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I’m doing this because I wanna do it. When you wake up in the morning and you go to the bathroom, you brush your teeth and you wash your face .. .. And look at yourself in the mirror You see yourself like tired, maybe frustrated or whatever. Before anybody else does. So I always challenge people, it’s like look at yourself in the mirror.. Truly look at yourself and be honest with what you see. Do you see a person that’s motivated? Do you see the person that’s inspired? .. Encouraged? And sometimes it’s OK to admit that you’re not OK today.. But I have that opportunity at that given point in time To turn that around before the world gets to see me out there. And I think once we get to that level of consciousness .. .. That’s when we can start really getting to work. It doesn’t really revolve around just bodybuilding, that goes with every walk of life. I always tell bodybuilders, you know do you think you can get better? I usually won’t force them to give me the honest answer, not the politically correct answer. I want you to be HONEST. And sometimes they will say ‘Yeah, you know I think I can.’ And to myself I just keep it like ‘Ok, that’s cool.’ But every so often I will run into a person that will say .. You dam right I will, fk yeah I will or hell yeah I will.. And I tell myself THAT’s the type of person that’s going to succeed. Even if you have that one little thing to improve, that one body part.. I will be OK with that. And if that’s it, hell yeah you’re gonna go kill it. Having that mindset every day. Just trying to be better than the previous one. Once I go up, I ain’t coming down. You gotta finish strong man. Gotta finish strong every workout. You gotta come in here with a good focus and have pride and purpose with everything you do in here. And I guarantee you’re gonna get results.

Reynold King


  1. ''Look at yourself mirror, truly look at yourself and be honest what you see. Do you see a person that's motivated? Sometimes it's OK to admit that you're not OK today. But you have that opportunity to turn that around before the world gets to see me.''
    #WeAllHaveBadDays #KeepImproving

  2. I never got the fact why Phil Heath can be so reactive at times.
    Because to me, he sounds like a very wise guy, who has mastered the mental part.
    Obviously he has, 7x Mr. O. Whether he'll be back or not, he left a legacy – a TRUE champ.

  3. Another crazy , hardcore video!You make a good job my bro!Phil Heath comming in 2020 to take the title back!The Dream Killer!

  4. Is it just me or has anyone else found themselves rooting for Phil now that he’s lost the title? 😂

  5. Mr. “no one is training hard because I’m not competing” the guy is a tool. Can’t stand him. He’s all genetics and no heart. Not a fan at all.

  6. We rest and give prays on SATURDAY. On SUNDAY, we train! Thanks again for the motivation to continue the journey!

  7. The greatest genetics as well as the greatest physique of all time. Tbh he was better than Ronnie by a little bit

  8. You fucking hate him ? Go suck your thumbs. This man is supreme. His work ethics is beyond criticism. People especially the competitors call him a 'genetic gift'. Well gift or not….he is a model bb. He is what bb is. Admitted, things gotten a lil far off for the champ….but I reckon he will back there…it took me years to understand the judging the Mr. O. Trust me now, Phil was way way above competition till 2015 or 16. It was like 1to 99 it is Phil and then the no. 2. The Phil of 2016and onwards … Yes it was a sad story. But he can fix this. I love this guy. I want him back….as a true bb fan.

  9. Phil always had the mentality of being a fucking champion and he had the genetics to go with it as well. No wonder he's a 7X Mr O.

  10. I never understood the dislike he gets… Arrogant? Who the fuck isn't? Do you think Tom Brady isn't arrogant? A fortune 500 CEO? The kid who just won the best male athlete in his county? This "humble" shit turns me off.. The mental IS the game – anyone who has ever been the best in the world has to have a mentality the "normal" person wouldn't have – or couldn't process…

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