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Just eat, people always worry about the off season like I don’t wanna put too much fat on.. But the off-season is off-season. If you want to put extra muscle on I just eat what I wanted. And just bust my A$$ in the gym every day. You know off-season, people wory about oh my face is getting fatter and I lose my abs.. But who cares it’s the off-season. Just go train hard, lift heavy weights. I used to get called a fat pig, you will never get in shape. Come contest time I was always in the best shape. People just worry too much about I want to have a model look and keep their abs. I would eat steak and rice, but then maybe an hour later I might have McDonalds. Two hours later I might have chicken and vegetables, but then after that I might go have a pack of chips, the bowl of icecreams. Breakfast was the burger and fries but now because the camera is here, steak rice and eggs. I’d still have maybe five good meals, but it’s all the stuff in between. It’s a matter of pushing all the calories in and don’t worry about it. You get to a point where you’re uncomfortable and it’s time to stop. If you’re feeling good and feeling strong, just eat whatever and train hard because I guarantee .. When you diet down you got the extra muscle there. 22 years old right here.. C’mon. When you’re dieting and your body doesn’t change you change your hairstyle. It’s when you walk in the gym and people say you look different.. And you think it’s because you’re dieting but it’s not it’s your hair.

Reynold King


  1. man if lee was just 2 inches more tall he could have won mr O , but still his arms are one of the best on stage.

  2. malheureusement la taille el le poid pas ensemble je pense ???.un grand poid mais la taille et très petit et merci.

  3. Lee Priest is a fantastic example! At the off season, he was looking like a guy, who is in the off season :-D, but when he had to be shredded for competition, he was looking awesome. Always! … Nice vid, Nick. +1

  4. no one comes in this condition on stage nowadays…..maybe hadi choopan but all other seem in offseason compared to lee….

  5. Bulking and cutting is the dumbest thing known to man. Gain weight just to lose it. No it doesn't help with gains. You eat more and gain fat.

  6. All that extra fat is for one not necessary and also not healthy. At some point you won’t build more muscle when esting more, you just get more fat. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  7. Olha! Independentemente se ele tinha algum fator que viria a prejudica-lo nos campeonatos vindouros. Eu acho que ele muito autêntico, verdadeiro e leal. Corpo super definido, abdômen ripado e um músculo de dar inveja. Parabéns! 😀 👌 👍 👏 💪 🐋 🐳 🐥 🐤

  8. “I do still do cardio in the off season, I’ll walk around the food court and maybe even walk to McDonald’s” -Lee Priest

  9. Yep. Keep it simple…eat and train. Funny how Lee never did rely on a coach or "guru" but he was in fucking ripped condition come contest time. He would've destroyed most of the competitors today.

  10. True legend.
    If he licked ass hard like Jay Cutler he would have placed way higher in ALL the tournament's he went in.
    The Thunder from down under

  11. This is why lee defended shaun rhoden for getting off the gear and eating and getting soft… its the offseason.. if you come in shape who fucking cares..

  12. Great bodybuilder one of my favorites in the 90's and some others too was a great generation of hardcore bodybuilders with great physiques no pregnant bellies and cut to the bone almost !

  13. Always blows my mind just how much better the physique’s were in the 90’s. By far the best era, and it’s not even close.

  14. This is why modern physiques can’t compete, they try to look good all year because of YouTube and instagram and they don’t train for hours and hours a day. Something about Lee’s era that was just the epitome of super human everything was on point and mfs weren’t tanning like idiots

  15. If you eat in a slight surplus but clean in the off-season then you won’t have to do hours of cardio when you decide to cut down again 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔

  16. people dont realise how great lee priest actually was for someone his height to have that much conditioned muscle on a frame so small was actually insane, if he was taller then he would have been an absolute monster that nobody could beat and that is just facts if the guy was 5"10 he would be unbeatable as he would have easily walked in 250-260. he literally could not fit any more size on himself.

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