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My Dad is always on my back. Shhh, be quiet, have you done your homework? Nooo Asalaamu Alaikum Our parents demonstrate such love for us that it goes against any logic or any equation. They clean our nappies, our vomit, listen to us talk nonsense, and give us nothing but love. Now if we think about it, they themselves are a gift to us by Allah, so if a gift can love us that much then what about the sender of the gift? A little brain wave there eh? In celebration of our wonderful parents, here are a few ways that they use to discipline us. I’m sure you can relate to a few. So where were you on the night of the 17th son? I was in the library doing homework. The library, well that’s not what Jamaal says. I wasn’t with Jamaal dad, I was in the library. I’ve had just about enough of you son. I’m telling the truth. I don’t think you are, I don’t think you are Go to your Mum, I think shes cooked us a meal. Yeah go on. Yeah that’s alright. Oh Beta (son) can you just get me some water please? Dad you don’t understand, the TV’s on, I’m watching it alright? What did you say? Dad, dad, OK, OK clam down, I’ll do it! I told you, no disrespect beta, no disrespect, but you don’t even listen. Perfect. You win. That’s it, I’ve had enough of you, get out of my house Get out of my house Get out, get out! Don’t show your face here again. So son, where were you on the night of the 17th I was at home. I hear you were at Jamaal’s house No. That is correct isn’t it? No dad. I know already. I know already I’m just seeing if you’re going to tell me the truth. Final chance, are you going to tell me the truth. Fine, I was at Jamaal’s house Haha, that’s all I wanted to hear, I knew already. Son, I don’t know why you always do this. It’s too much, I just can’t, just, just, just go Son er, if I was to tell your mother, you know how your mother gets, shes not going to take this very well so err, its err, better if you tell me the truth right now otherwise, it’s not going to end well for you my son. Son, son, son, come, come, come Who took my cake out of the fridge yesterday? It was your sister isn’t it? I just need your witness statement Errr no dad. Oh have some, oh where did this come from? Oh shiny. Take, take, take. Dad, its 1p. No problem you have 2p now. 2p, getting wild. Who ate the cake? I…wrong answer, oh where did that come from? Alright dad, she ate the cake You enjoy, go spend that money. Enjoy yourself. Son, ive had absolutely enough of you, that’s it I’m leaving home. Dad no don’t leave! Beta (son) its too much. Don’t leave me! Everything is packed, im gone. Naheeee (no)! Alright as long as you don’t do it again its no problem But next time I going yeah? OK. Too much love to a child and not enough discipline can spoil his life. And too much discipline, can scar a childs life. So, whatever you do as parents, always stay in the middle. Until next time Asalaamu Alaikum That’s my workout done for today. Wheres my chappal (sandal)? Cat! Whats going on? Im going to give you the finger in the minute. Astaghfirullah. The little finger, calm down. Jazakallahu khair for watching, I hope you liked the video and if you did like, comment and subscribe. Until next time…oie what’re you doing? I do this. I hope you guys liked this video, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Until next time. Asalaamu Alaikum What the….my video! Get away from me. My leg. Serves you right.

Reynold King


  1. Assalamualaikum brothers, I was searching for the voice only background music everywhere, but I couldn't find it. Do you guys have any suggestions where can I find it? I need to use it for my videos in shaa Allah. 🙂

  2. Lol the bit where he tried to leave was just sarcasm. He wouldn't really leave his own house. So he won't do it next time

  3. African parents Muslim or non-Muslim they use belts, shoes and everything near them, they will slap in the face  .  but when someone else tells their kids what to do , they go all African on them.

  4. i just so happened to run into this video for a debate im researching. this was too funny! the guy who plays the son is fine af 😉

  5. i can relate…umm to the beating part but alhamdullilah without that i wouldnt have beeen the person i am today…it kept me going

  6. I just watched your video – it's funny but I can relate:) Coming from a Hispanic family, mother would spank me until I was 12, then she would slap me if I ever got smart-mouthed with her and she would give me the 'dirty look' if I was caught trying to lie my way out of a bad situation. Dad would just hit me without warning if I ever did anything bad – at least until I was 11. When I would wail uncontrollably, there was this thing my mom would say "Stop that crying or I'll give you something to cry about" or the other being "Did I yell at you? Did I hit you? Are you dying or bleeding? I can yell or hit you if you want to and then you'll have a reason to cry". Okay, she was sometimes scary when angered, but that taught me to never cross the line with her. Thankfully, she wasn't abusive…she was just a mom and a dad to me when my father left when I was 11. And, you're very much right about the too much love and not enough discipline can spoil the child well into adulthood, but too much discipline and not enough love can scar a child for life.
    I love the black cat, by the way.:) He/She's a pretty kitty:)

  7. assalamualaikum brother jazak Allahu khair for such an "humorously effective way "of teaching through your videos, thank you &thank you again.

  8. Brothers out there I need advice I'm a new Muslim and as a kid my father would beat me not discipline me ,bite my face, slap me so many times my face would have welts from his wedding ring, he even left me locked in the family car with the windows up in the summer time, we all know if you do this to a dog and something happened to the animal criminal charges can be brought up on the person this is to just mention a few things, my question is as a Muslim how do you deal with this even when it continues as an adult do I continue to forgive this man or can I simply move on and leave him out of my life ,any advice a sincere brother can give is much appreciated I don't want to go against Allah swt thank you

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  10. Brother, you've made this as a funny clip, but it actually makes me feel sad, afwul and disgusted seeing some of these sequences and remembering my childhood. I hate that our parents are like this, as they don't follow the sunnah and they also don't follow any normal disciplinary and psychological methods. Btw, respect for your work, brother

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