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Best A Course In Miracles Teacher: Awake in the Dream 1998, David Hoffmeister ACIM

AWAKE IN THE DREAM A classic 1998 broadcast of Penelope Chatterton interviewing David Hoffmeister about the state of enlightenment. welcome, my name is Penelope chatterton, welcome to “Awake in the dream” my friends, I have a guest today. His name is David Hoffmeister I am very excited today because we’ve had a chance to chat for a while before the show and we’ve had a marvelous connection on a very deep spirit level and I’m happy and I’m happy to be here and I feel very awake and I set myself up for being quite asleep this week I crashed in a scenario in my own life that I manifested and I just sort of applauded this when I knew David would come and be in my life and helped me feel very awake and we could explain the simplicity of the real world and I’m very grateful because I feel very healed I see a contrast in particular this week as too where I was misinforming myself so I want to share some of these symbols with you. But before David and I get started
I’d like to read a little bit from lesson 66 from A Course in Miracles “My happiness and my function are one” Now my friends I’m going to scoot down here into what is italicized just to get to the to the meat of this particular lesson so David and I can start talking about it. Now listen carefully to what this has to say: “God gives me only happiness. He has given my function to me. Therefore my function must be happiness”. One sentence that you said David leads right into the next one. But the punchline is: are we ready to handle “My function is only happiness?” I think you and I are experiencing that today I have felt very electric since I met you and You’re a delight and you share my late husband’s name which I also thought there was no accident because a lot of what of my pain this week was over a death and now I have a nice David here
to share with me and to be awake with me and help our friends talk about the
real world. I want you to help us with a definition, a simple definition of what is the real world. What is the real world… well it’s from what we just read you know that happiness we could define the real world would be happy yeah It would be instead of trying to as we’ve done so much in part of our conditioning of thinking that we can get the right pieces of the puzzle or get things to work out the way that we want them to work out. It’s more of a surrender into
just a state of happiness where… I would also say the word non-judgment really seems to come in there because we’ve been told by Jesus “Judge not that ye be not judged,” and really it’s about surrendering our judgments and that happiness, peace of mind, non-judgment that is the state of mind of the real world and that it’s possible to live in it. In fact it’s very alluring. Yeah it’s very appealing and we’re there! The course in miracles tells us we’re awake and we’re home there’s no journey there’s no place to go we, don’t have to do a 20 part series to show people how to wake up. Yes but today we’re hoping, and I’m hoping you can help me to tell our friends how to be awake and when you say the real world can we talk about the basic premise that we are created we’re an extension of love and of God, that we have everything, and I feel like that can’t be said enough that that can go over our heads we forget that so easily? We have everything: We’re whole, we’re perfect, we’re healthy, we’re perfect, we’re intense energy, we we’re created by God, we’re extensions and we keep it alive
by sharing it. Yes, I mean that’s the premise of what our existence if we we’re created as an idea in the mind of God which I mean an idea in the Mind of God would have to share the attributes of God. You’ve heared a lot about God is love; but if we are children of God if we were created in the likeness and image of God then we must share the attributes Yeah You know eternal, perfect, changeless, infinite. I mean these are the attributes and you know and also to be practical because you know when people go through this world they say well that can sound very high and very lovely and you know la la la and go around and they’ve been prejudiced you know kind of connotations of bliss ninny and so on and so forth but we’re talking about a real experience here and an experience that is extremely simple and it’s only the complexities of the ego that make it seem out of grasp before that Yeah something like you know a spiritual attainment that you have to work hard very hard to attain the state of
enlightenment whereas what we’re looking at is that enlightenment, the real world, is upon us, it’s right here in the moment Yeah You know Jesus kept like giving us clues you know he said the kingdom of heaven is at hand at hand a hand is very close Right there! this isn’t something we’re talking about it’s centuries and centuries away we’re talking about a state of mind that is so pristine and so joyful and it’s right here and now and so really our only task is if anything comes up and arises in our mind that’s not that joy… Happy happy… then it should be released immediately because it serves no purpose if we really want to be happy. And it’s a phase of the ego that’s doing a little detour and decided to have another tiny mad idea that was based on fear. Anything that’s not love is just quite simply a wrong-minded perception you know that’s what’s so great about the course 1200 some pages to say basically that to give us the metaphor like a stepping stone where he’s dropped the course into our seeming experiences in the world to say i’m going to give you a ladder and it seems like you’re going to go through a journey of climbing like out even though this is a journey without distance to a goal that has never changed you know that implying that once you reach the top of the ladder the ladder is going to disappear and you’re going to forget the climb which you know makes sense in the sense of if God created us perfect you know a journey back to God has to be even an illusion an illusion of a journey Exactly! and to really come to clarity is really just… I call it just to see the false as false forgiveness isn’t you know still holding onto something that somebody really wronged you somebody really did something or that you really have done something to somebody else but to start to see that maybe my perception of what occurred has been completely mistaken and what true absolution what true joy comes from letting go of thinking that something terrible has been done wrong and something has to therefore be done to make right Yeah when it’s really just more of surrender into the state of mind. you know it is so simple what were saying before the program that it is so simple sometimes for hard to find words to explain that a letting go process takes you right into the real world, into your essence of the being that you are and I think we can’t say enough how crafty and clever the ego is we were talking about some examples around work and manifesting deaths and all this kind of things and these wake-up calls that you know that we leave the Holy Spirit’s been so kind to us to help us get a up bonk on the head every now and then we get so lost I love your example about… is it that friend that was an atheist that needed a big one to start to become real, to start to know who he was that will happen for all of us yes, yeah everything that occurs in our perceptual experience whether it’s in nighttime dreams or day dreams or on some hallucinogenic yage or just what we would call everyday experience these are all perceptions and the perceptions are just given meaning by the ego in the sense that you know whether it’s good bad I like this I don’t like that all the judgments either extremes Our friend Jon Mundy you know I one time was sharing with him the idea of forgiving the good and so we got into the discussion in other words a lot of times the belief is if I can just eliminate all the negativity in my life then I’ll be happy and wonderful and
joyful but what we start to see is that judgment is like on a continuum and everything in the world of duality has an opposite, the opposite of ugly: beautiful, the opposite of bad: good and to think that you can just lop off one end of the continuum and left with the other end it’s really we’re starting to realize what the course is not going to work Yeah so even no it’s not a popular topic I’ve had people sometimes and Isaid you want to do a seminar that may not be well attended just to oneself forgive the good because what really comes down to when you’re following metaphysically is a state of detachment where you are living in a state of joy that comes from not judging not judging and that means not judging positively or negatively and you know we’ve all had those things we’re like subtly fishing for a compliment Yes and we can seem to ride out that compliment and feel that the energy that comes from being complimented but then the flip side comes is when somebody says something that we perceive as a criticism then we just spin. I know and we’re attached to the good we’re attached to that compliment which is really something to take a look at once again do we need it do we not feel whole and full. Yes so there’s no journey, we’re perfectly healthy, what about these bodies? how can we help our friends with these bodies that we’re in, David? I mean Well the thing about the body is it’s really neutral but the most important thing to do is to start to withdraw the investment in it in the sense of endowing it with things in other words, if we’re spirit then we don’t really have the need to fix it up or to you know do things with it and so forth and really we can allow then the Holy Spirit to interpret the body for us what does that mean? the Holy Spirit interprets the body as a communication device just as microphones or telephones or computers and the Internet and so forth these are all overly
communication devices the body seems to within the ego’s framework serve as more than just a communication device Yeah the body is the ego’s home Yeah, that’s right the ego is telling the mind: you’ve thrown away heaven, you’ve fallen from grace, you’ve got to be something and you’ve got to have some home and so it’s telling the mind identify with the body, fix it up you know camp out, make it your home and preserve it you know for as long as you can. Keep it going! because… right because it’s like even these things about extending the life of the body and everything you know, you can even get into the metaphysics of that but really it’s like the ego just trying to hope that the mind will continue to camp out yeah so the release from it is just asking: “Please reinterpret the body as a means for your Glory God I don’t want to endow it with things and try to make an idol image that will stand before the glory that You are” and what you really end up doing is you end up laying aside your self-concept and the things that are valuable in this world: power, fame, money, physical pleasure you know we could just go on with just a list of those things what’s the receptacle of all those you
know a famous mind? if the mind is abstract it doesn’t really have an image to be famous you know a body that has a lot of… a mind that has a lot of money? Yeah you know you you can see that all of
those things that I just mentioned involve the body and are really part of the self-concept and the immense unspeakable.. this unutterable joy of just laying aside the pursuit of those things is just wonderful because you just can relax into a state of Oneness or an acceptance of just the living moment instead of being on the wheel of
time and you know if I just have this amount in my bank acount and I just have this much prestige or or I look like this… publish this book and you know it’s like the hamster you know just when would it end? you finally say this is a game, I’m not going to play the game anymore I’m going to just relax, enjoy and wake up yeah… it’s easy and yet it’s easier said than done but I think what we’re trying to do here in this process is to help ourselves be very awake and to make it very simple for ourselves and being of one mind, David maybe we can help our friends with our Oneness the concept of this Oneness that we all are because we’re all here together we’re all connected so any wonderful thoughts and any leaps that you make we all go with you Yes and that’s I’d love it if we could help our friends with that just a little bit more about that one mind well it’s like the one mind is just peace and contentment all the mystics and saints have just talked about coming to contentment just to relax in the moment and comparison is an ego device, Jesus tells us you know for only the love makes no comparisons Yeah so every time whether we’re comparing an image of ourselves with trying to improve ourselves or we’re looking at other people and comparing ourselves against someone else Yeah then that is the ego, it’s very stressful because how good is good enough but if you begin to relax and say love makes no comparisons then you can start to get in touch more with just that natural spiritual essence that resides in each of us yeah that is there always but it’s just
been covered over yeah I would love to almost have you say that again I think people need it’s always there it’s always there it’s love is not something that needs to be attained in the future love is something that just needs to be accepted now and all that means is to clear the mirror of our mind to all the dark thoughts all the… you know self-depreciating loading thoughts that are going around that is the ego yeah and the message that we’re sharing is that we are not an ego that we have a loving divine creator and we are an offspring of that creator we have everything we need and if we let go it will all come to us will be taken care of we’ll have all those things that the ego says we gotta go get yes yes will be happy those are blocks to receiving it Yes which is interesting we almost turn it upside down and look at everything backwards it seems I think that’s where we can get into the idea about sacrifice because I think that the spiritual journey you know along time people have images of the ascetics and mystics and the saints that have gone through fasting and walking through the desert and basically they’re saying you know if that is the way to God then sorry not for me and basically what we learned from the Course and what we really teach is that it is not a sacrifice to give up nothing and basically you have to start to be convinced by the Holy spirit that the things of the world are nothing as long as they seem to be something and people have come to me and said well I still think there’s a lot of things in this world that I valueyou know but it’s gonna be hard for me to give it up and I say why would you give up something that you still believe is valuable we have to come together and allow the Spirit to convince us that there is something to take the place of our experiences in the world why would you give up something that you still believe was serving you so while there are many seeming
pleasures both psychological and physical in this world and it seems that way they seem very real you have to have an experience of a miracle of an intrinsic joy that bubbles up within you to have something that’s a contrast to the pleasures of the world we all seem to experience the pleasures of the world in various degrees And they’re fleeting, they’re temporary, you know and it takes a lot of work to get more we’re constantly… even you reach that point in the spiritual journey where like manifesting is a key idea and I don’t want it to deny that that has a place if I believe I’m a helpless victim and I have no power at all the idea that my mind is powerful and I can make things happen in my life based on the power of my mind can be a very helpful stepping-stone towards me understanding that I am a mind That I got it. But the step beyond manifesting is really once you’ve gone through I call it the magical phase of manifesting then you have to come to the place of do I want to be happy? Do I want to be eternally happy and at peace and at rest? Or do I want to still can keep trying to construct the dream and have the scenarios and the scripts to come out the way that I want still implying that I know what’s in my own best interest. And so that’s the step beyond manifesting because you know how many manifest things and money and even relationships and so on and so forth there has to come a point where you sense there’s something more and that you’re willing to go that extra step. yeah… amazing! But the trickiness of it I think is what I’m hearing today which is needs to be pointed out that the ego is amazingly clever Yes amazing and we follow for but it’s OK we’re not supposed to judge that we can see what step it takes and then when we get the wake up and we have the contrast it’s that letting go and experiencing something better than that and that’s the wake up, that is what being awake is about, that’s being happy that’s our function it was given to us
and we have it. That’s pretty profound. Yes, it’s again it’s extremely simple but the ego is extremely complicated and it’s very ingenious and I just use those words complicated ingenious as a stepping stone to describe it you know also when you get into this glorious state that I’m feeling and we’re feeling now the ego is nothing That’s right and to describe it as ingenious and so forth you know is to try… but what we’re doing when we do that again these are just symbols but it’s to say that it can’t be taken lightly in the sense of that when you have negative emotions or fear comes up fear is not to be repressed and stuff that when we talk about really becoming free it means to look calmly at the ego and the only way you can look calmly at the ego is to be in your right mind or to be with the Holy spirit. that’s right to look at the ego through the ego is
terrifying and every time in one’s journey when something seems to happen and you start to think “Oh my gosh I don’t know if I can handle this” that’s just the ego judging what’s occurring but the movement of healing the movement to wholeness is always occurring and it gets back to one of your original things you were talking about happiness and you were talking about you know what is really our function and happiness it’s like I came to the realization one time that God’s Will for me was perfect happiness and that was very striking kind of realization because I’d heard many things in my life about you know wheter there was a plane crash, well God’s will or this happened in this country invaded that country that’s God’s will and you have to go into it carefully because what we start to see is God’s will for us is perfect happiness and that we have free will in eternity but as Jesus points out there is no free will in this world and so a lot of times people will associate free will and choice Yea, that’s true! in a synonymous way and what we’re learning is that free will is beyond the dream because it’s our state of creation and that the only reflection or slight reverberation of the free will is the ability to choose so we have to be… look at that closely: choose what what do we have the power to choose? what it seems like is through the ego’s lens of being an autonomous person it seems like I could choose to do this I can choose to do this I can buy this I can buy that what we’re learning from the Course is it’s much more simpler than that the choices of the world seem to be endless Yeah, they do! and they seem to get us nowhere even when we seem to get good at making them with good education we have good knowledge behind us still unhappy but we get to more of a discernment and the choice is between the right mind and the wrong mind we were looking at ideas that are radical we’re being taught that sickness is a decision well if sicknesses is a decision then I want to be informed about my decision making process in my mind I’ve had people that say to me one part of my mind is happy about hearing this idea that sickness is a decision it’sempowering because I feel like I’m at the mercy of all these forces and germs and earthquakes and tornadoes and plagues on the other hand I don’t know about the responsibility that comes with that and we have to get into level confusion with that two because the idea that you know I don’t know if I like the idea that that I’m doing this to myself and they basically will say to me: David who in their right mind will choose to be sick and what I say them is you’ve got it who in their right mind would choose to be sick obviously sicknesses is a wrong-minded decision That’s right and that the next step for me is always teach me teach me more about discernment teach me more about the discernment between the right mind and the wrong mind because if I’m still attracted to it to the wrong mind in any way then that would… that’s where the choice would come in and we want peace and we want to be in the real world and the real world it seems the more I hear you talk it just it gets simpler I mean it’s it’s beyond words it’s an experience of letting go totally and going for who you really are we have about two minutes to go David so you I’ll just leave you can sort all this together the real world is highly energetic you know if you can imagine being happy and then you can kind of just imagine extending that happiness it goes beyond the ups and downs of the world that seemed to be just the way of the world and it takes first a lot of willingness to even open your mind to the idea that there is a high constant state beyond this world and then to let go into it And it’s yours! Yes! it’s yours for the asking It’s yours for the asking… yeah… and we didn’t get very far out of that garden and the Holy spirit is with us and when we do get lost it’s wonderful to know that we have this wonderful Oneness we have this company we can get we can release and say I’m getting nowhere with what my ego is thinking of and I defer to better judgment. God always has the best idea. We still have a couple of minutes! Now when we think about getting well and journeys and recovery and the idea of time in any way like a series of something our journey getting home or the path to Whole as that example about your friend that got immediately very well and the doctor was shocked it was just because the person was open to the idea that that really was possible which is what our egos can teach us: no it isn’t. I mean it’s phenomenal. Healing is a state of mind it’s not… you know in the end even the process of healing is a nice metaphor but it’s a state it’s just accepting what is in the sense of just start it to see that you have dominion over the images and the symbols in your life and that they don’t have dominion over you. That’s really what it’s about. Well that’s hard to believe that we got there I mean because we don’t I mean we were working at releasing but even all the new age stuff about healing and the path and what you need and what color you wear, how high you have to sit. That’s still a detour! Yes, it’s another version I thought some more new age version of some of the old rituals and doctrins in a new form but it’s extremely simple when we start to just see that we are not in charge and that it’s the Holy Spirit task to do it and all we have to have is the willingness and it’s only when we think that there’s something to step in and to do that we get back into the linearity and that’s where the struggle seems to be Yeah… where we get into the past we get into the future but we’re not just detached when we’re not in a moment of peace. and the moment remains Yeah… It’s always there. That’s the real world that’s what I want our friends to understand today that’s what we have that’s what we are that’s been our gift and it’s shared yes it’s a completely shared experience there’s no-one excluded yeah… I would like to read a lesson from A Course in Miracles. This is lesson 50: “I am sustained by the Love of God.” “Here is the answer to every problem that will confront you, today and tomorrow and throughout time. In this world, you believe you are sustained by everything but God. Your faith is placed in the most trivial and insane symbols; pills, money, “protective” clothing, influence, prestige, being liked, knowing the “right” people and an endless list of forms of nothingness that you endow with magical powers.”. That’s quite a list David and we’re all familiar with that list and how it torments us and teases us and it tells us that this is how we can be somebody Yes I want you to help me with what we discussed before the show about creating and manifesting I had a friend call the other day said Penelope I don’t like the fact that I have to take responsibility for what I’m manifesting I don’t like it. Can you just made it so beautifully clear to me? I want you to help my friends with it. well it really starts to get simpler and simpler as you go into it what we learned in the Course and is such gratitude for an awakened mind because it’s like it saves time to learn from the Masters. So, we have the master psychologist Jesus teaching us and he basically is saying that creation is of God and like God that God Created Christ so Christ is an idea in the mind of God and then Jesus makes many references to creations with a small “c” and says that we have creations so that Christ has Creations as well, it’s like it just it’s an extension, now that’s all at a pure abstract level we could say or I tend to use the word “levelesness” because whenever we’re speaking of levels, God and Heaven are not involved. What is is pure abstraction and it’s we could say it’s eternal, it’s changeless, it’s infinite. Review some of those words in the previous program: perfection Yeah and so when we talk about making or manifesting we are speaking at the level of perception and that is where a lot of error comes in when people will say things like I created this illusion, I created this cancer, I created these circumstances in my life and so forth and shame on me… and basically it’s using that word create it’s using that power that comes from the power to create when actually all perceptions are projections of the ego and so we could say that all things that seem to occur in the world and all of the world in history are our projections and are manifestations But that’s of the ego I mean it gets back to that core thing about you know people say the world is so vast I mean all that galaxies and solar systems and black holes and oceans and mountains and so forth you know It’s like if God didn’t create that then exactly where did it come from and I say well it’s just a testimony to how powerful the mind is that to believe in the impossible to believe in separation which is what the ego is that’s really where that the so-called big bang seemed to occur was to try to believe in the impossible or to give power to something that is meaningless and so we have a vast fragmented cosmos. It’s literally the scattering of stars in many different realms. It’s kind of a symbol of how powerful this mind is that we’re talking about. So what we’re starting to lose track of
the fact that God did not create time-space God did not create this physical universe because it’s temporary it’s, finite even the physicist the quantum physicists you know whether it seems to be expanding or they say it may start contracting you can see the duality is involved in all of that and God is not a god of duality God is a God of pure spirit and oneness. So if we bring it down to the practical level every time that you attempt to take responsibility for specific circumstances you know it’s playing right into the hands of the ego and there’s a lot of guilt involved in that and so it’s more just an opportunity to call on the miracle and to really say I want another way of looking at this don’t have to analyze it don’t have to look back into the past and judge it and figure it out from a linear perspective it’s just surrender the perspective. because it doesn’t exist. And that’s such a big one for us who love guilt who love to go and go to church and what’s the word when you go and you renunciate or whatever it is be absolved and we do… we like to do that. But we do that because we do feel guilty we feel we’ve created all kinds of awful things and we haven’t And I think our friends need to hear that, that’s very inspiring. we’re always teaching ourselves and the key metaphysics of it is that the guilt comes from believing in the belief in separation the belief that you actually could separate from a loving God that would be guilt inducing but what the ego tries to do in its sneaky way is to project the source of the guilt away and outside of the mind I’m guilty because I didn’t pay back the money that I owed; I’m guilty because I said some harsh words; I’m guilty because I haven’t lived up to my parents expectations you can see that what the ego wants is it wants us to find the source of the guilt in the world and it says find the source of the absolution you know do enough penance or do your Course miracles lessons just perfect you know and it would rather us obsess about the form hoping that we can find the solution in form and it’s a game because who in this world has not tried to live the perfect life. Perfection is our inheritance but forgiveness is necessary first. What is forgiveness? forgiveness is going within the mind and examining the belief systems that we live by what the level of behavior is just the level that’s the level of outcomes you know Jesus really clarifies that in the text when he says: “What you do comes from what you think.” So all about behavior modification all about things to become… to look younger, to be more beautiful, to be more muscular, all about vitamins and pills and things that I was just mentioning all this effort is an effort to improve the self or to maintain the self at the level of behavior and what He’s saying is that those are just effects you need to change your thinking Yeah well when we first started to do this we find out it’s a lot easier to change our behavior even than it is to change our thinking that this thing has a very deeply rooted and when you start to go into the metaphysical a little deeper you find that your thoughts come from
your underlying assumptions your beliefs about the nature of the world of yourself and reality. So that’s what my life has been is
literally a life of questioning you know 10 years of college instead of just accepting what the professor’s would say I would notice that the different disciplines were like talking about each other against each other there was a lot of debate there was a lot of arguing but there wasn’t a lot of peace and serenity. So I just thought I’m going to use these years to ask questions to go deeper. The physical scientists were looking at a different world than the psychologists and the psychologists we’re looking at different world than the sociologists I began to say what’s the truth? Getting confused yeah there’s gotta be something that’s beneath all of these assumptions much simpler. If there is such a thing as truth it has to be extremely simple and it should be an Aha! Should be something like a child coming upon something with wonderment not something that’s a very difficult strength strongly Easy! It should be easy! Natural! Yeah! Natural! and it doesn’t seem that way I mean the years of questioning what are the voices of the world are saying you know fit in you know find your niche make a life make an image of yourself have something to plant your… you know your roots in to continue and follow that small still voice has been the real taking the real willingness because the little voice would always say step back and see the big picture you know this isn’t about becoming something in the world or attaining something in the world this is about seeing the big picture and It takes a lot of faith to keep coming inward when you’re going through all the feelings the upsets the emotions they’re heavy at times they’re very intense and instead of trying to distract away with entertainment and drugs and so on and so forth it takes a lot of willingness to go through the experience and then to trust that there’s something beneath it and that’s pretty much what my life
has been about Yea… and we don’t think there’s something beneath it until we do dare jump Yes… and then we find that we live through it and everything’s alright it’s exactly what we were talking about in the first to show and that why would you go for God or go for something unless you had an experience that lets you know that it was real and when people talk about pain and suffering and victimization and the things that are on the news and that so prevalent seemingly in this world it’s like when I started to just say alright Jesus I’m just gonna give my life over you I don’t know where this is going but I’m going to go for it I’m going to plant all my faith in this thing, miraculous things started to happen you know the people I met, the gathering, the intimate talks like we’re having to go from town to town, place to place, and have these kind of experiences as if you’ve known these people your whole life Yeah. I know, isn’t it something! It’s very extraordinary it’s very much different than anything I’ve ever experienced and then that big starting become my normal my natural experience instead of the old which was kind of like a glimpse or pip here or there you know you when you really start to surrender into it it starts to just expand and touch all aspects of your perception and that’s the excitement and you show up and you’re in the moment and you just surrender There’s really nothing to do, in other words… call you and planning our talks and this and that you show up times I’m walking to a bookstore to the pulpit of a church or to a living room wherever don’t have a clue about what’s going to be said sometimes not even any idea of a topic and then the presence of God orchestrates the gathering this isn’t about persons that are supposed to be no more than others coming this is about joining together in intention and letting the voice of God speak among us and “where two or more are gathered He is there” And it works! I mean there’s so much energy going on here today it’s so exciting and I knew from the week that where I was really very lost that I was so looking forward to joining my mind with your mind David and sharing and extending and feeling happy and joyous and being very awake I mean it’s just it’s a beautiful experience and it’s just so simple. yes and it’s so vast and the experiences get more intense and more wonderful and it’s like Jesus says you can barely keep your feet on the ground I mean and this is in a wonderful way it’s not induced by drugs or by you know I got the promotion I got the cotton candy I wanted to know the ego tries to lure us into thinking that our happiness can be found in getting outcomes that we want but that oneself outcomes is deceived That’s right and that’s why it’s like the hamster running around the more we chase the more we run the more… we seem to be entwined and it takes more effort to bring about those little transitory highs and to battle against those low so to speak and what this is is just a surrender that I am sustained by the love of God that by aligning my mind with God I will be intensely happy and it’s that simple The thing that stand in the way of it is the ego’s voice which is screeching STOP! the ego no fool to itself you know it wants to preserve itself Of course! And so fighting for its life its so-called life with everything that it’s got and quite intensely when we have self-critical flows when we put ourselves down the ego is like a spider that sits back at the edge of the web and loves it when we start to have these loving joyful experiences, it goes into action I mean it moves forward in the web and it will pull out everything and including the kitchen sink to stop us from remembering how happy we were supposed to be all the time because it’s natural and so you know the more you go into it that you see that you know as they say in Star Trek “Resistance is
futile” yeah and you might just give your will to love because love is the Will of God there’s nothing to feel guilty about, is
there? There’s not, there’s nothing talk to me about that for a moment there’s nothing to feel guilty about and I say that for myself who works with guilt a lot and my friends we all want to hear but why not? That’s… the ego wants just to buy the game that there are certain things that there’s a justifiable guilt for
it it just wants to break guilt up into as it does with everything in duality there’s ‘good’ guilt and there’s ‘bad’ guilt Yea, there’s justifiable guilt like wow! you should feel guilty about that and well you can let that one go that’s in the lesser camp you know but would you see how that just perpetuates and hold on to that belief in guilt Yeah when we are coming to an awareness that forgiveness the real world is an awareness that we haven’t done anything wrong that our guilt came from a misperception of believing in the ego it’s kind of like a little child who you know has been told don’t go and have any cookies you know you leave that cookie jar alone and then looks around my mom’s not looking it and reaches in and then seems to get caught is it I’ve done something terribly wrong well that’s how the deceived mind feels that believes it is separated from God. The ego has said you have fallen from grace you’ve separated from God and you’ve got a good reason to feel guilty you’ve done something terrible and to think that you can just pull yourself away from God and think that God is just going to sit back and allow that is not reasonable so the ego is really trying to convince us that guilt is real what Jesus does is he even uses the metaphor from the Bible where the tree of the knowledge of good and evil where it’s like in the Bible it’s like the tree was there and God said “Don’t eat that fruit” and you know Adam and Eve that they go ahead they eat from that forbidden tree but Jesus says in the Course He says that God could never put you in a position like that what a loving father put his child in a position where something terrible could happen that God would never put His child His Creation in that position Wow! You know when you start to take a look at that then I feel better! that’s even a release of like an ontological guilt Yeah! a guilt that I’ve done something in my mind very terrible when you really start to look at how impossible and incredible separation really is and they kept telling me I kept hearing God is all loving and all-knowing and all-powerful well when I would have experiences in this world like my father my grandfather being diagnosed with cancer then I had to start to reconcile it. Well if God’s all knowing and all loving and all-powerful and my father my grandfather is suffering with cancer what’s going on here and if God has anything to do with the suffering that’s going on and I’m seemingly I’m perceiving with my grandfather then why would I want to have anything to do with God? Why would I want to spend eternity with God? why would I want to have dinner with God even if He has something to do with my grandfather suffering. So where it comes around full circle is “Ah! David your perception is distorted you see through a darken glass you’re misperceiving your mind needs correction” and the more you go in deeper into that correction you start to realize you don’t have to reconcile the perceptual
world with God that’s where the struggle comes in the struggle comes in with trying to figure out you know the age-old question where did God go wrong if he created the Garden of Eden he must have had a fatal flaw in that design but no! you know what if God is purely abstract and this is simply an awakening to remember that abstraction so the pain we put ourselves through
is from our minds looking in the wrong direction it is just a misperception and we’re not talking about stuffing feelings here because a lot of times people will say oh yeah just walk around la la la all is God all is loved and get some flowers and this and that you know what we’re talking about letting go of a belief system and what that means is thoroughly even meticulously when scraps of fear coming up of taking a look and then choosing again and releasing so you’re like allowing the light to shine in the dark caverns of the mind and that’s very different than repressing feelings when the feelings come up you have a choice you can try to distract away from them which this world has plenty of distraction if you want to follow the ego’s path or you can go within and with a willingness and desire to go beyond those feelings and be free of them you can release them how does it happen? the basic
metaphysics: feelings come from thoughts attack thoughts produce thoughts of upset fear, pain, anger all those kind of things thoughts of God produce Love, joy release the attack thoughts you know that’s what that’s why we have to go into releasing the thoughts it’s not a matter of you don’t get brownie points in heaven for feeling the feelings longer like one path and this thing is like feel the feeling I hear that all time “you can just feel the feeling get it out of your head feel the feeling” well you can just feel the pain upset as long as you want but you know where is the happiness in feeling pain? to get points for 5 minutes 10, 15, 20? it’s a matter of releasing the only value that allowing those feelings into awareness has is that you can see by contrast that you don’t like how you feel you can make that judgment and then you can surrender and release the thoughts and the interpretations that are producing the feelings Very good! so it’s really quite simple now you’ve just eliminated a lot more of the seeming journeys of the world because these are all ego distortions that tries to keep perpetuating as we get together we try so hard to keep ourselves awakened to learn and be happy and be in the moment I mean that’s all we can do is work on us and work and then hence we work all of us together but everything that we see if we do not see the Son of God in another it’s from an illusion of ours it’s a fear thought. If I try and make it that simple I mean I’m trying to keep that in mind that my brothers and my sisters be my teachers it’s very simple because it’s just thoughts I mean it’s like two thought systems one of love one of fear that one of fear has to be unveiled because as long as it’s believed in or attracted in any way, then it just perpetuates and we have the illusion of suffering when that is released then the joy can come in so it’s when people talk about these
artificial distinctions like the head and the heart and intellectual versus you know spiritual it’s really a matter of cognition in the sense that you… cognition is thinking and when you have a desire to release attack thoughts you will be extremely happy because only the attack thoughts, the grievances produce the upsetting emotions it’s very simple, it’s very basic. And it’s like touching a stove and burning yourself after a while you begin to catch on to how to find peace. and we were talking before about initially on your journey the Holy Spirit used the contrast you have a seemingly very painful experience and a intensely joy for one and you you say “hmm I want this one” when you really start to surrender the Holy Spirit though the Holy Spirit wants happy learners in other words the contrast is only necessary at the beginning because the more you start to withdraw from the ego and have happier and happier experiences we learn better from attraction than repulsion and negativity it’s kind of like the thing of the parent telling the child don’t do that don’t do that don’t do that Jesus says: “Teach do only that” live it, be an example and watch you your state of mind would be much more of an example for your children and those that surround you than your actions because children can see right past those actions Yeah so if you could look at the growth process it gets to be gentler because we can see a lot of peace… sometimes you have to hit a major rock bottom to start the process Yes and it’s necessary. I mean we gotta wake up! those are the contrasts, they may can be big contrasts, but my message really is that you can be a happy learner and in time people it’s like when you rather learn lessons of joy than lessons of pain to the mind there’s only two lessons. It seems like there’s multiple lessons we go through the wrong mind the ego is a lesson and the right mind the Holy Spirit is a lesson the mind that’s trying to teach itself that it’s an ego is trying to teach yourself an impossible lesson so it goes on and on and on time until it realizes that it would rather be happy than right that’s the key thing because as long as the self-concept is valued then people have all these debates I’m right and you’re not and these walls come up and defenses and this and that when we are one It’s better to be happy than to be right I like that I can remember that from the Course whoo… well you are so energetic and the energy that we put together is this two and three gather together we were talking about sort of a new form of church where there’s no form It’s just simple two people two three people getting together and sharing I was raised in a christian church and even then the idea was the church isn’t the building and the church really isn’t in the people the church is the presence of God the church is like an altar in our mind and that altar we really need to keep it clear and keep it open for the light to radiate through that because when we put idols on that altar then all we’re saying is we want to try to go against God’s will but God’s will for us is to be happy so you know it goes back to the real basics of giving ourselves permission to be happy and the altar is within us, is everywhere every place we go Yes I mean we have everything that we
need It’s a wonderful thing to remember in the last couple of minutes that our friends know: every answer or everything that they need they’re totally taken care of, nurtured, loved, feed, everything is there when it isn’t it’s the ego it’s our own blocks that stand in the way of receiving everything that we really are we have everything, we have abundance we have health we’re perfect Yes and we can associate all those things with the kingdom of Heaven Jesus said it 2,000 years ago “The Kingdom of Heaven is within, the Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world.” So we have to really trust and have faith that our perception is being retranslated and healed and just go with the joy I mean that’s what it means to be happy learner that just the lessons get happier and happier and happier because they’re from God yeah…the Course has really made such a big difference to in so many people’s lives it does seem to be an amazing wake-up call for so many people it’s just it’s powerful, its channeled it’s the truth It’s like a so-called Western version of the pre known wisdom in other words this wisdom of I think of Ramana Maharshi and the eastern sensei talking about the Maya, the illusion, duality this is you know this is a preknown wisdom there’s nothing new about any of this you know but said in a way using Christian terms, psychological terms, educational terms it speaks to the Western mind and We needed that It’s gratefully we got it Thank you David You’re very welcome For more free resources from David Hoffmeister, please visit… www.ACIM.BIZ

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