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  1. are those supplements super necessary? I mean, i want to get in better shape and get stronger. But im not really sure if i really want to take that many supplements.

  2. Luv this video. It motivates and helps me out alot towards how to handle my nutrition and meals. How do you feel about Fat Burner pills? I take them because they seem to help me swet and have more energy.

  3. Hey Chris, lots of fitness guys motivate me to workout and eat clean, but you especially motivate me to fill my body with tattoos 😛

  4. That's it? As a skinny guy with really fast metabolism, I though you would eat a hell of a lot more. Do you take any Casein before bed or anything like that as well? Love you videos by the way =D.

  5. Bro big fan !! thank you for sharing 🙂 top class stuff there. even i dont like having breakfast too. Also nice to see how you spend time with your kid with his homework . Awesome bro 🙂

  6. Congrats on student the Month!!! That is dedication…great video to get me motivated. I think now I need to buy your program and start doing it!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Studies say than an 60 kg office worker woman burns 1850 kcal in 24 hours (walking, resting, eating, etc… burns calories) so to maintain her weight, she has to eat 1850 kcal per days :"p
    In normal case a monster such as Chris would need to eat more than 4000 kcal, his metabolism must be bizzar … mhh yep he's an alien

  8. i am a female and i eat 1800 calories while cutting , plus i don't follow such a vigorous workout routine, how is he even alive?

  9. Bruh like i dont even give a fuck about working out i’m just here to stare at his man and his neck tattoos like gahd damn

  10. Proud of you Little Heria for that accomplishment and many more to come. He small but his already shining in school Chris. That’s good man

  11. hey! what do you eat for breakfast? i only see you drink some pills, a banana and something like bcaa? no breakfast at all? sorry if i missed the point.

  12. Thanks Chris, I like to see how you really work out and eat. definitely inspiring seeing the workouts that make YOU push. I am still at a very low level, but it pushes me to see you working at the edge of your ability too.

  13. I'm following you from Italy 🇮🇹 you're my favorite calisthenics athlete. I hope that I can meet you like for a coffe and for speak a little and who know… Maybe for a training 💪🏻

  14. I am 20 years your senior…AND… I am digging the content you put out there! I'm finally getting back in shape after several years of recovery from a chronic should injury… …So, you are killing it…BUT please could you say no to single use plastic (water bottles). Get a Berkey water filter for your office and home (or something else that provides clean/filtered water)…it's the best and seriously, the amount of time the filters last and the ridiculous ease at which you can have clean water, the Berkey is the best. We owe it to ourselves, others, and especially the future generations to make changes that will impact our environment.

  15. Congratulations Zen!! Very well done!! Keep going like that!
    Chris, you just inspired me doing callisthenics, I am scared, especially because I have spine and neck misalignment. Getting the proper exercise posture the exercise + chiropractor I am sure I can get great results and a stronger body!
    I want to prove that girls can do it too! Let's do this.

  16. Soooo you gotta do all this shit to stay healthy and be in shape. And yet you still gotta eat fu*** pills in the end….

  17. Whatch the Game Changers documentary about sports nutrition!

  18. How do i get you as a trainer and how much i want to build muscles and tone my body i travel alot for work i just need to get started u seen to know what u doing…again im a started and cant do a pull up but i got alot alot of motivation

  19. I don't understand, aren't you on a huge caloric deficit on this particular day? You counted the calories burned working out, but not the 2500+ calories you spent just living. Was your goal to cut a lot for the day? Or am I not doing my math correctly?

  20. I burn 500 calories a day by cardio
    I mean runing or exercises
    you can run in your place
    you dont need space to run
    Just run in your place ..

  21. I haven't heard someone say "Perfect Practice makes perfect" since 2008 with my Timpani teacher.

    Edit: If you practice wrong, you will perform wrong.

  22. You don’t need to count how many calories you are burning. As you can see, he’s not so sure about how many calories he’s burned because he probably doesn’t keep track of it

  23. Many thanks for this information. I was lead to believe from general information from government health recommendations that the average moderately active man should consume around 2000 calories a day and women are recommended around 1800. That appears to be misleading and more than is actually required. I was waiting towards the end of your day to hear a total of something like 2500 calories.

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