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Ashley Conrad’s 21-Day Clutch Cut Training Program – Overview –

I’m a sponsored
athlete for Adidas. I’m a celebrity trainer. My clients include people like
Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, P. Diddy, and some of the world’s
biggest professional athletes. I’m the CEO and
founder of Clutch Bodyshop. My mission is to change the way
you think about your body, and what is possible. I’m Ashley Conrad. [music] What it is is
a 21-day program. You’re working
out 5 days a week. So Day 1 you’re
doing full-body circuit. Day 2 you’re doing cardio. Day 3 is a rest day. And then you just
repeat that cycle. But the program continues to
build, because the first day you’re going through
chest–there’s one exercise. Then you swap to,
like, a leg exercise. By the 2nd week,
you’re super setting. By the 3rd week, you’re doing
3 different super sets of each body part, and you’re going
through the entire circuit 6 times. So the program
continues to evolve. Your body is
continuously guessing. So your fat stores are having to
be utilized by the body to keep up with the demands that
you’re placing upon yourself. It helps you burn fat, it helps
build lean muscle, and it builds a ton of strength, as well. So in regards to the cardio
side of things, it’s build very similarly to the full-body
workouts where you’re continuing to build upon what you
did the last workout. The cardio workout, it is
interval training, but your intervals of maximum output are
getting longer, and your rest period are getting shorter
as the program continues to progress. Every day that you workout
on this program is gonna be difficult, and
it’s supposed to be. Typically on any given day, the
circuit, there’s about–I mean, there can be anywhere from 12
to 20 different exercises that you’re gonna go through. And depending on how many
exercises there are, you’re gonna go through the entire
circuit three to six times. So as you get towards the
end, the number of times you go through the circuit is going to
increase, as well as the number of exercises. A typical workout is going to
last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. And then what I like to do is I
like to throw in something like my ab circuit at the end of
it, and just do some core work. Core is incorporated into the
full-body workout, but if I really want to bring strength
and definition into that area, I like to kind of focus on it
at the end of the workouts. The program is 21 days, well,
first and foremost because so many times early on in my career
I was getting calls from agents and studios and saying, “We need
to get this person ready, and we’ve got 3 weeks!” And that was the normal amount
of time I had to get somebody ready for a project. This is like my tried-and-true
program that I go to every single time. The second part of it is all
of my programs, I like to set things up in pockets of just a
couple of weeks because what that does is when, even for
myself, physiologically, I go into a situation I know I’ve got
3 months, I’m not gonna be as focused. But if I know I’ve got 2 weeks
or 3 weeks and I can get the results that I want, I’m gonna
go at that as hard–I’m gonna give 100% to it. It’s a very short
period of time. What I find is after people go
through this initial program, the results that they get
motivate them to continue on because they’re like, “I was
able to create this amount of change in this
short period of time. I can’t even imagine what would
happen if I actually stuck to something for 2 or 3 months.” And that is really,
physiologically, is huge for people. The type of exercise that you’re
gonna be doing with this program are everything from plyometric
clap pushups, to jumping lunges, to medicine ball jumping jacks,
all things that incorporate body weight and very
minimal equipment. On the cardio side, you
really have a choice. You can do this workout on
a treadmill, you can do it outside, you can
do it on a bike. I mean, you really–that’s
the beauty of this program. You can do this
program anywhere. There’s really no
excuses with this program. So this program is really
designed to get in there and get out of there and get the results
that you need because your body is being pushed to
its absolute limits. So keep going to We’re gonna get you the tools,
the weapons, the content, the truth that you need to make
that change, and we’re gonna do everything together. It’s gonna be fun.

Reynold King

17 Replies to “Ashley Conrad’s 21-Day Clutch Cut Training Program – Overview –”

  1. "Your body is continuously guessing, so your fat stores have to be used to keep up with the demands. It helps you burn fat and build muscle" LOL

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  3. Love the way this lady trains and her programs. The emphasis on Bodyweight and the fact you don't need lots of equipment get in athletic shape. Though no stretching before workout. Not static stretching.

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