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Are You The One To Turn To? | Online Safety #3

This video is about important adults. If you have one close to you right now, go get them and watch this video together. I’ll stay here, I’ll wait… Or just send it to them so you
at least get the same information. They’re here? Okay? You’re watching? Let’s go! An important part of preventing online crime
is having important adults and that both of you are educated. But I’m gonna leave that to the criminologist Maria Dufva. In this video she is going to be talking
about how hard it is to prevent criminal offenders from talking to kids. And she’s also gonna give the adult
some advice on what they can do. Spoiler alert! What the adults might
think is the safest action might actually not be! When I grew up, there were predators
around us in society. And as they do today, they hung out where kids were. It was in the park or maybe they
were trying to buy candy for kids. Now they found a new arena and it is not that new. I was working with the police, I
started there 16 years ago and Internet has always been a crime scene even back in those days. So this is not something new. This has happened for so many years. I put the blame on the offender. I put the blame on the predator. But I think kids should be educated about this and that is up to us adults. Up to us important adults to do that. Parents or any other adult that has a child should prevent crimes online. Internet life is a great part of kids’ lives today. But many parents are actively uninterested in their kid’s online life. They choose to be active parents when it comes to sports, like football or maybe going to the stable in real life. But online, parents choose not to be a part of it. So you as a parent might not know
anything about what your kid is doing online. And to be interested doesn’t mean that
you have to download the same games, but you have to be kind of into what your
kid is doing online. Kids talk to us about things we talk to
them about. It’s a really really tricky saying, “but if you don’t talk to kids about this, they will not talk to you about it.” Because if you talk to them about online
crimes, that this can happen, they know it, and they know that you know. So if
something happened to them, They would tell you about these online crimes. The more you tell your kids that “I know that this can happen.
I’ve heard it. I saw it on the news.” “Have you heard about this? This might not happen to you, but it’s always good to know: If you are the one that knows the most, you should also tell your kids what you know about it! Remember that; what you talk to kids about they will also tell you about it. As an important adult you might be
insecure. So you might tell the kids that you have to be private, you have
to know all your followers and you have to know the one you are speaking to, the one you’re chatting to. So if the child knows that you as an adult have said this, and also made the child promise never ever to ass anyone they don’t know or anyone who wants to follow them and they don’t really know, and chatting with someone they don’t know, you have maybe destroyed everything, because if they know that you
would be disappointed in them, the child would never ever talk to
you. They will never ever tell you if something has happened to them. So
sometimes you have to have a conference with the child and make
these rules together. and also say that if you happen to add someone, I would not be angry with you! Internet is a crime scene for too many
kids. Do you think that you are that person that kids would turn to if something happened? If your child met an offender on the chat online, do you think that your child would talk to you, would tell you? Or would your child remain silent and keep the secret? That’s a real knockout question, I know, but you have to ask yourself. So, to summarise: Make sure that your child feels safe to
tell you if something happens. Strict rules might result in the child not
telling you anything. Listen and be interested in your child’s online life! It’s fun! We have fun here! Talk to your child about online offenders. It is easier for them to talk about
sensitive subjects if you start the conversation.

Reynold King

51 Replies to “Are You The One To Turn To? | Online Safety #3”

  1. Hello Starstable, I am so excited for the new areas 😍😍😍. I canβ€˜t wait for Wednesday πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜

  2. hey star stable I would like to have a little information about your Andalusian. when are you going to go out the bay andalou

  3. I havent got sso…but i love ssoπŸ‘„πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’š

  4. What’s up with your chat??? The communication in between players is ruined because of it rn. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is tagged on the danish servers. We can’t even chat in English and it’s so annoying

  5. Thank you so much for educating us about being safer on the internet. There are so many people I know who don't know anything about this. It is important to learn more about the online world and it gets even better that an online game like Sta Stable actually takes their time to teach the younger (or older) generation ❀

  6. Star Stable i asked you something but ill ask again…
    Can you make that our first horse from your app(Star Stable horses) can be free? Only one? im taking care of my dream horse, and ill never ever get star coins ;-;….like some players?
    Thats why i ask. Can you please do that?? I Hope youll do that if you want, anyways i Hope you have great Day!! πŸ˜€

  7. Thank you for doing this, SSO! There are so many little girls playing the game that are clueless about this. I’m so glad you care about your players. <3

  8. One girl contacted me about problems her friend is having in class. According to her she was bullied. She told this to her parents but they did not believe. So I tried to help this girl as much as possible. And because I don't know her in person I told her to visit her teacher in school, if she feels confident to do that (not many teachers understand the problem). Or someone in school kids can talk to. Some specialist or so. I know exacly what it is to be someones target, as a little I went through many conflicts.. So I felt responsible to help her. I wish I could do more for her. But its hard if I dont know her in person.
    Im glad you try to help people how to react in this situation ❀.

  9. Should I send this to my parents….?
    I'm afraid to…bcz i had been cyberbullied in the past and idk how they'd react…they have never been interested in my online life and i feel like they wont care…
    Any help?

  10. im 21 years old and have been playing sso for about 6 years? i could be wrong might be longer than that? But anywho, i help the kids in the game with quests or if club members are having family issues, i help them like they're my own kids because sometimes actual parents don't understand or believe you and i've seen that in soooooo many kids. Some worse than others yes, but i've been there for my sso children, I've even stayed up until 6 in the morning and help get into contact of their family because they needed to go to the hospital. I take care of my online friends and internet children!

  11. Star stable, I know that your trying to make your chat safe but could you please try and make your game (star stable) chat better! It’s really annoying.

  12. I'm 25 myself and been playing since 2013 and oh my gosh, how many times I have helped out a younger player with problems, from either other players or something in their own life.
    Once I saw a girl talk about, how her babysitter, that was 18, had kissed her and she was 13… I was like WHOAH! Hold up! What?!
    I asked her to PLEASE tell her parents about it, because it could end pretty badly.
    I wish I knew what happened…
    In general, many players of SSO, very easily start talking about how they feel, how their life is, being bullied, depression and more.
    Maybe you should do videos on how to deal with being bullied, both in real life and online, and also about what you can do if you feel really bad.

  13. Being open and honest with kids is so underestimated as a way to help keep kids safe. As an adult playing SSO, I've made a few friends and at times some of the younger ones bring things to me instead of their parents and it's always 'they would be mad/wouldn't understand/would be disappointed/won't listen'. Which always makes it awkward cause I really can't do anything to help, lmao, I'm just here to ride around on pixel ponies. Still feels bad, but not listening and being open with kids literally just drive them towards possible predators πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ seems like bad mojo.

  14. I am not sure what Star Stable does in the game to help kids, other than the chat, but I do think they can do more to help then just talk here. First, a child should not be getting Star Coins from anyone but their parents' card. This should be told to the parent upfront if their child gets Star Coins from a different card or even a gift card the parents should be notified right away. And Star coins held back awaiting parent's approval. (maybe this is already being done?)
    Clubs in another way, little kids want to belong and be liked, so maybe they may do things to stay in the club that they may feel uncomfortable about doing. I often wondered why Star Stable allows kids to be in Clubs with known adults, that's just asking for trouble to me. Maybe it would be good if you make Club for under age 9 years old, then 10 to 13-years-old. Then 14 to17 years-old. then over 18 as adults. Keeping the same chat rules for all. I would not want to see a 7-year-old being controlled and told what to do in a Club by an adult stranger.
    I feel that as far as online games go Star Stable is safe as it gets. Let's say Star Stabe is a kids' backyard, pretty safe right. , Parents even when your kids are in their own backyard you have to look in on them often because strangers will come around, and if predators are near they will notice your little ones.
    In Star Stable kids are rather safe, But parents once you allow your child to move to talk live to anyone even a friend from star stable their variability has just gone up 100%, now they are in the Stranger danger zone.
    Also, I feel that Star Stable could teach kids ways to stay safe in loading screens. (example) tell kids while they watch a loading screen, never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or bad about yourself. I am sure your experts can help you with lots more.

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