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Body Shred One Day A Week Gym Training Workout – Vegan Vlog 20

hey guys kevin kreider from pursue i am
here at the marvelous 24-hour fit center and ho chi minh city i was invited to
come here workout and i am about to do a body shirt so a transform workout for
you guys and i guess you can call it like a vegan shred right now because i’m
going through a vegan diet right now but they got all the weights and
equipment here and i’m gonna go through the body shut tone and transform for you
guys while being vegan who figured let’s do it i some about to be 55 kilos which
is about a hundred and twenty-one pounds I haven’t done this for a very long time
probably like over a month so I’m gonna see how I can go do a reverse pyramid
style jump set it with a power wrap pull reverse pyramid style as well so you’re
going for four to six reps on the first set strip away the weight and you’re
going to try to do six to eight slip the weight do three eight to ten and you’re
always going to try to go for the higher amount of reps but don’t forget take
about at least a minute break in between each jump set and basically the jump
sets will allow you to be able to keep the body moving while still lifting
heavy weight working opposite sides of the body opposite movements so you’re
doing a push then pull and you actually get more power and strength that way so
let’s go at it all right not too bad off of the vegan
diet definitely didn’t lose that much strength that was 121 pounds and I got
it for like a good solid to need a little help in the last two I’ll
probably have to keep it up that weight if they have 115 s that probably would
be the best for me going forward but not doing dumbbells for the first time for a
long time that was actually really good so basically I will say I didn’t lose
any muscle strength which is great peer sign for the vegan diet no muscle loss
awesome often our pal rat bulls azita this is an advanced strategy that
I used something that from the body serotonin transform level 2 that I’m
using are the jump sets and I’m using a lot of similar exercises but this is the
recommended worked out when you only have one day to work out a week in the
gym and you want to still do the body shuts tone and transform you want to do
a full body workout so as you can see these are the same exercises not the
same routine though but this is when you can only work out and train in the gym
one time per week the military dumbbell presses our necks
don’t forget I can usually go a little bit higher than that you might have to
start off a little bit lower I recommend starting off in your whatever you can
get for six to eight rep range because you’re gonna be slightly weaker because
you’re already weakened your shoulders a bit and your chest through the incline
dumbbell presses so go a little bit later on this one still try to get four
to six reps we’re gonna cup of that and jump set it with weighted pull-ups these
are a lot of compound movements guys but like I said you’re only working out once
a week with this and just go for whatever you can same thing with the
pull-ups try to go for the four to six but then use a weight that you can do
for about eight to ten I’m really weak on the pull-ups as you’re gonna see let’s pair of exercises I’m doing are
the Close Grip weighted dips followed by the in the front hammer curls the reason
why I had you the close grip hammer Close Grip weighted dips because when
you do a close grip it emphasized some other triceps but when you squeeze at
the top it gets the lower chest so you’re doing
two on one and I’d rather not do more than six exercises and a workout
especially just doing jump setting so you want to try to compartmentalize and
get as well not compartmentalize if you want to try to pair as many body parts
as possible by doing a little bit more compound movements instead of less
isolation movements all right now you want to nail your
biceps lift in the front hammock oh who is what I love these cuz you like I said
you did two in one forget the forearms and the biceps and
the biceps brachii Alice and will it go for a higher reps on this lot of people
make the mistake of trying to go to four to six reps most stake smaller muscle
groups the larger amounts of volume and higher reps but still go heavy so I
tried to go for eight reps try to nail it reversed it alright guys I hope you
enjoyed that video in the bodyshred tone and transform if you want to see more of
that you can actually just enroll in one of my courses and that you can take the
body design tool it’s a free tool and quiz for you to take which will guide
you to the correct body design course for you and you can also subscribe
please like comment it’s how it gets the word out there more people know about
the same things that you’re getting and the same benefits see you guys soon

Reynold King

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  1. If you go to thailand sometime there is a great meditation retreat option (in a monastery) that i recommend – hard work but good results

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  3. Do
    You monitor and calculate your macros I just got my fitness pal and it's giving me anxiety trying to fit what it's telling me in also not to go over anything but to make sure I meet it it's crazy it gives me a percent of what my daily intake should be like say 20 percent protein 30 percent carbs etc and the rest and I just don't no how your suppose to hit all the targets to the exact I eat healthy a morning smoothie and mainly raw veg and fruit with carbs coming from potatoes I use tahini and I check them and the carbs of my daily intake is so high and protein is so low and sugar is also really high it keeps telling me I'm suppose to be keeping my sugar to such and such same with fat 😰😰 I weight lift and do cardio I lost 3 stone but since then now I seem to just maintain and I have more fat to loose and I'm struggling to loose the fat but I am gaining muscle this app is stress but it seems everyone into fitness shreds and cuts and counts macros but I don't get how people do it so easily. I have a history of eating disorders so I've been to scared to try counting Macs as it can be triggering I'm on say to and my stress levels are up high. Even just knowing which option to press when you upload foods you have eaten like there are so many choices for everything and it Nervs me not knowing which option each item will fall under for example I had parsnips today no packaging to scan and the amount of options just for parsnips 🙄😫

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