Firstly, to look good If you want to get rid of muscle flabbiness strength training should become an integral part of your workout Physiologists state that if a person stops doing strength training exercises after (s)he turns 20 years old the metabolism slows down and every two years we lose half a kilogram of muscles This means that a 40-year old woman, whose weight had not changed from the time she was in college, and who didn’t exercise replaced 5 kilograms of muscles with 5 kilograms of fat This means that her weight had not changed But her appearance changed And not for the better Secondly, strength training exercises boost our metabolism This means that the more muscles we have, the faster our metabolism is If we lose muscles our metabolism slows down If we are working on our muscles we boost our metabolism Every half a kilogram of the muscles we gained boost our metabolism to 50 calories a day And every half a kilogram of the muscles that we lost — slow our metabolism to 50 calories a day Why is it so? It is because our muscles need a lot more energy for the synthesis of protein and regeneration of fat So don’t be surprised when you find out that you’ve been eating the same food for the last 10 years but only now you start gaining weight It happened because your metabolism slowed down, while your muscles burn fat even when you sleep The third advantage of strength training exercises is a strong bone tissue healthy cardiovascular system, great mood, an energized and happy person Concerning disadvantages — there aren’t any Because no matter what health problems you may have an instructor can create a set of exercises that is perfect just for you Work out, it’s awesome! Why is it so high? Here, just a sec I am afraid to let go of my hands

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