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AWR Advantage Scanning training

Hi, I’m Linda with Advanced Wireless Communications
and today, I’d like to teach you about the scanning capabilities of the AWR Advantage. With the AWR Advantage you can scan up to
16 channels and frequencies, or as per your FCC license. When the radio detects activity, it stops
scanning and locks in on the active channel. If programmed for talkback, you can talk and
listen to the person transmitting without changing channels. To start scanning, press the key programmed
as “Scan,” a short press of the S/M is the default. The scan icon displays and the radio begins
to scan the channels. When the radio detects activity, it stops
on that channel and displays the channel number. To talk to the person transmitting without
switching channels, press the Push-to-talk button before scan resumes. If no activity occurs for 4 seconds, scanning
will resume. If you press Push-to-talk while the radio
is scanning, the radio transmits on the channel you were on before you activated scan. To stop scanning, short press the “Scan” Key. Scan has two temporary features to make it
easier to use. The first is Scan advance. If the radio stops scanning on a channel you
do not want to listen to, press the up key to resume scanning for the next active channel. The second feature is Nuisance delete. Press and hold the down key to temporarily
remove a channel from the scan list. The channel returns to the scan list when
the radio is turned off & then on again. If there is a certain channel that needs to
be checked more often than the others it can be set as a Priority Channel. This function enables users to scan the most
frequently used channel so that messages will not be missed. The priority channel is programmed by the
dealer via programming software or by the radio’s keypad if full radio programming
is activated. If the radio is receiving on a non-priority
channel, the priority channel is still scanned, once every 3 seconds. The radio will switch to the priority channel
once any activity is detected. Give us a call today at 1-800-475-5852 to
learn more about the AWR Advantage radio as well as our full line of Advanced Wireless
radios, and wireless solutions.

Reynold King

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