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Badminton: How To Hit A Powerful Smash?

I’m gonna show you some do’s and dont’s
we’re gonna reveal the don’ts what not to do with this Actofit so we’re
gonna try some different types of grips and see how fast I can hit the shuttle
with the different types of grips and positions and then we’re going to show
you what kind of position and what kind of grip that gives you the hardest and
the fastest smash

Reynold King

76 Replies to “Badminton: How To Hit A Powerful Smash?”

  1. Hey! Just had a small question.
    Is hitting the Stick Smash really that important/effective?
    ps I'm currently trying to learn that from your video 😊❤️

  2. Please display what you are indicating in the text.. Like correct forehand grip and rotations OR how do you rotate your body effectively and backswing
    Thank you for your breakup of the smash loved it

  3. It looked like a product promotion not actual training to improve smash… Sorry guys that's what I felt not at all what I expected.

  4. What application do you use to calculate the acceleration of the shuttlecock? I'm looking for it in the playstore there isn't any…please answer

  5. This sensor is only measuring the racket swing speed – not the shuttle speed. We both have measured our smash to reach almost 350km/h.
    The link in the description is now fixed aswell!
    – Let is know if you have any questions 🤘

  6. For more advanced players adding a jump to the rest of the instructions will make the smash more powerful. However a drawback is that timing is key. Thanks for another great video. 😁

  7. You're pretty. haha. good presentation as this will help mostly our women players since this video was demonstrated by you.

  8. Great video showing the correct technique. My smash is my weakest shot, I will have to study this video to improve.👍😀

  9. I liked this video ,, cuz here we can compare what we do with what should we do🤔
    Am I right guys?!

  10. I just noticed you wrote "first way of hitting"… You mean how beginners hit LOL yes so true… So polite way of describing it

  11. U can use your pinky to pronate your forearm. Here’s how you do it, loosen ur grip, and when you lead with ur elbow in your swing, tighten your pinky finger and the rest of your hand, this causes an automatic pronation in your arm

  12. Awesome video. You guys are amazing.
    I have a good smash from middle and back of the court but when smashing a lob in front of the court, it either goes out or there is very less power. I am not sure if I am going too far forward which in turn gives me less time to fully pronate my forearm resulting in less power. If I try correcting less power by being behind the shuttle, the angle is not too steep resulting in shuttle going out.
    I am using standard forehand grip for all the smashes. Please help.

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