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5 Tips For Delivering A Great Presentation – How To Speak In Front Of Others – Public Speaking Tips

5 Tips For Delivering A Great Presentation
– How To Speak In Front Of Others – Public Speaking Tips Hi. Iím Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real
Men Real Style. Today, weíre going to be talking about 5 tips that you can use to deliver
an awesome presentation. Okay, if you havenít already, please subscribe to our Youtube channel.
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right down there. Okay so letís get to what are my 5 tips so
that you can deliver an awesome presentation. One, you need to practice. Number two, you
need to keep the audience, keep the listeners engaged. Number three, you need to keep it
simple and sweet. Number four, properly use visuals and number five, you need to bring
it. Okay so letís talk about practice. You hear
this all the time. Iím not bringing anything new but really no one can wing it. Of course
you know there are people like Tony Robins who gets off a airplane, he goes right to
the stage but heís thinking about what heís going to cover and heís practiced hundreds,
if not, probably thousands of times. If youíre new to speaking in front of an audience and
most of us are, most of us donít get in front of, arenít professional speakers. You need
to practice and you need to practice a lot especially if you donít know what or you
havenít done this for a long time because if you lock up in front of an audience, itís
different. In front of the camera, I can go over there
and I can restart this and in fact, this video, Iíve probably restarted 4 times. But at the
end of the day, I control it. With an audience, you donít. You donít want to lock up so
let me give you an example. When I was interviewing in business school, I went to this really
high end consulting company and they brought me into a hotel and I was sitting there with
the consultant. We were having a nice conversation and all of a sudden he turns on the interview
and he starts asking me very difficult business questions which I didnít even know half of
the stuff that heís talking about. I wasnít prepared for it and it just caught
me and I froze up. Now, the reason I told you that story is actually Iím leading this
to part two so weíve talked about preparation. Now, itís grabbing attention. Do you notice
how when I told you that story about the consulting interview, you immediately probably tuned
a bit more into this video. Thatís because I grabbed your attention. I shared with you
an experience, which is true by the way, but itís one that you can relate to because youíve
locked up. Youíve had instances in which having somebody talk to you in a language
that youíre just totally lost on. So donít be afraid to find a way to bring
the audience in. One of the best ways is a story and youíre going to need to do this
every 10 to 15 minutes because you canít just give people tons of information. You
can give them information for a few minutes but after 10 to 15 minutes, you need to bring
them back with a story or bring them back with a visual. Step away from the information
and really, youíre addressing a different part of the brain and you need to wake people
up because your information may be great, may be beautiful but youíre going to put
them to sleep. So letís talk about number three. Keep it
simple and sweet. Youtubeís great about this. Youíll notice most of the videos on Youtube
are like 3 to 5 minutes long. Beyond that, you want to keep it simple and sweet so if
youíve got a longer presentation, donít say that itís busting 35, going up to 60
minutes, really look at do you need to use that full 60 minutes? Just because they give
you 60 minutes, does not mean you have to use the full 60 minutes. Okay, now letís talk about visuals. PowerPoint
is overused. I remember when PowerPoint first came out and it was like ìWow!î Thatís
really cool and before that, we were all using the overheads and projectors. PowerPoint is
awesome but it is so overused. You donít have to use PowerPoint. Your visuals need
to serve you. You donít want to serve your visuals so never just read off of PowerPoint.
If youíre going to use PowerPoint, use it to get the main points across. You never want
to redirect them from the slide. Look over to your PowerPoint, maybe pull one of two
notes from it but somebody should not be able to read your PowerPoint and know exactly what
the presentation was about. So make sure, again, that you control your visuals and that
your visuals do not control you. Finally, bring it and the whole thing here
is make sure you bring your A game. Be excited because youíre not passionate about what
youíre talking about, if youíre not excited, why should your audience be? Okay, this has
been Antonio Centeno with Real Men Real Style. Hope you enjoy this video and Iíll see you
in the next one. Bye-bye.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “5 Tips For Delivering A Great Presentation – How To Speak In Front Of Others – Public Speaking Tips”

  1. I always present at my graduate studies and I absolutely sometimes get nervous especially when I am not prepare..

  2. I'm giving a talk tomorrow in Japanese (I'm Scottish) about my love for Japan. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. i have an "on the spot" business case presentation tomorrow for my job interview. i have no idea what topic they will give me. I'm dead

  4. I have a presentation and I can't overcome my anxiety I had an argument with my professor today and he gave me this presentation I wanna prove him real bad any tips to over come public speaking fear? And my presentation is next Monday 😑helppp

  5. Engaging audience has become very challenging nowadays. Try some online tools to help you keep them engaged and interested. Use live polling to ask a question and get instant responses from all of them. It will be worth of it!
    One of the best platfroms is SwiftPolling: it is simple, easy and user-friendly. You can find them here —>

  6. I have a presentation next week. The last time the class was doing presentations, I laughed during my own presentation that I was doing so I got a 0.

  7. I've always considered speaking at a moderate pace and with appropriate pauses and breaks to be essential to meaningful delivery of speech. What's with so many YouTube "presenters" who talk so fast and with no pauses between their thoughts or statements? They actually edit out any space between statements so it becomes a steady stream of intense info with no breaks for it to soak in or provide emphasis. So robotic and SO exhausting. I don't get it. It just seems to go against some very basic rules for effective communication. Many who use this technique are very popular too. Wears me out.

  8. Omg, I have my presentation tomorrow 😂 And the first thing he said „you have to practice“ I didn‘t practice ! F*ck… I‘m done…

  9. Great tips. Please keep them coming. Eventhough there are several others posting similar tips ppl are following you and we are your audience. Much respect

  10. i have an english presentation for my english class in about 2 hours, my 1st language is dutch and im so nervous

  11. the presentation I'm delivering is about 2nd quarter performance so it's only a minute and a half but consistently going like "uhhh, ummm". I've almost memorized what i'm going to say but it keeps happening and sometimes I forget what I'm supposed to say. It's taking place in less than an hour and the audience will be at least 50 people if not double or triple the number.

  12. Do you have to talk formally all the time or you can use your own words? Because that's what makes everything so awkward

  13. THANK YOU, TONY!! You confirmed my suspicion that practice is a huge part of preparation. NOTE: PowerPoint now lets you save notes that only YOU (and not the audience) can see, so it's like a script!

  14. You lost me in the first 30 seconds. You bored me with talking about subscribing, we all know that. You bored me talking about realmenrealstyle. That is not what I opened your presentation to hear. I wanted to hear about how to do a good presentation, but I'm afraid I lost all confidence in your message in the first 30 seconds. If you can't keep your audience engaged at that crucial stage, I have my doubts that your information is going to be useful.

  15. Thank you so much sir.I am really learning things I cant wait to do my other presentation. I will continue keeping it sweet for the class to enjoy my points. The professor will give everybody inclass three minutes not more than that. I am working on my body motion to give my own sweet preSentations. My 👄 mouth is already sweet is just to give it to the class, to enjoy what I would say to them. Nice one sir. I am well understandable with your teaching sir. Thanks a lot.

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