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30 Day Body Transformation – DAY 26 | VLOG 12 S2

(intense music) – There’s the warmup guys,
20 black flip burpees. I don’t know if you guys
saw the last THENX episode where I showed these
guys, Zay and Brian how to do some back flips so. Since we’re in that
mood already, I thought we’d throw it into the workout. So let me show you guys
the workout for today. So we are getting close. Today is day 26. We’re getting close to day 30. I need to up the level. Because I’m trying to
look as beast as possible and trying to be basically
as strong as possible. We’re gonna put some
really high advanced moves into this routine right here. Of course there’ll be
modified within the app so everybody can do this routine. But, the routine we got for you guys, a whole body workout. This is gonna be killer. You guys ready for this? The warm up, we just did
it, 20 Backflip Burpees. Let’s get right into the workout. It’s gonna be Clean and Presses, 20 times. Explosive Muscle Ups, 10 times. Box Jump, Pistol Squats, one minute. One arm Toes to Bars. Assisted One arm Straight Bar Dips. And then we have Super Korean Dips. I don’t Know if you guys
have ever seen that before, but that move’s pretty tough. We’re gonna match that last move out, as many times as we can. And we’re gonna do that
whole entire routine for a totally of three rounds. All right guys, for the cool down, we’re gonna go into Handstands. We’re gonna do a Wide, Shoulder, and Close, three times each. And of course I got a bonus for you guys. 90 degree Handstand Push Ups
to finish the routine guys. You ready for this? Let’s do a weigh in really quick. All right, all right. Let’s go, let’s go. Show me somethin’. Yo, 165! That’s crazy. That’s dope. Honestly the goal is not to
weigh more in my opinion. My goal is just to clip
on some more muscle and get stronger of course. That’s the whole point of this 30 day body transformation right? The number of how much you weigh of course is just a reference. For example, I practically
weigh exactly the same from when I first started,
maybe like one or two pounds, maybe three pounds more. See I’m only a couple pounds
heavier but I feel like way, way, way, stronger. You know those couple of
pounds, make a huge difference. Let’s get into this routine. (gentle r&b music) We interrupt this vlog to
bring you some breaking news about the Heria Pro app. Thousands of you guys have signed up to become beta testers
and on March 19th, Monday, you guys are gonna get hands on access a week before everyone else. Now I’m gonna show you guys how to create, schedule and save a workout. Okay let’s begin by creating a workout. Choose your workout type. We’re gonna go for
calisthenics and weights. Choose the workout style. We’re gonna go for strength building. Which muscle group? Let’s go for chest and triceps. How much time do you have to work out? Let’s go for 45 minutes. And do you want a warmup? You know it. Choose your level of difficulty. Intermediate. Let’s get out workout. All right so as you can see, here is our routine. If you don’t like it, you can
hit this and get a new one. If you want to add anything in there, feel free to add some different exercises. If you want to move an
exercise, hold right here. Put ’em into any round. If you want to delete an exercise, come over, delete. So let’s go ahead and save
this routine right here. You can choose to schedule
your workout right away or save it in a collection for later. So let’s save it in
one of our collections. Let’s make a new collection,
Chris Killer Chest Routine, let’s do it. So now we’re gonna go over
to our saved workouts. All right so if we hit
this book icon right here, you will see we have our Chris Kill Chest Routine, right here. Custom workout. Here is the routine guys. If you don’t know what
the move looks like, hit here to watch the video. So once we save this routine,
we can then choose to schedule it to our calendar
by clicking that icon. Let’s go ahead and make another workout and let’s schedule this one right away. So here’s our beginner routine. We’re gonna go ahead and save it and we’re gonna schedule this workout. So if you hit this calendar
icon at the bottom left it should take you to your schedule. So here is our routine for the day. Let’s go ahead and schedule it to a further date, March 20th. But if you go to March
20th, you’ll see here is our routine and you can
go ahead, take the routine. You can also go in and create a custom name for each workout. So that’s how you create,
save, and schedule a workout. And lastly, one of my favorite features is you can also create workout programs. If you go to programs, add a new program, Chris Chest Program. You can then come in here
and add a new day, a workout. And you guys can keep going as long as you wanna make this program. So if you were to add in
the workout for day one, you would go ahead, add
that in, right there. And there’s your workout for day one. Go ahead, rename it whatever you’d like. And that’s how you create
a workout program guys. (gentle r&b music) All right so the next move
we have Explosive Muscle Ups. – [Man] All right question. If you need help doing
pull ups and you wanna use resistance bands, which one
will give you the most help, the red, green or black one? – Well each resistance band has its own different resistance. I’m pretty sure it says it
when you go to, you look for the resistance band. I think the green one, I’m not sure exactly
how much Pounds it is. But I mean that thing is
like super thick dude. Do anything with that. And then the black one,
probably I would say like, 20 pounds of resistance. And then the red one is like super thin it’s like probably five pounds, 10 pounds, something like that of resistance. But the whole point is, you
need to train with all of ’em ’cause you’re always at a different stage when you’re training. Muscle Ups for example. You might need a lot more
resistance at the beginning and the better you get at them, you might need less resistance. The whole point is to reduce
the amount of assistance that you have over time
so that you’re practically doing it by yourself. If that answers your
question, each one has its own resistance and you use each one
for, depending on what stage you are in for whatever
it is you’re training. Let’s pull some Muscle Ups, let’s do it. (gentle r&b music) – [Man] Much, much later. – How many times are we
gonna show that meme? We’re doing like, a million reps here. All right next we have, Box Jump, Pistol Squats. Let’s keep it goin’ guys. (soft music) – [Man] May I ask you a question now? – Go for it. – [Man] So what do you like
doing outside of THENX? – Dude. You know this shit bro. All I do is THENX man. I’m either hanging out
with my son, working out, making music, editing a video,
or basically doing work. I mean I work like every
single day, seriously. And if I’m not actually here at work, I’m doing something that’s doing work. One arm Toes to Bar. – [Man] All right wait, I
got one more for you though. So how often do you eat junk food? – Bro. I don’t eat junk food guys. You guys know that. My first meal is at like 3:00 p.m. I don’t have time for junk food. (soft r&b music) This workout’s killer right now guys. The next one we have is Assisted
One Arm Straight Bar Dip. You see we’re doing a lot of isolation, calisthenics in one arm. That’s really the way to make all these moves a whole lot easier. Obviously, if you do a move with one arm that you normally need two arms to do, you’re gonna get to the next level. We got One Arm Straight Bar Dip, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Let’s get up there. All right so, for this guys I’m gonna use a black resistance band. I’m not quite there yet. So I’m not gonna use the red one ’cause I probably won’t hit as many reps. Obviously not gonna use the green one ’cause that’s gonna be too easy. Let’s get up there. (soft r&b music) God damn, those are killer! We got the last move. You know we gotta do this, two more times. The next one is Super Korean Dips. Let me show you what this looks like. – [Man] Let me ask you
another question now. – Go for it bro. How much sleep do you get on a range? Running a company, YouTube channel, getting your workouts in and having a kid sounds like a recipe for no sleep at all. – Yeah. That did sound like a recipe for no sleep. That’s true. It’s hard for me to
get any sleep honestly. Sleep is super important and that’s when you make most of your gains guys, when your body’s at rest, basically. But for me personally, I
wake up about 8:00 a.m. I try to go to sleep at 12. But normally I end up going
to sleep at like 1:00 or 2:00. So that’s my sleeping pattern. (soft r&b music) Damn. Mind if I get that resistance band? I’ll do a couple more. – [Man] Here I’ve got a question for you. – Let’s hear it. – [Man] Which move was
the hardest to learn? – Which move was the hardest to learn? I would say definitely Full Planche ’cause it took me the
longest to acquire that one. (soft r&b music) There you guys go. We got, two more rounds. And I’ll meet you guys at the cool down. Here we go. Wide, Shoulders then Close. (soft r&b music) – [Man] All right let
me ask you a question. – Thank god. Do you do cardio at all? If so, how do you fit it in your day? If not, how would you fit it in? One day train, then one day running? – If you didn’t see this
whole routine just now guys, there’s cardio all through
this (spring springing). No seriously though, I do about like, I’ll say about 30 minutes
of just like sprinting or just like really running
basically, in the morning as soon as I wake up. Or if I don’t do it in the
morning, I’ll do it at night. And I’ll probably do that
like, five times a week. Sometimes four times a week. Also of course, throughout
the week I always have a designated day, just to workout abs, cardio and high intensity
interval training. All right guys, I have
two more rounds of this then we got the bonus, 90
degree Handstand Push Up. Stick around guys. ‘Cause I’m gonna let you
guys now one of the workshops that we have going down
in Zurich Switzerland at the Bardogs Gym, check it out. (intense music) Jesus! We made it guys! Day 26. Oh my god. – [Man] Yay. You good for one last question? – All right one last question. – [Man] What’s your favorite exercise? – My favorite exercise,
definitely not that one. I guess my favorite
exercise would have to be, the Muscle Up. Basically, the Muscle Up
started everything for me, it got me in the right mindset. It made everything a whole lot easier. All right guys, I gotta get back to work. Yes, I do other things besides this vlog. We’re wrapping up the
Heria Pro app right now. So all you beta testers can
start on Monday, on time. These joggers by the way,
they’re gonna be out, probably if not, next week, like within the next couple days for sure. We got a whole bunch more
THENX apparel coming, we got a whole bunch more
Chris Heria apparel coming. So I gotta get back to work. My son is actually sick today,
so he’s up there right now. Say hi son! – [Son] Hi. – Anyway I gotta get back to work. So let’s sit down and talk
about these workshops in Europe. Zurich, we are coming for you guys. Have you guys ever heard of Bardogs Gym? ‘Cause that’s exactly
where we’re gonna be. Stephan, what date are we gonna be there? April 25th, April 26th. We’re gonna be there. We have advanced workshops
and we have basic workshops. Check it out, The link is down in the description below. Shout out the Manuel for hosting us. This is gonna be a crazy workshop guys. If you are in Zurich or near Switzerland, you’ll want to make it to this workshop. Sign up right now. We’ll see you guys there. Also Austria, we’re gonna
be in Bregenz just a couple days before we’re in Zurich. For more info and to find
out how you can attend one of events, go to See you guys there. PLayin’ video games! How are you big boy? Say what’s up. – Hi. – Oh he’s a little sick today guys. Guys thank you so much for watching. I will see you guys next Thursday. I gotta take care of my son right now. But next time I upload,
let’s hear that drum roll. (drum roll) 30 day body transformation
will be complete! And I will be sharing you
guys, the complete body transformation from day one, to day 30. So it’s gonna be an epic video! Also, the Heria Pro app is gonna be out and you guys are also gonna
be able to start your day one. So next Thursday when I see you guys, download the app, start
your day one training, train hard, take your day 30 photo and send it in to us for a
chance to win, $200 worth of Chris Heria gear. And I will see you guys next Thursday! Boom! (soft r&b music) Smash that like button guys.

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