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20 Minute Mobility & Strength Training Workout | Yoga Dose

– Hey, welcome back to Yoga With Tim. Today, we’re gonna do not so much yoga, this is just gonna be exercises. We’re gonna do some
exercises for your core and for your legs, and your hips. So, this is a great video
to do if you don’t want to do much sun salutations,
but you still wanna get a great workout. Let’s give it a shot. Hey, leave a comment, hit the Like button, and also subscribe to the channel. (lively, bouncy music) Alright, you ready, let’s get started. So we’re gonna start off on the back just to take a little time
to get awareness of our core. So, all of our movements should
come from this awareness, this deep core awareness,
and let’s talk about what that is. Lie down onto your back. Bend your knees, put your feet down. Let your shoulders relax. Let your hips relax. Let the weight of the body drop and just take a breath or two here. Alright, then open your
eyes if they were closed. And we’re gonna start by
creating some movement for the lower back. So as you inhale, arch your lower back, stretch your frontal hip
bones away from your chest. As you exhale, flatten your
lower back down into the mat. Inhale, arch your lower back. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale out through your nose, flatten down your lower back. Then inhale, bring your
lower back into neutral. Okay, so in all these movements
that we’re gonna do today, we wanna be able to hold
our spine in neutral. So the first exercise that
we’re gonna do is just bringing our legs up and down, but you
should feel your abs engage. Bring one knee up into
tabletop and back down. And then the other knee. The shoulders shouldn’t move. The neck stays long. Keep going side to side,
and elongate your tailbone out of your lower back. Elongate through the crown of your head, and as you exhale, deflate your abdominals that feel like they’re hardening up. And keep deflating the abs. Each movement you get even
longer through your tailbone and through your crown. And the middle doesn’t move
at all, it should stay steady like a brick. If you bring your hands
to your frontal hip bones, you could feel that they’re not moving when you’re lifting your legs. Okay, now let’s make that exercise harder. Bring one leg up into
table, and then the other. And then slowly lower that heel down. Back up. Slowly lower the other heel,
not about how many you do, but the quality of the movement. Slowly lower one heel
without the hips moving. Keep your low abs deflated. Slowly lower the other heel as you exhale. Back up. Change sides. Feel your abs engage. Back up. Shoulders relax, neck long. Back up. You can exhale through the
mouth through this part to help to engage your core. Other side. Back up. Good, then hold there. Last part of the exercise, as you exhale, stretch the right leg forward. Slowly lower it down. Back up. Left leg. Remember exhale and engage your core, don’t let your hips move. Back up. Exhale. Back up. Exhale. Back up. Good, then take your arms straight up, and without your hips
or your ribs twisting, slowly stretch your left
arm back, right arm down. Back up. Right arm back, left arm down. Back up. Change sides. Back up. Change sides. Back up, and then let’s add the legs, but make sure that your low abs stay in. Slowly stretch the right
leg, right arm forward. Reach. Back up. Change sides. Back up. Change sides. Back up. Change sides. Back up. Change sides. Back up. And change sides. Good, come back up. Release. Then roll onto your right side hip. Put a bend in your right knee and stretch your left leg out. You can put a block underneath your head to support your head or
you can put your hand underneath your head, but I
want the spine to be long. Then engage your abs and
lengthen through your lower back. And as you exhale, turn your big toe down on your left foot and lift
the leg from the outer heel, feeling, imagine you have a weight on it and it’s resisting gravity. And slowly lower back down. Exhale, lift your leg. Inhale, lower down. Exhale, squeeze your
hip and lift your leg. Inhale, lower down. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. And slowly lower. Exhale. Slowly lower. Exhale. And slowly lower. Bring the leg up halfway, so it’s about in line with your bottom knee. Exhale, lift up. Slowly lower. Exhale, lift up. Slowly lower. Exhale, lift up. Slowly lower, make sure every
time you engage your core, keep your tailbone lengthened
outta your lower back. And back down. Then take the leg all the way forward, and then five times here. One. Two, keep squeezing your abs. Don’t let your waist sink. Three. Stretch your tailbone out
of your lower back, four. Lengthen through your neck. Five. Six. Good, release. Let’s do it on the other side. I’m gonna use a block underneath my head, my neck’s getting tired. So you don’t want the neck
to overwork like that. Should’ve put that down in the beginning. Okay, set yourself up. Be nice and long through your spine. Same back on the floor
feeling you just had in the last exercise. Stretch your leg away from you and turn your big toe
down, really important. Turn the big toe down. Exhale, lift. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale. Slowly lower. Exhale like there’s a
10-pound weight on your foot. Squeeze, hold. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. And slowly lower. Exhale. And slowly lower. Exhale. Slowly lower. Exhale. Slowly lower. Good, then take the leg out halfway up. And one. Keep the big toe turned down, two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Take the leg up all the way. Turn your big toe down and lift, one. Two. Three. Four. Five, keep the quality of the movement, squeeze your abs, lengthen your tail, six. Good. Okay, I hope you could
feel that in your butt and in your hips. So, if we can get these muscles
really strong and healthy with being able to do quality of movement, hold the leg, and move it properly, it’s gonna help with our core. It’s gonna help with all of our exercises. So we’re gonna keep
strengthening these muscles in these exercises that we’re doing today, so these are your glutes,
and it’s really important that we keep the glutes healthy, because of how they interact
with the back muscles, with the core muscles. So the next exercise that we’re gonna do is basically just like a lunge, and you can do this with
our without weights. I’m gonna show you, these are little tiny five pound weights. It’s not about how much,
but just having something to have maybe like a counterbalance so that I make sure that I don’t hang off to one side or the other. Again, the weights, you don’t have to use, but they just help with that. Okay, so I’m gonna have you
step your left foot back into a little lunge, and make
sure that your right knee is pointing straight
ahead, toes straight ahead. Grow as tall as you can, so find the same back along the floor feeling, chest open. As you inhale, slowly
lower your back knee, but keep yourself as tall as you can be through your midline, check your knee, it should be pointing straight ahead. Feel your butt turn on, right
from that last exercise. Exhale, come up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, come up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, come up. Inhale. Exhale, four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. 11, change legs. Make sure that the
distance is about the same. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, squeeze your butt and come up. Inhale. Exhale. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. 11, step your foot forward. Step your feet outer hips distance apart and turn your big toes out just slightly. Inhale, slowly lower, but
keep lengthening your spine. Exhale, come back up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, back up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, back up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, back up. Now bring the weights
up onto your shoulders, or if you don’t have weights, put your hands behind your head. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, back up. Two. Three. Four. Five. Good, bring the weights to your side. Lie back down onto your back. Last one here, bend your
knees, feet hip distance apart, and as you exhale, engage your hamstrings, lift your buttock up. Slowly lower. Exhale, lift, two. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, lift up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, up. Inhale, slowly lower. Exhale, up. Slowly lower, last two. Last one. And lower your butt down. Oh my gosh, okay, good news is, now you get to take a break. So you can stay on your
back, you can sit up, but we’re just gonna take a minute break. So, while we’re taking
this break, I’ll talk so that it doesn’t get so boring, but shouldn’t just have dead air space, so when we’re doing these exercises, I want you to just keep in mind that the health of your body
is your muscles’ ability to contract all the way
and to release all the way. So sometimes as a yoga
practitioner personally, when I first started yoga,
I was so just interested in how deep can I get into this pose, how much can I stretch myself, but then what I noticed
is that my movement wasn’t as healthy for
other things that I did, for like specifically surfing. When I was surfing, I
felt like I don’t have as quick of a reaction time anymore, and when we train the muscle
to contract all the way, it will also release all the way. Health of the muscle is the
ability to contract all the way and to release all the way. So if we’re always just
thinking about how deep can I get into the stretch
and not ever thinking about, can I contract the muscle
and also get as much health in movement that
way, it’s just gonna create a more balanced body. So these types of exercise,
this is to create a balanced body, and if we have
nice, strong hips, glutes, and hamstrings, they’re
gonna help to support us through our yoga practice through
all of our standing poses. Okay, so I hope you’re sold on doing this, and you’ll start to
add something like this to your routine. Okay, let’s start out
again same way we did with the glute and knee exercise. Getting that outer butt strong, because that helps to keep
you stable, how you stand and all your poses. So bottom knee is bent. Now instead of letting
my waist hang like this onto the floor, I wanna
keep my hips stretched out of my lower back and I engage my abs. I firm my butt down. Then turn your big toe
down on your top leg, which is the left leg I
think we started with, and as you exhale, lift,
but your core doesn’t move. It’s just like we
learned at the beginning. Exhale, two. Exhale, three. Exhale, four. Exhale, five. Exhale, six. Exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Good, then take the leg
halfway forward and six. One. Two. Three, don’t let your waist sink. Four, tailbone stretch
it down, buttocks down. Five. Six. Then as high up as you can
without your body rounding. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Oh, it’s getting harder, jeez. I needed to do these more. Back onto the other side. Line it up, block to
support your ear, head. Okay, stretch your leg,
keep your waist lifted. Reach through your heel. One. Two. Three. Big toes turn down. Four, contract your abs as you lift. Five, buttocks contracts to the heel. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10, take it up halfway. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Take it up all the way. Keep your spine long. One, don’t let the waist sink. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Good job. Alright, I think good job. I hope you did a good job. Come up to stand. Weights or not. Step your left foot back. Nice and tall through your spine. Long through the tailbone,
through the waist, tall as you can be. Inhale, lower. Exhale, one. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. 10. 11. Change sides. One. Two. Three. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Stay as tall as you
can through your spine. 11, step forward. Now this one, start with the feet hips socket distance apart. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Then outer hips distance. Hands behind your ears or
weights up to the shoulder. Two. Three. Lengthen the spine as you lower. Four. Lengthen the tailbone. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Last one, lie down onto your back. Take a breath. Ready, go up. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Lower your butt down,
cross your right ankle over your left knee. Hug your left knee in towards your chest. Nice, good job, way to stay with it. Then we’ll just do a couple stretches. Breathe through your
nose, let the hips open. Change the cross of your legs. Hug that leg in. Okay, breathe through your nose. Good, then uncross, hug your
right knee into your chest, stretch your left leg out. Change sides, hug your left knee in, stretch your right leg out. Roll yourself up to seated. Come on up. Stand with your right leg up at the wall. Let your thigh descend. Open up your chest. If you can do this on a table or a chair, just hang the heel, that’s really best. Change sides, take your other leg up. Let your thigh descend. Bring your leg back down. Alright, thanks for watchin’ today. I’ll see ya next time. Alright, so I hope you enjoyed
this little cross training regimen that we did today. Not very yoga, I’m aware,
but a great supplement to your yoga practice. Just some type of movements that we miss. It’s really important
to be able to do a squat in a healthy manner, to
be able to do a lunge. So these are just some great movements that you can help to add
to your yoga practice. Alright, so hey if you’ve
been watching the channel, enjoying the videos, and
you enjoy the different content like this, and you
want to help to support Yoga With Tim, become a member
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I really appreciate it. See you next time.

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