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A Plane Runs Into Trouble as It Prepares for Take Off

Reynold King

100 Replies to “A Plane Runs Into Trouble as It Prepares for Take Off”

  1. Theirs maybe a hard wind coming from the right and if the pilots know that there in trouble they have been reduce the engine power before v1

  2. Been wacthing too many plane crashes videos im this channel lately and now im convince that airplane are flying tombstones

  3. the thing is they could have just litrally braked and they would have stopped in seconds when they cant rotate and stop at 130 or more over

  4. Wow he got out of control of course the plane had no stoping and the pilots didnt even take out the power of the engines

  5. So after I forgot this was Continental airlines, and I look away for a second and look back and I think that is United. 😐
    Also the airport looks like a swastika.

  6. The max crosswind for the 737 is 30 knots so that approach of 27 knots+snow was dangerous and made it slide off the runway and crash

  7. Ok, I will assume Thor hit this flight with lightning hence it lost its electricals and hydraulics.
    Its brighter here.🙂

  8. "the question now is how had this had happen in the first place"

    Me- yea but you ain't gonna tell us how it happened, are you? Exactly.
    Scrolls to comment

  9. How could the wheel turn?Welll there was a thunder storm and there could lead probably been ice on the ground the day before

  10. 1:19
    could u not have done a better simulation of the cockpit
    its not just all meters with the autopilot panel
    ps why are the pilots moving like theyre puppets

  11. “On July 13, 2010 the NTSB published that the probable cause of this accident was the captain's cessation of right rudder input, which was needed to maintain directional control of the airplane, about 4 seconds before the excursion, when the airplane encountered a strong and gusty crosswind – with a contributing factor of inadequate crosswind training for extreme wind gusts in the airline industry.[10] A further contributing factor was no requirement for the air traffic control system to provide sufficient wind information to the air traffic controllers and pilots.[10” (Wikipedia)

    There’s your Answer

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