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Best Productivity Hacks For Entrepreneurs In 2019

– Okay, so in this video
we are gonna go through some of the best productivity
hacks for entrepreneurs in order to help you get
super effective and productive and really make sure that you’re getting as
much done as possible. So by the end of this video, you should have some very distinct, clear time management techniques that you can apply
immediately, whether it’s to do with being more productive
in your business or developing a super productive
and healthy morning routine so that you can kick start your day in the most effective way possible. Now, as you’re watching this if you get some nuggets of wisdom, which I certainly hope that you will, then don’t forget to hit
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if you like this video, ’cause I do three like
this every single week to really help you move
forward in your business and also with mindset
and personal development and all those kind of topics. All right, so let’s
dive into the first tip. Now, sounds super obvious, but if you’re gonna be productive, the first thing that you need to do is develop a very clear plan and a plan is not just as
simple as writing a to-do list. A to-do list is actually
a very ineffective way of actually getting anything
done, funnily enough. Now, when we talk about a plan, what we’re talking about
is getting crystal clear about the vision, the future
that you want to create, both in your business and in life, then developing your
goals as stepping stones that are gonna move
you towards that vision and then finally building a
daily method of operation. That is the high impact task
that you need to do to complete or to complete, sorry, to move you towards that vision and complete your goals. You’ve gotta develop a
daily method of operation around the highest impact tasks and then when you’re focusing on developing your productivity
or becoming more productive, it’s about actually completing those highest impact activities each day to ultimately help you achieve your goals and I use a system which I
like to call why down planning. All right, so why down
planning basically means you start from the top which
is your why and your vision and then as you work your way down, you’re gonna work down into the goals that will help you achieve that vision and then the goals that you’re gonna hit are gonna be dictated by your
daily method of operation, which really is your habits because what you do
consistently every single day will dictate the result that
you create in your life. The result that we get is a result of what we do consistently
every single day. So why down planning basically
means start from the top and then work your way down to build a daily method of operation. What do I actually do today that is going to achieve my goals and bring into reality,
the vision of the future that I want to be living? That’s why down planning, top down. So once you’ve really put time and it’s important to put time into this, but you’ve gotta really
put time into figuring out what’s your why? What’s your vision? What are the goals that you need to hit to create that vision and then you can start building
a daily method of operation. So with that in mind,
there’s a couple of concepts that are important to
explain to really help you be more productive before we get into some really nitty gritty
tangible, actual techniques and strategies that can
directly help you right now. Okay, so the first concept is
the concept of batching tasks. Now, the way that our minds work, the human brain is not very
good at switching between, in simple terms, left brain thinking and right brain thinking. Now, I know that is very simple and I’m not going to go
into prefrontal cortex and the conscious mind
and the subconscious mind and that level of detail,
but just think of it in terms of left brain is your
more analytical logical side and right brain is your more
creative and intuitive side. Now, what happens is a lot of
people think that multitasking or trying to cram loads
of stuff into one go or get as much done at
the same time as possible is the best way to do things. It is absolutely not. That is one of the most unproductive and ineffective ways to get anything done. Focus is what creates results
and when we’re focused on one task for an
extended period of time, we’re much more likely to get into what’s called a flow state. Now, I’m gonna do another video really digging into this a lot, ’cause I’ve started to looking into it from people like Steven
Kotler from Mindvalley, he’ll talk about flow state a lot. But again, just to keep
this simple in this video, the more that you’re
focusing on one thing, the more that your brain
is gonna start to align to produce the outcome that you’re trying to
produce in this task. Now, when you task switch
from one thing to the other, think of it like your brain is like a locomotive train
that’s gotta screech to a halt and then start up in another direction and another type of
thinking for another task, especially if you’re going from creative to logical and analytical. Every time it takes a huge
amount of mental energy to stop that thinking and
start another way of thinking, so you don’t want to do that. So to be more productive, one of the most effective things we can do is start to batch our tasks and manage our time more effectively, so that we’re… For example me, I produce
content like this, so it makes much more sense
to batch content creation into one day or one big period of time and I do like a whole
week’s content in one go. And that’s the ideal. I’m guilty a lot of the time of not actually getting that done and leaving things ’til the last minute. But if I want to be super productive, I’m gonna get so much more content done in one go in one batch
just by being in the zone and in this frame of
mind and that means then, I’ve got a tonne of free
time to focus on other stuff. All right, so batching your
tasks into big blocks of time so that you can do stuff a
week in advance for example, is a really powerful way of doing it. If you’ve got calls or
meetings or things like that, schedule them all for
one day, one afternoon, one big block of time,
get all your calls done. Don’t fall into the trap of having a couple of calls mid-day, then a couple of calls
at four in the afternoon, then the next day, you’ve
got a couple of calls at 11, then a couple at three,
then a couple at six, then a couple here. You’re constantly going
to be task switching and it’s just going to drain
huge amounts of efficiency and ultimately make you less productive. All right, so batch task, and a quick tip to help batch task, I’m gonna show you just now is there’s two systems that you can use which I’m just gonna show you right now to really help with scheduling
and planning, scheduling and then batching tasks together. Now, in other videos, I
go through more detail of how to actually create
prioritisation systems, like for example, I’m gonna show you something called Trello now and I go through in another video, which if you want to watch it, you can click the I in the
top right-hand corner now and that will show you
my ice rating system or Steven Covey task
prioritisation system that he uses, but for now, Trello, I use
to essentially get down into a system, all of the
tasks that I have to do and I have different boards
for different things, whether it’s focus areas or ideas and this is an example of the ice rating that I talk about in that other video, but to keep this video more concise, get your tasks that you
need to do in Trello, create some sort of prioritisation system so that you can focus on
the high impact task first and then once you’ve got that down, use your calendar to actually
schedule in your tasks, ideally in batches. All right so for example, if there’s a day where I’m rebuilding the
website with my brother and I’m gonna put that
in one big block of time so all day, we are highly
focused on that task in that way of thinking and it allows us to get into
a much more productive state to produce a lot more in that time than if we split that
out over several weeks. All right, also content
planning and creation. If I can manage to block out
an entire time slot for that, and really just churn out a
tonne of stuff in one day, it’s gonna allow me to
be much more effective. So use your calendar to block out time for the things that you need to get done and always focus on highest impact stuff that you use Trello to map out and plan. By the way, if you want to
download Trello for yourself, there’s a link in the description
just below this video. If you’re watching on
your mobile by the way, there’s a little downwards
arrow on the right hand side below this video. It’s sometimes hard to find. Just hit that downwards arrow and it will open up the description below and you can download Trello for yourself. This is the free version
that I’m using here so you don’t even need to pay for it. So with that in mind,
the next piece of advice that I want to share with you is to not underestimate the
power of the compound effect. Now, the compound effect
is basically consistency. So consistency is every single
day working on your business or always putting time to
do those high impact tasks, so use batching, but
consistent action is key. So think of it like working
out and going to the gym. You don’t get in great
shape by going to the gym for one mega session once every fortnight, but then eating like a
pig for the other 13 days. You get in great shape by
consistently going to the gym every single day or five days a week or four days a week or whatever it is, but it’s that consistent element of always taking consist action that produces a compound effect where results will exponentially grow. So if you want to build a business, the compound effect is so
important for a number of reasons. One of them as well, is habits. So when you really focus on consistency, again I won’t go into it in this video, but it starts to rewire
how our brains work so that our resistance, we don’t need to rely on
willpower to do the thing, when we’ve started to hard
wire it in as a habit, it becomes more subconscious and takes less mental energy, which means we’ve got more energy to focus on the task at hand, instead of spending all our energy trying to convince ourselves to just do it in the first place. So consistent action. Leverage the compound effect and start to create this
habit in your own life and that’s really gonna
get the ball rolling. So you’re taking that
action and in three months, six months, 12 months,
24 months down the line, the compound effect is gonna mean we can produce incredible results far above what we’d be able to do if we weren’t taking
that consistent action. So another one that I want to
share with you is outsourcing and I use a super simple
equation to work out whether I should outsource something or do it in house or do it myself. So I work out what I value my time at. So when you’re starting out in business, think of what do you value your time at? How much do you value
an hour of your time? Is it $20, $50, $100, what is it? And when you’ve got clear about
what you value your time at, if it’s taking you longer to do something and therefore your time per
hour is over what you could pay someone else to do that same thing easily, then I would consider outsourcing. So for example, imagine
creation or logo creation. If you’re not a graphic artist and you haven’t got the
faintest clue where to start and it might take you
to four, five, six hours to produce a logo, well you can go to places like, that’s and get a
decent logo designed for $5. Now, if you value your
time at $20 an hour, unless you can whip up
a logo in 15 minutes, it would make sense to outsource that and pay five bucks to get
someone else to do it for you, so that you can focus on other stuff. All right, so always consider outsourcing if you’re spending a huge
amount of time doing stuff that is not that
important, not high impact or you could pay someone else, comparatively a lot less than
what you value your time at to do that thing for you and then final couple of
points to really help ramp up your productivity when
learning and watching content or absorbing training from other people for example, other
mentors, gurus, leaders, is I use Audible and Blinkist, which you should be able to
see links in the description to access and download yourself, but Audible and Blinkist
allow me to absorb and listen to books,
either in full on Audible or in summary version on Blinkist while I’m doing other things like driving or walking for example. So I’d rather than reading books, I always find listening to
books is much more productive ’cause I can do it in what
would otherwise be dead space. You know, like driving
would be dead space, where I’d normally what? Just listen to the radio or something. So use Audible to listen to books and Blinkist to use to listen
to summary versions of books and then final little thing
that I want to share with you is a super simple tool but it’s a Chrome extension
called Video Speed Controller which you can get, I’m
pretty sure it’s free. Just Google search Video Speed
Controller Chrome extension and it allows you to play any videos on any platforms at
whatever speed you want so a lot of stuff I’ll
listen to on double speed so I can watch a YouTube video or I can watch something on Facebook or I can watch a training video that’s been embedded
in Wistia or something, in half the time it would normally take me and I still get all of the
information off that training. All right, so video speed controller literally means your halving
the time it takes you to actually digest
content and information, which is super powerful. All right, so I hope
those tips have helped you really get some advice on
improving productivity. If it has and if you’ve liked it, please hit like now and if you have anything
to share, any questions, any other tips or things
that have helped you with your own productivity,
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see you in the next video. Bye for now.

Reynold King

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