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Assertive Discipline – Triple P Parenting

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual,
but with Triple P Parenting there is help. Good discipline is about being consistent:
acting quickly when children misbehave and just as important, teaching them what is acceptable. When children behave as asked, be sure to
praise them. “Great job putting your backpack away.” This will encourage them to continue the positive
behaviour. Use simple rules, such as “Hold my hand” with
a toddler, “Take turns” with a preschooler or “Hands to yourself” with school-age children. Involve older children in a family discussion
and decide together on acceptable behaviour and family rules around issues like screen time,
chores, or how to treat each other in the family. Include in the discussion the consequences
for not following through. There’s no magic wand to a happy, healthy
family but being consistent and predictable as a parent can help. Take your parenting skills to the next level, by visiting or call 1-800-660-5853.

Reynold King

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