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Keep your arms relaxed and your elbows slightly bent Keep the resistance fairly easy Breath deeply in time to the music In Out In Out In Out In Out Good Keep it going Get low on the drops Fast corners coming up Let ’em have it ! Focus on your breathing You’re flying Take a few minutes to get your heart-rate down And drink some water Keep your breathing nice and controlled Take it easy riding into the village Get low keep those arms relaxed back straight You’re doing great ! Focus on your breathing Keep it flowing Relax those elbows ! Time for a bit of chilling Don’t forget to keep drinking Just let it flow Coooool !!!!l Gradually ease off and recover for a few minutes Eat, drink and be merry ! Gradually build it up with the music Go ! Go ! Go ! Max spinout ! As my dad would say… By jove I needed that ! Focus on nice relaxed pedalling Focus on your breathing again back on the drops again Ease off Easy through the town Now for your bonus 10 minutes This is our new local cycle path Not bad eh? Think about keeping a nice relaxed posture A still upper body smooth pedalling and steady breathing Now for a little grand finale ! Just do some easy pedalling Gradually reducing the intensity Have a drink

Reynold King

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