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– [Paul Goodman] Pick it up fellas. Tempo. Get up, get up, get up, let’s go! (upbeat music) (dog barks) – [Brandon Saad] Come on Lou. Come on. He’s got a little bit
of little man syndrome. Always barking at people and then he runs behind me when they challenge him. This is usually how I
start off my morning. Just coming taking him out, feeding him. Feeding myself, getting ready. Checking on the wife and the baby and then heading to the rink. It’s still new but I think
that when you go home and you see your son and you see that life at such a young age, any
stresses that you have throughout your life
or throughout your day, you realize it’s not that bad and your going home to this child. It’s pretty amazing. It always puts a smile on your face. Brings more energy to you and I love it. I’ve always been a family man, and it’s nice to finally have one. (gentle music) Come on. This will be I think my eighth year in the league so time flies. You know it feels like
yesterday I was here and I was young and in
an apartment downtown winning championships and now the second time around I’m a bit older. I have a family now, I’m married. But all that’s happened in Chicago, so Chicago feels like home
and it’s great to be here. I’ve had a great relationship with Paulie and it started off when I
first came in the league. I liked his training. I liked how I felt doing it and then I kind of always stuck with it. Even when I wasn’t here
I’d always be calling him talking to him about things
I could do back home and using his program. I never really kind of
left his training side. It’s a pretty awesome set up and I’m happy to be here and have him. – [Paul Goodman] That’s it battle him. Get the sun in his eyes. With Brandon, throughout his career, I’ve been able to help him. Whether he’s in Chicago or out of Chicago. And so we’ve developed a
really close knit relationship. – Four of these Paulie, total? – Yes, yeah yeah. Good RDL for two and then make sure you’re driving that opposite
knee comes up on that. The special nature of Brandon was that maturation was never tapped out. It’s never dipped and it’s never stagnated. In my opinion, the sky’s the
limit with where he can go with his physical nature
and you can see it when he gets on the ice
and I’m constantly on him about being heavy, being a force don’t let anybody take any space from you. You dominate your space. You take over. ‘Cause he has that ability
to do that physically tying all those little fine details that we worked on for years together. You know, that’s exciting to think of that when you’re coming into the next season. Yup, nice job Saader. Strong, real strong. Nice job. – You come in young and
it’s all pretty new. You try to learn as much as possible but until you experience it until you try out different things you never really know so. And you kind of fine tune
it and see what you’re like. Call it veteran, call it whatever you want but just more experienced
and it’s just nice to be on this other side and kind of get a different vantage point of it. (upbeat music) Coming into the gym I’m always improving. I think my fitness is at an all time high. So I think all this is
help elevating my game along with the experience of being a hockey player every year. (water rushing) – If you’re not hammering
the recovery aspects of it there’s no point in hammering
another training session. That’s not going to help. Whether it’s through contrast, like we do hot and cold, we do nutritional aspects, we do sleep. We have to be really diligent and I really think that really separates how we’ve manifested long seasons and back-to-back long seasons. When they’re in the hot
tub it feels really good, they’re up to they’re neck, no big deal, but the cold is hard. If they can get their
head underneath there for a little bit they may get some central nervous system suppression so that it actually calms the
central nervous system down. It’s that contrasting that, you know, if you just did cold,
yeah you’ll get a benefit but that hot and cold
specifically dosed is really nice. – [Brandon] Every
opportunity’s available here and I think that’s what’s great about staying here in the summer and being able to use all the tools. I think I’m the best I’ve ever been. I’m excited for this year. I’m confident in our team and I’m just looking to produce and help our team get back
into that playoff form and hopefully win another championship.

Reynold King

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