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10 Different Types Of Music Teachers

*Music* I told you, it’s two beats. *demonstrates* What’s wrong with you? Just focus. *in tempo violin playing* *sigh* The phrase goes towards the end of the bar. Come on. I told you already five times. *violin playing* First note, check with the open D. *listening to tuning* It’s not in tune. Use your ears, do you have ears? *violin playing* Where’s your focus? *violin playing* What are you looking at? *violin playing* What is that? There’s nothing to do with Sibelius. *tsk* *violin playing* The note you just played just then… what does it mean? Um… It’s a G. Subdominant? Yeah. Well imagine Sibelius. The G could be an interpretation of his life, you know, when it’s cold and his pain but no one really knows what’s going on, you know music is like an internal thing but that’s all external influences. There’s no words to describe what Sibelius’ going through. And a lot of the time you have to just really understand what he wanted and… Whatever is written on the music can tell you everything you know… You have to push through discomfort and be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Got it? *knock knock* Teacher: Come in. *tuning violin* Teacher: Just warm up, I’ll be there with you soon. *violin playing* *violin playing* Sorry it took a while, the tea took a while to brew. Anyway, it sounded good. Do you want to start from the beginning again? *violin playing* Do you have anything else? *violin playing* Brilliant. Do you have anything else? Oh give me a second, let me just refill my tea. Go on, you can play. *out of tune violin playing* Good! that’s really really good! Um… Is there anything I can work on? Uh… No, not really, it’s fine, I mean just a bit more practicing to be perfectly fine, no worries. Take it easy, don’t work yourself too hard. I don’t know, I just feel…… Maybe I don’t sound… …that great. Stop looking so sad, just be happy. Be positive! Music is about sharing the love! *plays scales* When you start that note you just have to catch the bow! The starts from the fingers, you gotta *demonstrates* like *demonstrates* Everything has to have an articulation like *demonstrates* *articulated scales* No no, catch the bow! Like I said, catch! Catch! *articulated violin playing* What type of catch do you think this is? The “puh” or the “kuh”. It’s not a “poh”. No no no no, the movement is from the fingers. Catch, and release! Uh, by the way, how do you do good ricochet – You catch the bow! *ricochet playing* Do you have any exercises for vibrato? You catch the bow! *violin playing* No. Starting your first note is like a plane landing. You have to be a good pilot because if it’s bad land you can feel the bumps. Landing has be controlled and smooth, like… this. *violin playing* Sometimes too much vibrato is like icing on the cake, this is too sweet. You don’t want to do too much. Cake is already sweet. Okay… Analogies. *plays note* Stop there. The first bounce is not even. *violin playing* The… The A is not really in tune with the D string. *tries again* Yeah yeah, the shoulders might need to drop a bit. Your nose can be a bit higher. *tries again* The string crossing was a bit excessive. *tries again* Feel the weight and this fourth finger, it creates the sound. You pull the string in. Push the string from there. *tries again* There was five oscillations in that vibrato. Should be six. *corrected violin playing* Okay, let’s move on to the third bar. *out of tune violin playing* I’m a singer and this school can’t find a violin teacher, but I think you should breathe. It’ll definitely help your intonation. *phone vibrates* Sorry one second. Hello? Yes, sorry darling. Can I call you later? Just because I’m teaching right now. No, no, I’m not teaching… I’m not… No not a singer, I’m teaching a violin student. Yeah, I don’t know, this… for my certificate diploma. They put me here to get experience teaching string instruments. That’s just how it works. Okay. Talk to you soon. Okay, so have you practiced your breathing for intonation? *violin playing* Kid, back in my days we used to warm up with three octave scales. And every time we need to play one hour of scales, two hours of studies, one hour of concerto, one hour of Bach, and two hours of chamber music, and three hours of orchestra. It’s all about twelve a days you know. Today you guys just have too many distractions. Your phone, what’s it called, social media? And uh, what’s the thing in social media? Uh, me-mes? You need to learn how to appreciate music, and look deeper into it. *violin playing* Stop. What’s the dynamic? Don’t look! *tsk* What is the marking? What is the expression marking here? Uh… Fortissimo… Andante? Here, let me write it down for you.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “10 Different Types Of Music Teachers”

  1. Just watched this in order to see what kind of teacher I am, and what I should avoid. Anyone has any suggestion as to what should be prioritized NOT to do (and maybe how to do it in another way?

    PS! I’m a percussionist teacher and arranger/composer.

  2. Bro, the first teacher, the always frustrated one is my music teacher 24/7, she made me cry once because i couldn’t play a chord right :”)

  3. Did anyone else have their phone near them at 5:31 , thinking someone was calling only to realize that it was the video and that you don't have friends.
    Just me then?
    Alexa, play Despacito!!!

  4. I haven't played violin in 7 years bc the teacher I had moved to texas, and when we went to the only available teacher in our town she ate during my lesson and walked around barefoot. She charged 30 a lesson. Thankfully i'm finally picking up violin again my senior year in high school after my violins get back from being fixed up!

  5. My teacher in middle school was all of these except for he did play our instrument and he is not the tbt teacher but he was really effective and made us succeed.

    Meanwhile my teachers this year focus on one thing and are overly sweet/positive.

  6. my teacher was the picky teacher and the TBT teacher at the same time you can imagine HOW FUCKING LONG AND DRAGGED OUT OUR LESSONS WOULD GET IM STILL RECOVERING FROM THE TRAUMA ASDFGHJKL

  7. I’m so scared because today we are preforming our ensembles in front of the class and I’m worried that I’ll mess up

  8. My teacher keeps it reals like if I didn’t practice then she’ll know and mention it but keeps it nice. And she gives me a lot of freedom

  9. Думаю, что 7 тип преподавателя самый лучший вариант. Только зная и исправляя ошибки мы становимся лучше.

  10. A few more.
    11) The exhausted uni-student that got their Grade 12 RCM like 7 years ago, and started teaching music again to have a part time job that works with their schedule. It's typified by "Okay, now A minor. Now harmonic. Okay, now E minor. Now harmonic."
    12) The family member that played music when they were younger, now guilted into being a music teacher for some younger nephew and his cheap-ass parents that won't pay full price for a teacher.
    13) Plays in a band, absolutely lies about having music training, just hangs out smoking weed with their student on their parent's dime.
    14) The first time teacher who is just a ball of nerves before snapping one day and either quitting or turning jaded.

  11. I felt the "Don't cry, keep it together" sooo much. My teacher would often yell at me and make demeaning comments. She would go as far as to say: "Oh you're playing after him and her (insert randoms persons name) they are very talented so you better play well if you don't want to humiliate yourself. Trust me otherwise you will not want to play in front of others ever again." My self esteem would go -360 and next lesson she would just say stuff like "why are you playing with such fear and insecurity" ???

  12. The teacher that doesn't play your instument is every band teacher. I've only had one band teacher who played woodwind, all the others play brass which is annoying because they expect flutes to be able to play for so much longer than we actually can.

  13. You forgot the teacher that teaches you to play 2-3 songs a year and never teaches you any techniques and not you nor your family realize it because you don't have enough music knowledge to do so then realization dawns on you like the freaking sun when you have already been playing for ten years and can't do anything peers your age easily can… I only know glissando on the black keys and I don't even know when or how to use it.

    Edit: I currently don't know anything about scales, chords, techniques and I never properly learned to read sheet music (to my knowledge, most of the students of the two teachers I went to were at the same position as I now am- those two teachers of mine were from a place which is the equivalent of public school but it is private and you are privately tutored therefore they were pretty freaking cheap, the only reason I stopped taking lessons from my first and best teacher who privately tutored me was because she had to move out of the city)
    Whoa, I guess I really bottled these things up huh

  14. When I was learning to play accordion I was "lucky" enough to have a teacher who was some days like a combination of 1, 5, 6, 7 and 10 and some days combination of 3 and 9. I have accordion at home but after finishing music school I only touch it just to clean the dust lmao

  15. You forgot about the teacher that always dose by hear what you’re playing and you have to start over

    Edit: Doesn’t

  16. This is what went through my mind while I watched this video;

    The always frustrated and picky teacher made me think of Gordon Ramsay as a musician

    The philosophical one… "If I play a chromatic scale, there's no measurable response. If I change to atonal clusters… Voilà! They fly in counter-clockwise, synchronized concentric circles, as though a regimented flock…. I have created order out of chaos using musical theory."

    The lazy one I relate to on a spiritual level

    The overly nice one, "aMaZiNg!"

  17. The fourth one was my old teacher but she actually helped me from anxiety attacks, and when I left her, I had extreme depression.

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