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Best Time Of Day To Train A Dog

– Hey guys, this is Ken from McCann Professional Dog Trainers and Kayla McCann … – Hello! – Is with me again. Today we have attached a
camera to our oldest dog, Slice, 14-year-old border collie. We’ve attached a GoPro
session camera to her. So in one of the corners of the video, you’ll see what Slice sees for our walk. It’s lots of fun to
bring the old dogs out. – To think right now it’s Hippie’s butt. – Yes, it may be Hippie’s butt right now. Wanted to welcome 46 new
subscribers last week. Thanks for subscribing, now
if you’re new to the channel and this is your first time watching, you’ll see a little dog in the bottom right hand
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out on any of our videos. So, this is another episode of our dog walk and training talk. You know, we’ve published
a couple before this, and people seem to really like them. Today we wanted to discuss, what’s the best time to train your dog? We often get asked that question. People wonder, should I
train them before dinner? Or when they’re hungry? And we actually have a pretty
simple answer for that, and I’ll let Kayla open the
discussion on that topic. – The actual best time to train your dog is actually multiple
times throughout the day. It’s actually best to work
in your training sessions to your everyday life
situations with your dog, because often what happens
is people might set a time, an hour a day to train with the dog, and that’s great if you can do that, but we don’t want the dog
just to learn to listen when you strap your bait pouch on and put their training leash on and then you set out to
do your training session. And then for the rest of
the 23 hours of the day, they are allowed to misbehave or you’re inconsistent with your rules. That’s often why people
don’t understand why there isn’t change being
made in their dog’s behavior. And if we look at their training patterns or the times at which they’re training, it’s not necessarily setting the dog up for the best success, so instead we recommend
trying to incorporate your training sessions into
just everyday situations where you’re already
interacting with your dog. So, it could be you’re getting
breakfast made in the morning and you have to wait the three minutes for your toast to pop or what not, take those three minutes and
work on a few basic skills. Sit down, look at me,
those types of things. You have to let your dog
outside to go to the wash room a couple times a day, you have to do that. So make that a training session. What we do usually is make the dog sit at the door when they’re young, and have them show a
bit of impulse control, a little bit of respect. And then we’ll let them outside, and generally we’ll have them
wear a long leash or line to ensure we have control. Then once they finish
going to the wash room, we’ll practice our recall. We’ll call them in back inside. And if they’re able to be a good listener, then we’ll reinforce that generously with their favorite treats. We often will put their food, rather than giving them
their whole breakfast, we’ll save a quarter of it,
and put it in a little baggy with a bunch of extra delicious treats and use that to reinforce
the dog throughout the day. Setting them up for success
and trying to work your training sessions in everyday is really the best way to
go about things, we feel. – For sure, and it also keeps it fun. Those multiple short training sessions will keep it more fun for you, it’ll keep it more fun for your dog. And that’s really what we want here. You’re gonna build on a
foundation of success, and if you’re having fun
while you’re training, you’re more likely to be successful, and you’re more likely to be consistent. So thanks again for checking out our dog walk and training talk. Thanks again to Kayla McCann. I’ll put a link to her channel
on one of the cards here, you can check out Kayla McCann dogs. Lots of pretty incredible agility runs, and some really cute agility
training videos on there. Again, if this is your first time with us, click the subscribe button, so you don’t miss out
on any of our videos. And from Kayla McCann and myself, thanks for watching and happy training. We’ll see you soon.

Reynold King

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  1. It isn't always easy finding time in the day to train your dog. Have you found any tricks to training your dog while you're doing something else around the house? Or do you prefer to focus all of your attention on training in the time you have set aside? Let us know in the comments below!

  2. I just rescued a GSP yesterday. He’s quite energetic, of course, and this suggestion will give him the brain exercise he requires throughout the day. This is invaluable information as are all of your videos. Thank you so much for sharing.

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