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3 BEST workouts for ZWIFT from your triathlon training plan

– G’morning, Trainiacs, we
are at the end of October, and with me racing
super-league right at the end of February, that means I’m
about three months away, that means, no, four months away. Do I have to do this workout today? (door squeaks open) Of course I do, I have to
do a workout every day! (door slams) It’s my oxygen, it’s
what I do, it’s my thing. I’m triathlon Taren, not no-workout Taren. So, with that race
startin’ to come up, and be in the horizon with me announcing that… (clicking and rustling noises) How the? What the? There, with me announcing
that I’m gonna be racing a full iron-man distance
race and Challenge Roth, I’m starting to piece together
my triathlon training plan, when it’s gonna start,
how I’m gonna do it, what workouts I’m going to
include, and, how we’re going to include Zwift in that. Because I love me some Zwift,
but I also really developed a fondness for fatbiking. So, I’m tryin’ to just
balance out how I incorporate little bit of fatbiking, lot of Zwift, and today we’re gonna talk about how you can use Zwift in three of the best ways possible to incorporate into your triathlon training plan. Let’s do it! It’s really showing that
NTK slipped decaf coffee into the morning coffee. Got nothin’! (Upbeat music playing) So before we get started
here if you aren’t already following me on Zwift, who
are you?! Why aren’t you? Go follow me, the first name
is T and the last name is Riathlon Taren. We are
going headfirst into Zwift this year, more Zwift content,
we’re going to be doing Zwift rides with team
Traniac. Second thing! If you want to look as good
as I do in the Trainiac kit they are still available,
just for the next couple days and then not again for a few months. Go to the Scody link that
is in the description below. Not now. Wait until the end of the video. All right! Three of the best
ways that you can incorporate using Zwift into your
triathlon training program. So the first best workout
that’s critical to incorporate into your
triathlon training plain is probably better to do on
Zwift is your recovery workouts. Now I do a one hour recovery
ride every single Friday, where I’ve got a heart rate cap. It’s really good to do it on
Zwift because there’s no wind that can increase the difficulty. There’s also no hills, there’s
no scenery that’s really gorgeous that incentivizes
you to go longer, and push and ride longer than you should be. And there’s no friends around
to potentially incentivize you to get out of your comfort
zone, it’s really hard to actually stay within your
recovery heart rate because it doesn’t feel like you’re doing any work and it’s almost no fun!
But in the case of Zwift, pick a heart rate zone,
come on here, and you just stick in that heart rate
zone really easily, have a good recovery session,
and you’re actually able to absorb all of the hard
training that you’ve been doing and perform really well for
all of the hard training that you are going to do. For just a wee bit more
flavor that heart rate zone should be somewhere in
between about 60% of your max heart rate and about 78%
of your maximum heart rate. In that zone is the real
sweet spot that you are recovering but not just doing nothing. Challenging your body enough
that you’re getting the blood flowing and you’re
actually going to build some fitness, but you’re not
challenging and stressing your nervous system so much
that you’re going to be digging yourself a hole. If
you want to add a little bit of difficulty, just a little
wrinkle in those workouts that I really like to use
that we’re incorporating into Team Trainiac, is nasal
breathing. Get yourself a Breath Right Nasal Strip
and force yourself to breathe only through your
nose, that’s gonna build a lot of efficiency in your
heart and lungs, that’s going to help you keep your heart
rate nice and low when you start pushing harder efforts later on. And those harder efforts are
gonna come, guarantee it! Now the next place that’s
really good to use Zwift is for those super, super intense
workouts. Those absolute peak efforts that we like
to include during the week. What I’ve built in to Team
Trainiac is, on the weekend when you’ve got more time,
you go long, but the intensity is a fair bit down because
you’re just building your aerobic base, however during
the week when everyone is strapped for time, we want to get a really efficient session
going, and we want to build some speed! So there
are literally some like, 28 minute workouts that
are like, bleeding eyeballs kind of intensity in Team
Trainiac, and that does a really efficient job of building up your mitochrondrial density,
so that your limbs are more efficient at using
oxygen, builds your peak speed, and, it decreases the
perceived effort when you start doing lower speeds. So it’s all
good stuff, sometimes though it’s just really, really hard
to push yourself to those absolute maximum efforts.
I like to use group rides to do it, but, the races
that are on Zwift are equally as good. They are right from the gun, (claps) BOOM! SUPER intense.
Have you ever done one? God! So what you do in this
case is, pick a Zwift race that you want to do that
is the duration (panting) of the intense workout
that you want to do. You only really need a grand
total of about 5-8 minutes of extreme intensity to get
that maximal effort training stimulus and response, so
you don’t need a super long workout, anywhere from
20-30, 40 minutes is good. But make sure that you warm
up before the race starts, with about 5 to 10 or 12 minutes. And then the final type
of workout that Zwift is really good for is like those
(sniffles) 1-3 hour kinda meat and potatoes, really
race-specific workouts. Any shorter than that and
you’re getting into those more intense workouts that I just
talked about where racing is really good for it, but, I
like to use groups for that. I like to ride up to a
place that we do intervals back and forth and having
those people to push me I really find helpful, but you
can use Zwift on the races, and any longer than the three
hours, that’s a really big endurance ride, in which case
I really like being outside. I like having scenery,
I like having pit stops. And on Zwift, at about
3 hours, your brain’s a little bit cooked, but that
1-3 hour meat and potatoes really race-specific workout
where you want to get a lot of good work in, I think
Zwift is fantastic for that! In the case of those workouts,
a lot of people out there are probably saying, “Oh
yeah, Taren, erg mode, that’s what you do, you
create a workout, you go into erg mode,” and erg mode is
where the trainer tries to keep you at a level effort
for a certain period of time, so if you’ve written down
an erg mode 5 minutes at 220 watts, you can
increase your cadence, you can decrease your cadence,
it’ll change the resistance so that you stay there. I
don’t like that actually! What I like to do is I like to
create the workout beforehand have it written down, and at
that point then what I’ll do is I will stick to that
workout, but because I’m not in erg mode, and I’m going
in Zwift, the undulation is changing the resistance of
the trainer, which I find really mentally engaging, and it makes a 1-3 hour workout go a lot quicker. In addition to that, I think
it’s probably more realistic to have to shift throughout,
say those 5 minute intervals, because, when you’re out
on a race, you don’t just pick a wattage and stay
at it and have absolutely no differences and variations in it! No! You have little undulations,
and you do have to shift, so you have tiny little
moments of the effort being a little bit harder than
your target, a little bit easier than your target.
And if you’re building that into your legs by shifting
and riding through Zwift in this virtual world,
you’re gonna be simulating a race situation really, really well. So there you go, Trainiacs,
I’m a big believer in Zwift but I think there’s specific
ways you need to use it to get the most out of
it, like I said, if you don’t follow me, what are you doing?! Go follow me at T first name, last name is Riathlon (space) Taren, and
if you want a Scody kit, you just have a few days left to get one! So you gotta hit the link
in the description below. Later, Trainiacs!

Reynold King

32 Replies to “3 BEST workouts for ZWIFT from your triathlon training plan”

  1. Probably some loser observation but have signed up to zwift and also to a 70.3 hoping to break 7 hours and find the zwift riders are ridiculously faster than me. Totally demotivating. Maybe I should start a Pathetic Zwifters Group.

  2. I love Zwift but also love TrainerRoad, I like the structure of TrainerRoad. I like to use both. What do you think Taren?

  3. Taren, thanks for the awesome videos! Training for my first triathlon and most of my previous fitness experience is lifting weights. My FTP on the bike is a pathetic 135. What do you think of the Zwift training programs (like beginner FTP builder) to build myself up? Its a local sprint triathlon next summer, so I have a little time.

  4. Zwift saved my training. Since having Lily I spend a lot of time in the evenings riding on Zwift with the baby monitor beside me. Will likely close out the year with over 2000km on Zwift, which, for a lot of people isn’t that much, but for me is a really good chunk of work I otherwise would’ve have been able to do.

    PS: I also don’t use ERG mode in workouts!

  5. THANK YOU! For mentioning you prefer non ERG. ERG Mode numbs the mental aspect of cycling, and disconnects us from feeling the road, the chain tension in relation with a power number and a feel for the pace, as well as loosing the skills to smooth power on different terrains in a real race situation.

    -Sergio G. @triserg

  6. Taren, beside the Uber-Content just one remark (only remark): you are mainly using supps that are only available in Can or USA. I. e. the SP`s- I checked, there is nothing like that in Europe. But perhaps it would be worth a VLOG just providing the community with alternatives you may know / recommend, bec I guess you have a fair bunch of viewers from outside the USA/CAN….

  7. I'm training for my first Ironman next year, I'm only using zwift at the moment I think that it allows a lot more repeatability in your training and as you said in the video if you have a hard session then you know that you can work through it and interrupted full stop great video thanks keep them coming!

  8. ERG mode can create massive benefits for an Ironman. By using ERG mode and in conjunction with heart rate, you can see where you start decoupling in a training session.

  9. I enjoyed zwift, though can't justify the monthly cost right now… Maybe in the future some time I might get back onto it! Thanks for the tips!

  10. Love zwift!, 7500 miles in my first year, over 300 hours on the trainer…..can you image 300 hours on the trainer looking at the wall?? wouldn't happen

  11. Great vlog and 100% agree about ERG mode. Do you use an Apple TV for Zwift? How do you find it as thinking about picking up one instead of using a very old laptop.

  12. I'm hoping to obtain my 1st smart trainer and add Zwift. I'm interested in your opinion of the trainer/subscription deal on Zwift's website. Thanks.

  13. Zwift has a custom workout editor. I have bee creating my own Zwift workouts following the TeamTrainic session. Good YouTube tutorial at "Zwift Workout Editor: Lama's 5×4 TT interval". Best 3rd party Zwift custom workout editor tutorial and link found at YouTube "Zwift for Beginners:" Works great. Ride On.

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