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2019 TRAINING WEEKEND // Justin Kimmann & Robin Dijk

Hi everyone! We are organizing a training weekend for 8 kids this weekend. You won’t see this often. Let’s put the blankets on. This is room 1. There are 4 kids sleeping in this room tonight. Well done Robin. Filling up the goodie bag. We are almost ready for the ‘start’ of the weekend. I guess the kids are not tired yet.. Straight to the trampoline after the track session. Good night guys! Bye! Enjoy the breakfast everyone. We are going to give the kids a little goodie bag with a beanie, posters and stickers. Small gift from us. Thank you. For everyone a little gift. Yes, a beanie! Who’s driving? We are on our way to the last session of the weekend. to: Indoor BMX track Dijk. Is everyone excited? Already tired? No.. Training weekend done and dusted. It was fun! Let’s clean up the last stuff. Bye bye! Thanks for watching.

Reynold King

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