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25 Min Beginner Cardio and Strength Training – Home Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – Weight

25 Min Beginner Cardio and Strength Training Home Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners Weight

Reynold King

42 Replies to “25 Min Beginner Cardio and Strength Training – Home Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – Weight”

  1. ragazzi fate se potete qualcosa con la palla medica quella da 5kg grazie 😛🖒🖒🖒🖒🎉🏋⛹siete bravissimi e molto professionali.

  2. wow once again awesome coach n Claudia I'm so proud to call you my trainer. by the way thx 2 you also I got my black belt on ronin goju a Japanese martial art. thx 4 the inspiration n the motivation. you are a well rounded guy coach thx n keep up the excellent work

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  4. Nice sweat and variation. Good mental and physical coaching as always. Like that you bring a warm up more often in your videos. To make it my perfect workout…I'd love to end with a cooling down also to complete. Keep it up! Proud greetings from The Netherlands.

  5. Dude, this destroyed my shoulders! My wife and I were panicking that we wouldn't be able to finish, and were yelling, "coach, when does thing end!" at the screen. Thanks guys, this workout, like all the others, was awesome. I'm feeling like we need a Freddie workout one of these days, right?

  6. I'm 66 years old with severe coronary artery disease (one artery 90% blocked and inoperable); I need to exercise to keep the arteries working. I'm one of those that you refer to when you talk about exercising to save your life. I Love the Foundation calendar workouts! I went on a slow carb diet March 1st (about 35 lbs. overweight at 211) and started the Foundation workouts on March 18. I missed one week due to a respiratory illness, but I'm amazed at the progress I've made so far. I went from water bottles to 5 pound weights for most of the exercises and I've dropped to 196 pounds. What I like best about these workouts is that you tell us how to adjust them to our fitness level; most of the other workouts I've seen just say to adjust them, but don't say how. Thanks – definitely supporting your Patreon, and I'm spreading the word.

  7. We try this program for a week now and we feel it is very effective. It is suitable for seniors like us. The very good part is it has 2 action levels: one is light and one is moderate so my wife and I can exercise at the same time. We really appreciate the program. Thanks.

  8. Like this workout guys! Thank you for posting. I have very bad knees and am happy to have found this!

  9. What a great work out! I feel energized! Also, I few minutes before the workout I put my wholewheat banana bread into the oven and it finished baking right at the end of the workout. Perfect time management haha

  10. hi i enjoyed doing this because i could handle the chalenge. Is it considered a complete workout by just completing these moves? please dont tell me what i need to hear … give it to me straight


  12. I had a question. If you can't spot reduce fat/ spot gain muslce, why will lifting weights with your arms give you visible biceps, but situps and crunches won't give you visable abs? Might be a stupid question but it always confuses me

  13. Almost skipped my workout today. So glad I didn't because today for the first time I was able to see a real improvement on a move I couldn't do before. First time. Thanks yall.

  14. Loving these workouts and I feel better every day! Love the motivation and encouragement from Coach Kozak and Claudia. I have been telling all my friends and family about these amazing workouts!❤

  15. Another amazing workout!! One of my favorites in the beginner Foundation program so far! 🙂 I do have a quick question. Often during the moves that require hinging at the waist, I find that my legs start to tingle after about 15 seconds. The feeling gets stronger the longer I'm in that position, but goes away very quickly when I stand up straight again. Is this bad, and am I using the proper form?
    Thanks so much, Coach Kozak and Claudia! And congratulations on your new little one!!

  16. I have a rather embarassing question, but… I've been doing these workouts on and off for about three months now (all beginner, I am VERY much out of shape). In each video, you say that one should definitely not hit the pause button and continue, but… what does one do in situations like mine, where around the 20 min. mark, I was so overwhelmed that I felt rather dizzy, my body was wayy warm and I just needed to stop, because I felt like I quite literally can't go on without passing out in a while. Currently typing this comment and hoping to finish the last 8 minutes… has anyone got any advice on how to handle that? It feels a bit embarassing to have this situation happen on a beginner workout, because I am young and truly not HORRIBLY out of shape (i regularly finish 15+ mile hikes), but I feel like my cardio is so bad that once it gets difficult for me, my body starts to kind of shut down. 🙁

  17. Great workout today! I am on day 6 of the Foundation Beginner Workout Program. I let the holidays get the best of me and am getting back on track. Thank you for the time and effort that you put into helping others get motivated and fit.

  18. Great work sweating I can feel it I did a knee scope so I was looking for some low impact work and this is great plus I am over 50 and need to do some strength work love love this

  19. I am just getting back to consistently working out. I have had neck pain from standing all day at my job looking down at my computer. After doing this workout twice, it has released the pain from my neck. Love your workouts and thank you for all you do.

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