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  1. containing needs to be removed from's so super irritating and so unrealistic..put up a sweat to steal the ball,not just standing towards your opponent!! only pussies use that

  2. If I could I'd like this vid a million times. Thanks bro. Watched this earlier today and I played a couple of rivals games for practice and I haven't lost on fut champs today. 10/10. Only 13/20 now because I lost a lot yesterday. But thanks a lot mate

  3. Hello everyone, I am a smaller youtuber trying to grow, I have an oppurtunity for my fellow small youtubers. Basically I am looking for 8-16 people to do a FIFA 19 Tournament. The requirements are as follows:

    You must be able to capture your footage and post the games to your own individual channels

    Take pictures of the results of your own games and send them to me so I can update the Tournament standings

    NO ULTIMATE TEAM, I am using normal clubs, first come first serve in terms of choices (if someone chooses Barcelona you cannot use Barcelona)

    Borussia Dortmund is not available 😉

    Must have good internet connection (preferably you live in USA)

    Thank you for reading, if you wish to participate, let me know by sending me a message @:
    As more people join, more information will be decided upon (such as scheduling of games, groups [its 2 groups, top 2 advance, semis, finals] etc.)

  4. thanks for the video is great, I'm going to put it into practice with what I'm learning to improve my results.

  5. All scripted shit that's all Fifa is if you can't see it you fucking stupid the ball is the most scripted part of the game that's why 6 million have stopped playing its money making model for ea sport

  6. How many offsides oooo yer you have peel so offside dicisions are not giving., so how much are you making from ea sport

  7. Thank y. Unfortunately, you do realize Americans will be competing against the Chinese?

    Just joking. The Chinese are communist that will disable their servers.

  8. wow. others showing skills playing in amateur mode. this guy show showing techniques by playing multiplayer games. very good tutorial. subscribed

  9. This game is incompetent as fuck I have just lost a player having made a fair tackle so I just quit thanks to ea incompetence

  10. I must be the unluckiest player ever I do most of these, but most interceptions and tackles I do rebound back to the opponent

  11. I am trying to pass and cross but the other guys r too better than me
    Getting possession but not winning
    Feeling like I can never win in this 😁

  12. Can someone help I’m totally new to fifa. How come on my screen I can’t see the player info tab at the bottom left of the screen? You can see him charging shots and the bars there. How do I turn that on? Sorry for dumb question trying to get better

  13. Quick question, does anyone else get the advert cuz it kinda looks legit im full on bafgled can someone help me out with this

  14. I just started playing fifa. Amazing tutorial I can go beat my brother now. If I get the game I'll come back and subscribe!

  15. Hi could anyone help me as to how to put players into your active squad when brought in transfer market or other purchases as I'm very stuck.😴

  16. After playing this game for a while, I can say that is absolutely the worst online multiplayer experience ever. After years and years of playing against friends in face to face matches, I tried the online features and I can say it's pure garbage. The game seems to tune down the time scale according to the latency, so in one match you play in regular speed and another is VERY SLOW and that totally kills the pace. Some of my games are played frame by frame, lol. The game also favorites the tackles over anything, I mean, you can pull the other guy shirt all the time and get away with it. The finesse shot is also OP.

    I bet EA only has 1 global server somewhere. I'm playing against people all around the world, so that's wrong already. It has to use the same model as Dota2, where their servers are spread around the world and people play by location. If I want to play against someone far away, it has to be by invite and then the game creates a tunnel between the 2 players to minimize the lag even tho there is still the data traveling distance barrier.

  17. Dont play Juventus for some reason E.A think there a good club well in Italy yes but outside they have won the same amount of cls as Nottingham forest so basically they are shit

  18. It's all very well but the higher up the more cheats I've come across this game is shite you can tell e.a. that I could give a damm

  19. Great video. I agree with a comment I saw on here – No long intro, no shouting. Just giving great, straightforward info. Nice channel. I really struggled with my defense until I saw your tip on staying two steps ahead of the attacker and it really clicked with me after playing straight after this video. Thanks for the info!!

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