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5 Training Tips I Wish I Knew

What’s up guys, it’s Chris Heria. Welcome to the vlog. Today I wanna give you five tips that you may not know
or may not be applying that will help you
achieve your goals faster. and always get the best
results in every training day. Now, most of the time when someone decides to start working out, they normally quit within the first couple of months, because they don’t see progress. And that’s why it’s important when you’re just starting off to
have the best knowledge on how to train, so you will see the biggest results a lot faster. And when you apply the knowledge and actually start seeing results it’s gonna become like an addiction, and that will motivate you to keep going. So for those of you that have decided to start training, and even those of you that have already been working out, here are five training
tips I wish I knew before, and feel you guys need to
know for better results. Let’s get started. Now the first tip, is on nutrition, specifically, making
sure that you’re intaking enough protein to fuel muscle growth. Because the truth is, you
could be training hard every single day, and still
not seeing much muscle growth if you’re not eating enough protein. Generally, the average
is suggested to consume about a gram of protein per
pound of your own body weight. And often times, I’ll
only eat two meals a day, where each meal may consist of about 40 to 60 grams of protein,
leaving me to about 100, 120 grams of protein. And as I weigh about 173 pounds, I make up the deficit by supplementing with protein powder. And not only does protein benefit you in contributing to muscle growth, as the building blocks of muscles, but it also aids in repairing your damaged muscles and tissues. Now I like these protein powders, as they all have different benefits, and I can use them strategically,
according to my goals. So here we have whey protein whey protein isolate, and casein. Basically, the difference
between whey protein and whey isolate protein, is
that the whey isolate protein goes through more processing to get a higher protein content, with less carbs, lactose, and fat, which is why I generally
opt for whey isolate. Now this is another protein source. It’s called casein, and whey protein is absorbed and digested more quickly in comparison to casein protein. Which results in it being
put to use more quickly. For example, after an intense work out, when you need something fast for recovery, you would drink whey protein. Now casein protein is rich in the essential amino acid glutamine. And it’s generally taken before bed, due to the way it’s digested by your body. And it’s slow release of amino acids as you’re sleeping and of course, fasting. So to sum it up, both
whey protein and casein are great, and serve different purposes, but even better when you’re using both to utilize both of their benefits. But remember the main tip, is to make sure that you’re intaking enough protein, to fuel muscle growth,
and drinking protein will help you reach your
daily protein intake if you’re not getting it by food. And with that, let’s move on to step two. All right, moving on to number
two, it’s gonna be cardio. And that’s something that
everybody should be doing, regardless of how much you weigh. If you’re not doing cardio, you’re loosing out on a lot of benefits. Cardio is not just
running on the treadmill. And it’s not just to help you burn fat for calories and weight loss. It increases your lung capacity, that is great for endurance. It makes your heart strong, so that it doesn’t have to
work as hard to pump blood. Increasing your capacity to do more reps building more strength, which is perfect for muscle growth. Keep in mind, the person that does cardio will always out train
the person that doesn’t. Oh, and my favorite cardio
exercises is burpees. Let’s get it. (hip hop music) – [Female] Heria music. All right, moving on to number three. It’s actually using a piece of
equipment, and that’s rings. This is probably one of the best, most versatile pieces of equipment that you can ever purchase. It can actually replace an entire gym, and will train your muscles in ways that weights and normal resistance don’t. When you’re using rings,
it comes the heavy stabilization factor. You have to be constantly squeezing and engaging all the muscles in your body, just to hold yourself in
position on the rings. Engaging way more muscle fibers, while simultaneously also working on your grip and your core. And specifically, the stabilization factor is what greatly propels your progress when training with rings. It’s causing you to demand way more out of every single rep, and it’s also strengthening your stability. Which translates into other exercises, making them a lot more manageable, and making you a lot stronger. When it comes to exercises that require a lot less stabilization. You’re gonna feel extremely solid, and everything is gonna
feel so much easier. So if you find yourself
plateauing at any time, always get yourself a pair of rings, and start training with
them if you haven’t already. You’re gonna easily start receiving more gains, engaging
way more muscle fibers than you were doing before, developing more muscle growth. So one of the first things
that you should start doing when you get a pair of rings, is just focus on holding
that position comfortably. And once you can do that, you can start moving into other exercises like Australian pull-ups, dips, really, any move can be
replicated with the rings, and add a stabilization factor to it. So let’s go for some ring dips. Gonna start up, arms locked out. Come all the way down. All the way back up, arms locked out, and turned out again, right by your side. (hip hop music) – [Female] Heria music. All right, so moving on to number four. We have training antagonist muscles. Now antagonist training just means alternating exercises that
target opposing muscle groups, like back and chest, tricep
and biceps, et cetera. And there are many great benefits to this, like quicker recovery, shorter rest times, prevention of injury, and
greater strength levels. By pairing two opposing
muscle groups together like chest and back,
you’re gonna be able to do more total work at a given time, as opposed to doing straight sets. Allowing the opposing muscle to rest in between each exercise. Which is why I do this so often, and why antagonistic super sets can be so useful as they force you to stay balanced in your training. A lot of time, we lead to injury because we have an imbalancement in our training or muscles. With every exercise you do, there are supporting muscles that help you achieve that. And a lot of times, you’re using your antagonistic muscles. Now a particular muscle group may be able to take on
a specific overload, but if the other muscles that help supporting that movement can’t, that’s how you lead to injury. And a lot of times, in most cases, people like to work the same type of anterior or posterior chain. So often times you can be a lot stronger in one muscle chain than the other, but that’s why if your posterior chain and your anterior chain
are both equally as strong, you’re going to be a lot stronger in every other exercise that you do. So the last exercise we
just did was ring dips. A pushing exercise that engages your chest and your triceps. Let’s do the antagonist muscle group of a pulling exercise,
which will be pull up, activating your back and your bicep. Let’s go. (hip hop music) – [Female] Heria music. Now lastly, number five. That’s gonna be having a smart,
structured workout program, that aligns with your goals. For example, if you’re
trying to get shredded and also build lean muscle, you need to have a work
out program structured to give you those results. Incorporating specific training styles, like high intensity interval training, and using the correct exercises at the right time of your fitness level for the correct amount of repetitions. Different rep ranges will
give you different results, and are for different goals. For example, if you’re hitting
low reps with heavy weight, that’s gonna give you a lot
more power and strength, and will build a lot more muscle mass. So whatever your fitness goals are, you need to make sure that you have a smart, structured workout program that aligns with your goal. Otherwise, you’re going to
be putting a lot of effort, and wasting a lot of time on something that you’re not getting. Or just simply not seeing the results that you actually want. So if you want smart, structured workouts and workout programs that align with your fitness goals
and your fitness level, then definitely make
sure that you downloaded the Heria Pro app. That’s where I post all
my personal workouts and workout programs on
a daily and weekly basis. As well as routines that
I’ve made for others in the past with specific goals in mind, like getting shredded, burning
fat, or building muscle, in the most efficient,
effective way possible. So if you don’t have the Heria Pro app, download it right now on the app store or Google Play store, to
take my workout programs with you everywhere, and start getting in the best shape of your life. And on the Heria Pro app, you’ll also find a workout generator with an
algorithm that I’ve created, that creates workout programs
specifically for you, and your fitness level,
instantly, Chris Heria style. Just go ahead and input what muscle group you wanna work out, your fitness level, your training style, how
long you wanna train for, and if you wanna warm up or not, and it will instantly deliver you a fully customizable workout that you can get started on right away, or save in your phone for later. So there’s absolutely no excuses guys, and downloading the Heria Pro app is the quickest, easiest, and best way to get in the best shape of your life. And all the things that I wish I knew, I always incorporate them into my workouts on the Heria Pro app. So with that said, that wraps
up the five training tips that I wish I knew, and that you can use to get ahead of the game, and start making some serious gains and some real progress. So if you enjoyed the video, then definitely smash that like button. Leave a comment down below, let me know what you want
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time, mad love, peace out. (hip hop music) Smash that like button guys.
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