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11 Mistakes You Make Brushing Your Teeth | Develop Proper Tooth Care Habits

Reynold King

100 Replies to “11 Mistakes You Make Brushing Your Teeth | Develop Proper Tooth Care Habits”

  1. Do you rinse your mouth AFTER brushing your teeth? Comment below!
    If you want all 11 fast – read the article

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  2. I have a member of the family that has foul breath. Her mouth can be closed and also the smell comes through her nose. She didn`t find any help from popping tic spearmint gum and breath mints. This smelly breath treatment method helped her. Her breath has become better because of the guidebook. .

  3. Change my toothbrush brush every 3 months?!… Man you crazy as hell!
    No wonder there is poop on the dang brush. I change mine, about every 3 weeks.

  4. You actually want to use a metal tongue cleaner and you want to do it in the morning on an empty stomach for 7-14 times and rince the scraper off with hot water each time you scrap and I clean my brush after each time I use it and I didnt know that people actually didn't know not to leave the brush out in the open lol freakin gross that is just common sense….

  5. Oh my gosh!! Antonio this is so true. The majority of Americans and people in the world think of tooth brushes, and paste to bee bathroom kept. Razors too!! However. It seems normal to keep those things in the bathroom, in reality it isn’t. I actually have my toothbrushes all in my bedroom with me. Electric and manual. Even the razors. What many and most people think of bathroom items should stay in the bathroom, I keep them strictly with me. Even the expensive electric razor I got with cleaning station. That can get contaminated in the bathroom so I keep it in my bedroom. If I wet shave, I will use the razor in the bathroom, but if I am just dry shaving I will use it in the bedroom. Even both of my trimmers I keep them in the bedroom, unless I am clipping my hair, then I take everything and trim in the shower. The water will rinse everything down and their is no mess this way. You are so correct in this. So true so true, and so true!! Keep it up man!!

  6. This makes me sad. So much misinformation on YouTube. Good try though. Go to the dentist. It's cheaper than you think.

  7. Did you ever stop and wonder if the feces was on the handle as well? What do you use to handle your toothbrush? Hands? What do you clean yourself with after using the toilet? Hand(s)? So use your own mind to think. Maybe the "research" examined the entire toothbrush. That being said, flush with lid closed if you're worried about water jet, clean your toothbrush with vinegar regularly, (sadly telling adults to) wash your hands more in the bathroom, and yes, store your mouth cleaning tools somewhere safe from germs, consult you dentist and most importantly know that these are just ideas to form your own plan for better oral health. Cheers!

  8. I am Emmanuel Mahlinza, from South Africa, the I am Emmanuel Mahlinza, from South Africa, the country of Nelson Mandela and 2019 Rugby World Cup Champions. I have been and still suffering from chronic/severe bad breath from the age 12 until today, age 26. In October 2019, I did a Gastroscopy to test for possible GERD. The findings of the Gastroscopy revealed poor indication. A Barium Swallow was recommended. I did a Barium Swallow and an abberent vascular structure compressing the oesophagus was noted. A CT Angiography was recommended confirm the exact vascular structure. The CT Angiography confirmed an abberent right subclavian artery passing posterior to my oesophagus, hence causing compression and narrowing of the oesophagus. An abberent right subclavian artery is an abnormality of the aortic arch, where the origin of the right subclavian artery is deviant. I am suffering from the following conditions: Severe bad breath( extremely horrible), Dyspepsia( difficulty in swallowing), Regurgitation of obstructed food and oesophagus fluid(mucus) in the throat and oesophagus, Stridor, and compression of the windpipe, hence breathing difficulties. I am being scheduled to do a surgical operation at Steve Biko Academic Hospital(South Africa's best public Hospital in Africa) in January 2020 to correct the origin of the right subclavian artery. This abberent right subclavian artery caused compression and narrowing of the oesophagus and windpipe, hence resulting in food being obstructed in the oesophagus and rotting and causing severe bad breath. I have taken almost every medication without success. Never spend your money on medication for any medical condition that has not been diagnosed by a doctor through diagnostic tests. I couldn't feel it that food was being obstructed in my oesophagus. The only symptoms I noticed were mucus obstructed in my throat as if I have postnasal drip, sour or acid taste in my tongue(caused by food rotting in my oesophagus),regurgitation and stridor. Barium Swallow is the most effective and best diagnostic test to test for bad breath caused by swallowing problems. The CT Angiography is used to confirmed the findings of the Barium Swallow or Gastroscopy in most cases-It's expensive, yet the number 1 CT to diagnose any aberrant vascular structure compressing the oesophagus or windpipe. My email address is: [email protected] or 076 036 9363.

  9. Thanks a lot for the video bro. Because I usually do a cup full of water to rinse my mouth after brushing my teeth. Personally I think this video is helpful.

  10. Wow, this guy has no idea that flouride is a nuero toxin…Buddy Calcium Flouride is not in these products, its a chemical by product of Sodium Flouride, Hydroflourasilicate or Hydrofluorosilicic acid. This is horrible for your health, look at the studies on IQ reduction done by Harvard, its your duty as a Dentist to know what the hell your talking about. Your hurting people. Wake up. Credibility went right out the window.

  11. very useful information.. thanks for the video. Guys, pls visit my youtube channel about oral health.. its Cabansag Dental Channel. thanks.

  12. I’ve never had a toothbrush look that janky after three months. I don’t see that kind of bristle damage until after it’s been demoted from tooth cleaning to cleaning the wheels on my car

  13. Did all of them few months ago but now i only do the same routine but i never fail with my brushing routine so that s not a problem for me

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    You need to wake up!
    Society tells you that you need FLUORIDE BUT YOU DO NOT!

  16. I don't understand your 3rd mistake which is rinsing with water. If we can't rinse with water than do we drink water in our mouth as colgate. When we brush our teeth through colgate there was so many bubbles came in your mouth and you think we won't though those bubbles through water. We can eat drink those bubbles with water or clean our mouth with your mouth wash. After that when something happened in our stomach than we go immediately to our doctor and informed him that what happened to us and what we did.

  17. THAT’S probably why some people are so full of shit! Their toothbrushes are probably too close to the toilet 💩

  18. If 45 degrees is the correct angle (and it probably is since I havent heard about it only here) then why brush making companies do not create brushes handles angled to their head to make it more easier and natural …

  19. Food turns into feces. That's why tooth brushes have feces. I soak my toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide. Do some reaserch on floride because its not good for your health. Listen to other videos before you believe this person.

  20. I used to be sloppy during my school years but but now I brush my teeth 2 time a day and doctor if I brush 2 later on evening meal my gum would be bloody why is that

  21. About the faeces

    The particles from the toilet rise up into the air and stick to anything and everything.

    I am not joking

  22. My dentist told me I was developing Ginger Vitis because I was not brushing my gums hard enough. The help of my teeth has improved since brushing my gums harder

  23. Wow it’s so crazy to me that I been doing everything right even brushing my teeth once a day right before I sleep hours after eating. I do use mouth wash and take a good 5 minutes or more sometimes brushing so I’m surprised I been doing rift

  24. Use the tongue brush before brushing your teeth. Otherwise, you'll be spreading some of the bacteria around your mouth where you only just cleaned

  25. My toothbrush is electric and it comes with a UV cleaner for the removable bristles. Should I still keep it in the bathroom?

  26. real question I know after eating you have to wait at least 30 mins before brushing but if you brush your teeth first thing in the morning do you have to wait before eating breakfast and if so how long?

  27. Fluoride is the last thing that I want to give time to get up in my mouth. If I did use fluoride, which is a neurotoxin, the first thing I would do is rinse it out. I don't like leaving things in my mouth. I always rinse no matter what it is. Food, soap, whatever. I am expecting to be called crazy by the way, so don't think you can bother me with that comment.

  28. Heyyyyy wait a min why does this vid take soo long not trying to be rude but I love to have a shout out dhdvddvdjdvdjdjdjdususvdvdydvdduvekevehrverjrhjrrvdjdbddydhdydhedugdx7veodheirhdidveudveidgeenxihdugehedudfhedydgjeydgshsidgevxudgehdudgeudygedhduyeheidydjddhddjidhddidjrnchduehoa8s6egg2h4j48d62yrci77gwrb8y3gf8etvc7egf7y8eyd73yd7eyyr73yr7yf76r7373374774747474747747477474uhdudhehehrrhhdhdhdhdhrhrhrhrhrhrhrhhuysdhgevdyverye7geeyeeyy5_

  29. I do my teeth with charcoal for 3 mins and do mouthwash for 2 minutes and my teeth are still sort of stained. Any reason why?

  30. Yeah sure fluoride, only causes your brain cells to pop but yeah I'll just keep it my mouth longer so it doaks right in.

  31. Well Antonio, got news for you. I ain't doin' any of those mistakes. I flush with the lid down, my toothbrushes are kept in a draw (one for morning, one for night.) I floss twice a day. I've been brushing my tongue for decades. My bathroom door is always open and I run the exhaust fan when I shower. I disagree with the flouride thing. That's just a gimmick by dentists. Flouride is not good for your brain. Rinse your mouth out with warm water after you eat is good prevention for cavities. Hopefully, people wash their hands before they brush/floss their teeth. Your hands have zillions of germs on them.

  32. Poo on ur toothbrush?? Wat the??? Who the hell does a poo and just leaves it there without flushing for it to jump all the way to ur toothbrush. I've underestimated what poo can do. Is there anything that poo can't do? Lol. Lucky I have a separate room for the toilet.

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