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100 Replies to “A WHOLE DAY OF EATING + WORKOUT | 2018”

  1. I'm absolutely here for the training and exercise but i cannot lie and say i did not squeal when Chris took off his shirt because i sure as hell did lmaooooooooooo

  2. You are an awesome inspiration….with over 3 mil. Subscribers, can you please not use single use plastic waters bottles. Just like being a role model for a fit and healthy life, imagine how much you can set an example to not use so much plastic. Have custom water bottles and fill from a big jug or filtered source

  3. I respect your hustle and I think you genuinely want to help people. I think your confusing people with your diet info though. Weight loss is calories in vs. calories out. Intermittent fasting and carb cycling don’t lead to weight loss if the person eats too many calories so really they are just dieting strategies that can be confusing and hard for your followers to stick to long term so they can see results. Just eat in a calorie deficit every day and eat mostly healthy food. That’s all you have to do.

  4. can anyone tell me how much protein a day i should have. I am a vegetarian so all protein crap i can have is protein bars or like that protein cereal stuff

  5. I cant even try this cuz my mom would beat the shit out of me if i dont eat the food she cooks, and everytime she had see me working out she thinks that im gay

  6. Just downloaded your app, love it! And I love how you’re not cocky like some guys on YouTube. Thanks for the video 🤙🏽🤙🏽

  7. Chris get your cameramen some stabilized cameras or a stabilizer. Nauseating having the camera swaying constantly.

  8. I knew it, listen to your body guys. I've always hated breakfast and would always have to force myself to eat something in the morning, because so many people have told me that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Now I see this dude saying skip breakfast and I was like hell yeah lol

  9. lol im the opposite i eat a massive breakfast … then a big cup of coffee or a monster energy drink then hit the gym with tons of energy 🙂

  10. Wish I had started training like this instead of equipment based weight training, it's a completely different kind of discipline that's so much more impressive and self satisfying to complete the workout, been using your videos to transition and they have been so much help, keep it up dude!

  11. My first muscle up I learn from Christ heria by watching he’s video it helps me a lot thank you from California

  12. It’s crazy to think you have so many haters out in this social world when all I see is you trying to spread some nutritional advice from your perspective 👌🏽👌🏽 me as a retired vet who had a torn Achilles and ACL get fired up from watching all these killer workout keep it up my guy #energy

  13. Quer dizer que pra ser SUPER BOMBADO precisa passar 6 horas malhando pesado, tomar água no café e não comer nada que eu goste?

    Eu mudei de ideia sobre o meu tanquinho ;-;

  14. CHRIS HERIA sir plz if u do any video plz don't wear T-shirts or Shirts…I love ur body …plz in this I can't see u wearing black T-shirt

  15. Chris: haciendonos una dieta completa por todo un dia dependiendo de los ejercicios que hace
    El al bañil de la esquina que esta ultra mamadisimo desayunando una coca cola y rellenando un pan con pasta para almorzar.

  16. I worked out yesterday using dumbbells, after waking up, my shoulders are in pain, but I can still work out using dumbbells, should I rest my shoulders, or should I work thru the pain?

  17. How do you have the energy to workout on a fast in the morning? I've tried this before but I find myself just getting lightheaded if I don't eat anything before I work out..

  18. Fuck nestle. Fuck bottled water. Get that shit outta here. If you were a real baller you'd have your own reverse osmosis filter and quit buying crap that destroys the planet and ends up in the ocean. Real talk.

  19. you eat only 2 times a day? Ive heard other people saying that they have to eat 4 to 5 times a day in order to build muscle. Is that true?

  20. QUESTION! I’m 6’8” tall, 200lbs. I look lanky and skinny. I want to bulk up, but my resting calorie intake needs to be 3,000 calories.

    Any Idea how I can get enough calories while not eating lots of heavy carb sugar foods such as rice, beans, potato etc???

  21. Glad I stumbled onto your videos given I think calisthenics are the way to go. I doubt there's a weight room on Parris Island. The recurring theme among those who've settled into agreeable lethargy : I hate doing push ups! Thing of it is, while weights are good tools, doing without them builds a muscle I suspect, that stays with you, longer. Weights are faster. Calisthenics help in a way no one ever mentions: drive, determination, discipline, stick-to-itiveness. Gyms seem socializing it. " Yeah I go to the gym, do weights. " The other way you don't talk about it – you carry it. Like all those self promoting tough guys. You don't wear it on your sleeve. There's some conflictinf input especially where nutrition is concerned. It's for the individual to sort out. I'll be checking your pointers. Sounds good. – Thank you.

  22. So happy I found your channel!! I’m an ex runner and after watching you and seeing the results I’m a firm believer in HIIT and your way of training! Thank you!

  23. Im also skipping breakfast for depleting my glucose reserves, im surprised it works that well for you, intermitent fastiing for the win.

  24. Is intermittent fasting something worth it to do if I’m just starting out? Also I don’t think cutting out carbs is something I can do…

  25. Hi Chris, what type of carbs do you recommend to eat? You have mentioned in one of your videos that you eta "Good Carbs" , so I'm a little bit confused about the classification of this type of food. 🙂 thank you for your videos.


  26. I have lost over 7 stones(around 35 kgs) in 6 months and ive been working out in the last two years non stop, i have been watching your videos and your workout routines, they are really helpful and affective, but there is noway i would be able to do all that workout without any food/energy in my body and not feel dizzy or anything like that during the workout. You need energy before you workout, yes you might be using the energy store from the night before, but it is dangerous to not put any fuel in your body for such a long period of time, you will feel dizzy and tired. Thank you for the video and your routine but there’s noway my body can handle this meal plan and the workout at the same time.

  27. Pretty good video, I like the cycling, great idea. I tried intermittent fasting for about 5 months though, and for me, it didn't really work. it always felt weird because as soon as I have lunch, it feels like my body just holds onto the food rather than metabolizing it, and I get way more hungry throughout the day because my body is like "oh you finally got food in your system? Give me more". I stopped I'm fasting recently, and I feel more controlled with my food intake for some reason.

  28. Can you please talk about fasting in the mornings correctly without gaining weight after? Is it just about drinking water? And how long should it last in the mornings?

  29. I'm confused. I want to built muscle (preferably clean but I know that's already difficult), but I heard you should eat like 4 times a day. You eat twice.

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