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Active for 2: Pregnancy strength training workout for trimester 1

Welcome to our Active for 2 strength training workout
for trimester one. We’re gonna be using light weights so have them at the ready. You can also use water bottles or tins if you don’t happen to
have weights at hand. Remember, trimester one, you’re gonna have high-energy
and low-energy days, so take the modifications that suit how you’re feeling today. Let’s get going, so we’re just going to start
with some mobility exercises, so feet hip-width apart, we’re just going to go into
some nice shoulder rolls. So thinking about pulling that baby up and into the spine, working through the core, and we’re gonna take it into some elbows. How are you feeling today, Chelsea? I feel good.
Awesome. And then from here, taking it into nice big circles, so really opening up. Trying to make those
circles as big as possible. And then let’s go back the other way. Great work. Taking it back into your elbows. And back into our shoulders. Great work. Couple more here. Now we’re a bit loosened up, we’re gonna move on into a walkout. So, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna tuck our chin into our chest, and we’re gonna slowly roll down through the spine, nice and slowly, letting the head relax. Walking the hands out, we’re coming into a nice high plank, so just hold it here
for a second, Chelsea. Hips should be the same
height as her shoulders, tailbone is just
slightly tucked in under, and we’ve got it pulling
up through that deep core. Then we’re gonna walk the hands back, with a little bend in those knees, letting the head relax down and rolling up through the spine. So we’re gonna do four
more of those, Chelsea, so chin to chest, rolling slowly down, it’s a really great way of
mobilising through the spine, and also getting the whole
of that body working. And then coming back, letting the head relax as you come down. So take these nice and
slowly, there’s no hurry. That’s it, great work. If this is too much for you, don’t worry, you don’t have to
take it out into that plank. What you can do is just do the roll down, and then the roll up as well. So you can remove the walkout if it’s not feeling quite right. Let’s take this as our last one, and bring it back in. Great work, and slowly rolling up. So from here, we’re gonna take it into a side lunge, and up, side lunge, and up. So Chelsea, in your first trimester, you might be able to still
get the hand to the floor, and add a nice bit of
rotation, great work. So looking up to that top arm, opening up through that chest, and again, really nice way of
mobilising through the back, starting to get those legs working. Awesome work. Let’s take four on this side, and then we’re just
gonna add in a little bit of a kick-back with that leg. So two more. One more like this, and then we’re gonna add in, so we’re gonna come down, and then we’re gonna kick up. Down, kick up. So keep that flow. Again, if you’re not
feeling too energetic today, you can always just keep
that foot on the floor, that’s your second option. Good work. Let’s go for four more of those. Brilliant work, Chelsea, two more, and then we’re gonna replicate
that on the other side. Awesome work, so taking
it to the other side, so we’ll be stepping
out with our left foot. Again you’ve got your options, so you can stay with me,
hand on to the thigh, or you can take it down to the floor if that feels good for you. That’s it, try and look up to the arm, again if that’s feeling okay. Good work. So starting to feel a little bit warmer in our bodies now, getting that heart rate up. Let’s do four more like this, Chelsea, then we’re gonna add in
that little hop as well. Two more like this, great work. Okay, now let’s add in the hop. Great work, remember if this is feeling a little bit too much, you can keep that right leg on the floor. The hop is additional, so don’t worry if you’re not
feeling up to that today. Great work, so let’s
do eight more of these. Perfect. Four more. And three, two, and one, nice work. You feeling bit warmer?
Feeling warmer. Alright, we’re gonna start with our weights, so guys
we’ve got dumbbells here today. If you don’t have any dumbbells at home, not a problem, just find two
things that weigh the same, so it might be two tins of
beans, two water bottles, anything that you’ve got around the house, it doesn’t really matter. We’re gonna start off with a squat press. So, we’re gonna have
our feet facing forward, just wider than hip-width apart. If you’re in your first trimester still, which you will be, so you’re gonna have your
feet just under your hips, ’cause your baby’s not gonna
be too big at the moment. If like me you’re a little
bit further down the track, then take them a little bit wider, just to leave some space for baby. So we’re gonna start with our
weights up on our shoulders, we’re gonna come down
into a nice deep squat and as we push up, the arms come high. So coming down, and as we breathe out, push the arms high. Great work, keep that going, Chelsea. So things I want you to think
about during your squats. You want your hips to come back and down, and you want the weight
to be through the heels. Great work, so really pushing
the glutes back behind you. Fantastic work, as you’re coming up I want you to engage
through the pelvic floor. So imagine you’re pulling
a tissue out of a box, that’s the kind of motion
that we’re thinking about with our pelvic floor. Remember to breathe out
as we push the arms high, and remember if this is too much, you can get rid of those weights, or you can just pop your
hands on to your hips, that’s absolutely fine. Let’s go for four more of these. Three, two, and one, nice work. So this time, we’re gonna
come into a side lunge again, and we’re gonna add in the triceps. So keeping the elbows in nice and tight, as we come to the side
we’re gonna push them back, and bring it in. Push them back, and bring it in. Keep that going. So you wanna keep those elbows here. Almost, that’s it. And then push back from there. So we’re gonna work through
the backs of our arms here. Great work, so we also
wanna be thinking about the middle back and the shoulder
blades squeezing together. Let’s come nice and deep
into that lunge, Chelsea. Good work, let’s go for
four more on this side, and then the fourth one
we’re gonna hold it out, and we’re just gonna
do some arm work, okay? Okay.
(they giggle) So this next one,
we’re gonna hold it out, and we’re just gonna
pulse with straight arms, really getting into
the back of those arms. Good work, let’s do it for eight. Seven, keep that neck nice and long, so try not to stress, that’s it. For five, four, three, two, and one. Great work, pushing
through to the other side. So elbows stay in, pushing back and up, pushing back and up, keep that going, pushing back and up, again, coming nice and
deep into that lunge, and as we stand up we’re
really pushing through that left leg this time, to bring the feet back together. Good work, let’s go for
four more of these, Chelsea, and then we’re gonna hold it out, and we’re gonna work those arms again. For three, two more, last one, so this time hold it out, and this time we’re gonna
extend the arm and bend. Extend and bend. So keeping that elbow
almost still in space, and then just working
through those triceps. Can you feel them working?
I can feel it. Good work. Keep thinking about pulling
up and in through that baby. That’s it, engaging through the core. For four, and three, and two, and one, great work. Stepping those feet back together, give your arms a little shake out. We’re gonna come into a lunge sequence, so as we step forwards, we’re gonna bring the arms up, into a nice lateral raise. And then down, taking it with
your other leg, and down, so Chelsea’s just going
to continue with this. So what I want you to think about guys, is when you’re in your lunge, you’ve got your back knee almost down to the floor, okay? And you want to have a nice right angle with that back leg, and a nice right angle with
your front leg, alright? You wanna make sure that your
tailbone is tucked under, got a nice flat back, not too arched, and that you’re pulling
in through that core. Great work, if you’re
feeling a little bit wobbly, don’t worry, what you can do
is you can take out that step, and you can just come from this position, and come down and up, that’s your option. Good work. Great, how are you feeling?
Feeling okay. Yeah? Good, so let’s take eight more, so four more on each side. Making sure that the shoulders stay down and away from our ears. Fantastic, almost done. And this next one we’re gonna hold it, and we’re just gonna lower
and lift with the arms. That’s it.
This it? Yeah, so nice and static with the legs, and lift, and lower. So we’re just holding it
in a nice static position for the last eight counts, just to add a little bit extra work. I can feel the burn.
For four, three, two, one and then stepping back, taking the other leg forward, we’re gonna do it on the other side, so again, lifting and lowering, making sure those abs
are tight, great work. It’s a great thing when you’ve got a little baby growing in there, is you can actually see when
you’re working your abs, because it makes it a lot smaller. Tuck that tailbone under, for four, three, two, and one, nice work, Chelsea, we good? We’re gonna give those legs a little rest, we’re gonna do a little
bit of an arm sequence. So, starting off with our elbows nice and close into our waist, we’re just gonna imagine that we’re carrying a tray of drinks, and take them forwards
and we’re gonna open up, take them forwards, and open up. So standing, just have a
little bend in those knees, tucking the tailbone underneath, and keeping those shoulders back and down. So we’re working our
rotator cuffs at the moment. Really, really great exercise to do, and something that we
forget about generally, in day-to-day life. That’s it, so opening up, it’s not a massive movement. What we want to make sure, is that we’re not coming
out with our elbows. Okay, so you’re keeping them in nice and close to your waist. We’re gonna go for four more like this. Good work. Keeping those abs engaged. One more. And then from here we’re
gonna take them up into a V, and pull them back in with the elbows. Up into a V, and elbows back in. So keep going with this one. Great work, so each
time you pull the elbows right down into your waist, perfect. That’s looking really good. Let’s go for eight more of these. Fantastic, you feeling good?
Yep. Four more. Squeezing those elbows down and in. Two to go. And fantastic, so from here
we’re gonna take our arms up, we wanna have right-angles
in those elbows, keeping a little bend in our knees, tailbone tucked under, we’re
gonna bring the arms in front, and open, and then from
here we’re gonna press up, and pull them back down. Pull them in, and open, push up, and down. Great work, keep that going, Chelsea. So you wanna keep your elbows up at shoulder height the entire time, okay? So if you’ve got a mirror, this is a great one to look in the mirror, ’cause you can check
that your form’s right. Good work. To be honest, even if
you’ve got no weights, this exercise and this movement, you’re gonna really feel
it for your posture, so it’s a great one to be doing. That’s it, let’s go
for four more of these. Remember to keep breathing guys. Well done, two more. And the last one. Perfect. Feeling good? Shake it out a little bit, alright. So we’re gonna come into
our modified push-ups, so, Chelsea’s gonna come onto all fours, so we’re gonna have our knees
directly underneath our hips, and our wrists directly
underneath our shoulders. Now, this is our box position, if this feels good and that’s enough work through the arms, you stay here. If you wanna make it a little bit tougher, you can always just walk
the knees back a little bit, so we’re coming into more of a
diagonal line with that body. So take whichever version
feels good for you. How are you feeling there, you think you’re gonna be alright with the legs back a little bit? Yeah.
Perfect. So, keeping your core nice and tight, pulling, hugging that baby up and in, we’re gonna just take the
hands nice and wide on the mat, spread the fingers,
push down nice and hard through those fingers, and we’re gonna bend the elbows out, bringing the chest to the floor. So we breathe in on the way down, and out as we do the hard
work pushing back up. We’re gonna go for eight of these. We’ll have a little rest and then we’re gonna do eight more. That’s it, so really important here, that we keep pulling up through the core, we don’t let our back arch too much. How are you feeling?
I’m okay. Three more in you? Remember if you need to
make it a little easier, you just bring the knees
in a little closer. Last one. And then take your legs nice and wide, and come back into a child’s pose. That’s it, have a little stretch out. We’re gonna go for one
more round of those. Again, if that was too much, if you felt your back arching, then just bring your
knees in a little closer the second time round. Okay, so coming back
into our start position. Remember, core is really important here, I wanna just tuck that tailbone under. So eight again, Chelsea. Coming down and breathing
out as we push up. That’s fantastic. Cool, so you want your chest to come nice and close down to the floor. We’ve got four, and three, if it’s too much you bring the knees in, last one, and sit back onto those heels. Great work. So we’re gonna come into a modified plank, so really great to work our transverse abdominals during pregnancy. So these are the guys, the deep core muscles that
wrap around our spine, they help to keep our
posture nice and strong. What we’re gonna do, rather than coming up on to our feet as we would normally in a full plank, we’re gonna modify it slightly, so we’re gonna keep
our knees on the floor. Depending on how strong you’re feeling, you can take your knees further
away or closer together. It’s absolutely fine, it’s up to you. We’re gonna keep the
tailbone tucked under, and we’re gonna really pull up, hugging that baby into our spine. So we’re gonna come into a forearm plank, so we’re gonna come down
onto those forearms. Great work. We’re gonna tuck under, and
we’re gonna hold it here. So really thinking about a
nice long, relaxed neck line. We’re gonna hold it for ten, nine, keep breathing, we’ve got six, five, four, three, two, and relax it, back into child’s pose. We’re gonna do one more
round of that, okay? So again, see how that felt for you, if you feel that it was a bit easy then you take your knees
back a little bit further, if it felt quite tough
then always feel free to bring them in closer to the body. Shall we try round two?
Yeah. Let’s come back into that position. So, thinking about that
diagonal with the body, onto the forearms, tucking
the tailbone under, and then really pulling
up through that deep core, for ten, nine, eight, keep the neck nice and long, for five, four, three, pull up, that’s it, two, and one, relax back. Fantastic. Feeling good?
Yeah. Great work. Sitting back into our child’s pose, from that plank, really
stretching the hands forwards. That’s it, so almost
feel like those fingers are reaching as far forwards as you can, gonna get a really nice
stretch through that back, through the shoulders. And then what you can
do from here, Chelsea, is just walk your hands
slightly over to one side, great work. What you’re gonna do
here is you’re just gonna stretch a little bit down the side, and then walk the hands
over to the other side. Great work. Awesome, coming up onto all fours, I’m just gonna do a little cat-cow here to mobilise the spine, feels really nice. This is a great one to do every
night before you go to bed. So first up, you’re gonna tuck
your chin into your chest, that’s it, tuck the tailbone under, and think about bringing those
shoulders up towards the sky. That’s it, at the same point you’re hugging that baby into your spine, and then from here we’re
going to almost reverse that, so let the baby just relax down, lengthening through the neck, and again feeling a really
nice stretch through that body. So let’s take that one more,
so we’re gonna tuck under, great work. And then relaxing through that body, and brilliant. So you can keep this one
going as long as you want, for now we’re just gonna
come back onto all fours. And we’re gonna thread the needle, so Chelsea’s gonna open
up through the right arm, looking up to her arm, great work. And then what you’re gonna do Chelsea, is thread that hand underneath, let the shoulder come onto the floor. Let the side of your
head rest on the floor, and we’re gonna get a really nice stretch through that shoulder. Does that feel good?
Mmhmm. Let the head relax. Perfect. When you’re okay, then
come back onto all fours, so pushing yourself up with your hands, and we’re gonna take the
left arm up to the sky, looking up to those fingers, and then again taking the hand underneath, relaxing the side of
the head onto the mat, and getting a really nice stretch
through the shoulder here. Great work, coming back onto all fours, we’re gonna take our right leg forwards, and we’re gonna come into
a nice hip-flexer stretch, so we’re gonna tuck our
tailbone underneath, we’re gonna breathe in, as we breathe out we’re just gonna imagine someone’s pushing our hips forwards. That’s it, that’s awesome. So really important here that we’re not leaning forwards into the stretch, we’re keeping that tailbone tucked under, and we’re gonna feel that
stretch through here. That feel good?
Yeah. Again, remember to breathe
through your stretches, nice deep breath in through your nose, and then out through your mouth. Every time you breathe out you will just release down a little bit
deeper into that stretch. Great work, so when you’re feeling okay, we’re gonna come back and
we’re gonna switch legs. And we’re gonna just stretch
out that other hip-flexer, and then we’re gonna be done. So breathing in, tucking
the tailbone underneath, and then as we breathe out we can drop down into that nice stretch. So this time, Chelsea’s working through her right hip-flexer, and she wants to make sure
that she keeps her abs engaged, and keeps her tailbone tucked under. As she breathes out she’s gonna just drop a little deeper into that stretch, and as she breathes in, tucks the tailbone under a little more. Great work, when you’re ready, bring those feet back together, let’s stay on a kneeling position, we’re just gonna take our hands behind us, stretch out that chest. So palms touching and
then reach back and down, great work. So you wanna think here guys, about getting those palms
to touch behind you, and squeezing those shoulder blades and opening up through that chest. Almost imagine someone’s reaching those hands down and away. Holding it here for a few seconds, and then just shake it
all out and we are done. Great work.
Thank you. Thanks for doing the Active
for 2 workout with us today. I recommend that you repeat this a minimum of two times a week, and once you reach 14 weeks, you can try the trimester two video. You can find out more information about strength training during pregnancy, at

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