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Beautiful and Progressive Educated Sisters (BAPES)

Hi my name is Rema so today we’re going to be talking about the B.A.P.E.S. program which is the mentoring group for African-American woman. So it’s beautiful and progressive educated sisters. Beautiful just not outside but inside displaying yourself as a young lady caring, nurturing, supportive of other sisters. Progressive – you always need to be setting goals for yourself. Are you here for your counselor to change classes. No I’m just here to talk about colleges. Seeking higher heights, whether you’re a 4.0 student or a 2.0 student Educated – they’re here at school education we know education is key to go on to the next level. Sisterhood B.A.P.E.S. hope is to defy those stereotypes to overcome them and to throw in a lot of other positive stereotypes about African-American girls. Well with this group you have to be a leader at all times because as a mentor you want your mentees to be as successful as you.. you want them to be like I wouldn’t say perfect because no one is perfect but you wouldn’t want them to do anything that could get them hurt or in trouble. I have a very large group of diverse friends so I have friends coming fall backgrounds, so I feel like this group really helped me connect with them because not all of those diverse friends get the things that I go through as a black woman, So that’s why I joined this group. Hey..I love you… We have to love ourselves ..That circle smell like all types of perfume. Laughter

Reynold King

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