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3 Powerful Ways To Master Self Discipline

Oprah Winfrey Warren Buffett and Bill
Gates they’ve all got this one thing in common in fact you look at any
successful person on this planet and you’ll notice how they’ve all got this
one thing that being they are self disciplined they can put off their
primitive based desires they can silence that little voice that keeps most people
on this planet stuck and they take action despite how they feel they just
get stuff done and that’s why self-discipline I found over the years
after going through a personal transformation journey myself has been a key pillar the
big domino the moment I mastered it all the other domino’s became
effortless and I’m able to create personal freedom from mastering
self-discipline and that’s why in today’s video I want you to pay close
attention it’s gonna be a hard thing for you to master but provided that you
got the right hacks strategies and tactics that we share on success insider
it will become more of an easy task so pay close attention to these three
points and without further ado let’s go on to the first point which is to
reframe the question now compare this for a moment what does your little voice
that voice that says for example sometimes when you’ve got something you
got to do right in front of you what does it often say maybe it says oh should I
do this today or tomorrow now think about this you’re now giving yourself
options and because you’ve got yourself an option then you gave yourself an
option you were most likely to procrastinate
you’re most likely tell yourself you know what this isn’t due in until next
week why do I want to do it now so instead you wanna reframe the question
and you’re gonna get great at reframing so for example you can ask yourself a
question like this do I want the consequences of constantly putting off
tasks for rest of my life do I want the consequences of always being a
procrastinator and never getting stuff done immediately and when you begin to
reframe questions like this you realize it makes you want to take action now opposed
to later because you’re attaching pain to to not take an action you see
what we have to realize human beings are twice as more motivated to avoid pain
than they are to seek pleasure and so if you’re able to reframe the question
where by taking action has got the pleasure and not taking
action has got the pain you’re more likely to get it done right now and the
last thing you want by the way is resistance during this stage because the
more you resist the more you have to use willpower realize willpower as well as
motivation all of that Energy’s temporary and that’s why you don’t want
to make you don’t want to get the habit of constantly motivating yourself to
get stuff done you’re gonna get better reframing that way there’s less less
hesitancy and there’s less more less of a grinding for example feeling where
you’re like wanting to do this thing but you feel like another you wanna get
into habit of reframing it immediately and that way it’s like a no-brainer
you’re just gonna go all-in so that is a first point make sure to
get good at reframing the questions that’s happening in here let’s go on to
the second point which is all about setting the deck in your favor you see
the last thing you wanna do like I mentioned earlier is in regards to using
up all that will power and motivation energy in fact studies have shown how
when for example we have a sense of that feeling we should have got something
done but we didn’t end up getting done studies have shown when we put ourselves
down like that that doesn’t help at all regards to coming back stronger and so
the last thing you wanna do is get yourself into a stage where you set the
environment almost like for you to lose what do I mean most people who on the
lose weight they’ve still got shitty food in their fridge in their cupboards
no wonder they find it hard to lose weight most people for example when they
get there ass to their gym in the morning they put their gym outfits so far away
from the bed it’s just like it’s so much of an effort so what’s they end up doing
they just end up snoozing alarm clock and go back to sleep when you set the
deck in your favor things become effortless and so you face less of those
opportunities where you’re beating yourself up saying I should have woken
up early oh I should have done this oh I shouldn’t eaten that chocolate cake and
all of this is a cache 22 because by yourself doubting yourself you’re going
through low emotions and that is not the emotion that’s gonna empower you to get
your feet get off your ass and actually make it happen does that make sense and
that’s why you want to just reduce this possibility of happening by setting the
deck in your favor that way your environment is gonna support who you
wanna become and the results you want in life so that has the second point
let’s go on to the final way that you can increase your self discipline which
is all to do with exercising the self control muscle now is interviewed a
guest here on success insider very recently a very very renowned guest and
I don’t wanna reveal the name just yet because watch out for that video
about I’ll be publishing very soon but what’s interesting was he was mentioning
in regards to how the big things in life that we want to achieve is often not achieved
because we can’t do the little things what do I mean most people they say Tim
I wanna make million dollars but the thing is they can’t even do the little
things that lead to a million dollars you know what you have to realize this how
you do anything is how you do everything we have to get great at controlling and
building this muscle of self-discipline now one of the things you can do that is
for example doing things that you don’t wanna do doing things normally that
you put off these little things the little habits so for example when you
wake up snoozing the alarm clock well that’s your one loss on the regards to
that right if you snooze alarm clock guess what you’re telling your
subconscious that is okay to put things off till later right it’s okay to lie in
it’s okay to give in to that little temptation then for example maybe in the
in the shower and you’re having a hot shower and then you know that having
cold shower is great but then you don’t end up doing it it’s a little habit but
if you don’t end up doing it here’s your one loss again you’ve lost another
point and then you go throughout the day these little habits that is what
actually builds up the muscle so you can achieve the big thing in life you see
you cannot you cannot tackle this big goal if you’re not tackling these bit of
this little goals on a daily daily basis and that’s why for example creating a
habit of using your left hand if you’re right-handed to open doors doing things
that’s constantly challenging you on that very very small these things is
what controls your self-discipline muscle and the better you get on a day
to day basis with for example controlling yourself discipline muscle
the more self-discipline you’ll become and that’s why you should make a
conscious of habit of doing things that that you normally don’t do and make a
conscious habit of never delaying anything off no matter how
small and that way you’ll be able to tackle and achieve your big goals so so
those are the three ways to increase your self-discipline and get the results you
truly wan’t in your life I hope you found this video helpful by the way insider
and if you have if make sure to share this video with your friends and your
loved ones because I believe in the power of contribution and make sure to
basically click the like button if you like this video and comment below in regards
to any questions comments you may have and be sure to check out more
videos by the way we’ve got on success insider to do a self discipline because
such an important skill to master okay so that is it from today’s video just
wanna say insider follow your heart my friend and take action and go live the life
you’re born to live I’ll see you on the next video soon take care

Reynold King

36 Replies to “3 Powerful Ways To Master Self Discipline”

  1. Who are you, really?


    What kind of person would you be if you stripped away all the negative beliefs you've learned as a child about how the world works? 😰

    What could you accomplish, if you didn't have that negative little voice in the back of your head… that's making you doubt your greatness and procrastinate?

    You’d be living a totally different life, right? 🏝

    Then you have a choice to make RIGHT NOW… πŸ’―

    🧠 Either you can take CONTROL of your mind…

    …or let it continue to be in CONTROL of you.

    🧠 Either you TRAIN your mind…

    …or it TRAINS you.

    If you're ready to take full control of your mind and rapidly create the future you want…

    …then watch the free masterclass I’ve created for you by clicking here πŸ‘‰ – enjoy the free gift insider! 🎁 😊

  2. Hello there, i hope everything is going well with you πŸ™‚ , can you please give us suggestionss of a very important book on motivation, focus and descipline to read , thank you

  3. Tim your are my hero
    the message in this video is amazing. I really appreciate you taking your time to make such precious video's​ and help others

  4. This was nice, I have watched a lot of motivational videos and this is actually what I have been looking for. You gave real ways to stop this behavior instead of regurgitating information like "you only have one life" and that sort of abstract stuff that doesn't help. Appreciate it man

  5. I have found that listening to binaural beats, low in headphones, helps me with this reframing and self talk. There are beats for everything, creativity, focus, motivation, etc. I'm just someone who was so ingrained in procrastination and dread of effort that I needed music to help rewire my brain with your techniques. The last few months have been amazing.

  6. more than a great video, it is. Thank you. Guys watch the Free video training , every second of it is worth it.

  7. I work so hard to know about english, the rules, the words, in two years i mean, i'm about to be so good that i put the video without legends and in 1.5 speed, and i can learn with that… to me, this is discipline πŸ˜€ (i'm from Brazil, and i don't went to some english school)

  8. Hey,
    I was interested in the SET YIUR DECK section of the video. Could you give some examples as u did for step 1 and 3.

  9. I'm slowly swapping listening to music when driving to listening to all ya vids when driving. You're an inspiration Mr. Han.

  10. So many Ah ha! Moments in this video. I'm so glad I "found" you and I'd like you to know that you've had a an amazing impact in my life, and I'm sure many many others. Thank you for everything that you do and stay blessed. You are tremendously appreciated!

  11. The third point you mentioned was a game changer in my life. I realized a long time ago, if we find it hard to wash the dishes or keep our room tidy, how are we going to go on and achieve greatness which is going to require a lot more effort and hard work?! Great video Tim.


  12. "Doing things you don't wana do, start with the small ones … snooze button, cold showers" = controlling that Self Discipline Muscle, good stuff, as always ❣️

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