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Buying a Knockoff of My Own Dress: An Educated Roast (actual fire used for Scientific Purposes)

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Buying a Knockoff of My Own Dress: An Educated Roast (actual fire used for Scientific Purposes)”

  1. I also wish everyone was taught basic skills like sewing and cooking, and light carpentry. It's rare to even find a public school in the US which offers any.

    You've just encouraged my tiny desire to learn to sew, and to use quality material too. I've wanted to get into doll making and repainting, but the use of all that synthetic material both in the doll itself and its clothes really turn me off of the art, for the same reasons you mentioned here about plastic clothing going into the earth. I adore you

  2. I randomly found this video in my recommendations and only now realised that I already took inspiration by another one of yours and decided to make a skirt of my own. So, first of all, thank you very much for that.

    I'm lucky that my mum has experience sewing so she has helped me with costumes and cosplay but I would like to extend this and make it a more active part of my life. As you mentioned, fast fashion is a huge problem and I try to combat it by using depop etc and avoiding buying new clothes. However, i've noticed another problem which is that some of my old clothes are starting to slowly get holes or other blemishes. Were it a pair of jeans I would use patches and make it punk but I am completely dumbfounded on what to do with regular T-shirts that have a few nicks here and there. (Most second hand stores won't take them.)
    My point being, I would find it extremely educational and cool if you would perhaps touch on this topic again? Perhaps a video on how to make something more out of what would otherwise be thrown away (since I struggle to find a way to put them to use anymore) like re-construction into something else or mending.
    Really enjoyed the video 🙂

  3. I didn't expect such well made video when I clicked on the thumbnail. Thanks YouTube for finally recommending me something worth my time. Subscribed!

  4. I don’t know the first thing about sewing but I’m subscribing.
    You have convinced me to one day have a wardrobe tailored.

  5. I really want to get into sewing my own clothes and hopefully get into historical fashion, any tips for an absolute beginner?

  6. Speaking as someone who works as a custom seamstress, THANK YOU for making this video! "Why is it so expensive" is my most asked question, and my usual reply includes "because it takes time" and "because it's quality." I hope that as more seamstresses and craftspeople in general speak up about their processes, more people will respect their efforts.

  7. Anyone have any recommendations of where to find quality clothes makers? My aesthetic is passes-for-normal Lord of the Rings and American Horror Story witches if that helps at all.

  8. honestly, if I had money, I'd pay you that amount of money for a good outfit, fitting me… I don't do cosplay or even halloween and I have never, ever bought any costume because of cheap materials and ending looking like a moron :/

  9. Just found your videos! I agree 100% that people should know how to sew and take care of their own garments. I am a man and have been sewing for 17 years. I am always so proud of having these skills and encourage anyone curious about starting! Just recently I have taken interest in historical garments. I was used to going by patterns as my guide, but have since jumped in with drafting my own tunics. I was fearful that it wouldn't turn out correctly but after all of it was said and done I could not have been happier with the finished garment. You've inspired me to try creating something as charming as your dress. Lets see how this one turns out!

  10. I work in a consignment store and regularly have to repair items. It's frustrating seeing all the shortcuts that are taken to save time/money. It's a beautiful dress you have made there!

  11. Honestly, $1600 isn't even the fair market price for it. Generally it's recommended to double the cost for the wholesale price, then double THAT for retail. So that dress is really worth more like $6400, ESPECIALLY hand sewn!

  12. This appeared in my reccommended and I'm honestly really glad it did. You are so well spoken and knowledgeable, I was hooked throughout the entire video. I now have the urge to sew the rips in my favorite turtleneck instead of reusing it for dollmaking material…

  13. I really liked how you broke down literally everything and know what your talking about unlike most people… like and subscribed… hope you get the people that are making money off your project or at least get some of the money they made. I would not have been as calm as you. Keep up the good work and thanks for teaching me a few things!!!!! Very good video.

  14. I am first time on your channel but I watched the entire video. You are clever, eloquent and interesting. A rarity for YT

  15. I completely agree! It’s so sad that craftsmanship is on a decline, not just in the clothing industry.
    Personally, I am so sick of buying a cheap $5 sweater that lasts a whole two wears before all the threads come out and the thing is ruined. I have very disappointedly bought so many garments from different stores at the mall, only for them to be too delicate and too cheaply made to even wash them in a washing machine.
    I’m a college student, so I really don’t have that much time on my hands or that much money. I feel like I can’t entertain the idea of learning how to sew and tailor enough to make my own garmets, but it is an eventual goal. However, in the meantime I am making a conscious effort to wear my clothing for a lot longer and to deliberately patch things up whenever they are damaged. I’m also trying to make the decision to buy something that is genuine quality and probably won’t go out of style and probably a lot more expensive instead of going to buy just the cheapest or most fashionable thing that there is.
    Thank you for making this video!! The more people who see it the better!

  16. Your work is beautiful & in a way your lucky you can make it as some people that can't buy these made outfits. They can't fix it & like I've found the late delivery is so bad comments can't be left. I make a lot of crafts & I don't understand why my ideas are taken. For my nephew I created a 100+ food dishes in modelling clay, they all fitted in a shoe box. Short time later one of my Sisters friends pinched my idea & was selling them. I wasn't asked, but what I didn't get was why didn't they have there own ideas, there are lots of food they could have done (I didn't). I'd rather be creative than have to steal ideas.

  17. This is also why I repair all my clothing, shoes, etc, several times before actually having to get rid of them. My momma taught me how to sew and repair to make everything I had last longer and I was taught to take care of them because they were, to us, very expensive. I still have boots from high school that fit and look like-new (Im now in my 30s), still have my backpack that looks like-new, and anytim there was a torn seam, I sewed – a hole I could fix – I sewed, and anything I couldnt fix, my mom did with me watching, attempting to learn from the master. I work with a lot of high school kids now, and sadly, they get holes in their jeans or their shoes come apart, and I ask them to go get their needle/thread and fix it before it becomes an issue, and they go "a what? I dont have that". Well, ak your momma to sew it for you. "what? my mom doesnt know how to do that!" Youre kidding right? I cant count on my hands/toes the amount of times Ive had to bring my own sewing kit to work and repaired someones apron, hat, shirt… and its literally a 12 year difference and these kids dont know.

  18. Am I the only one who thinks that looks like a Christmas kids costume?
    Looks like one of those cookie men costumes but for girls.

  19. In watching this video, I have realized an important thought from my childhood was in fact true…

    I never want to see Mary Poppins mad.

  20. One thing I've found is that many clothing and shoe brands, ones that have long been praised for their long lasting qualities, are no longer making their products that way. Think Dickies, Doc Martens, etc. Even Levi's and Converse don't seem to last quite as long. They still cost more, yet their manufacturing practices seem to have changed. I'm finally at the point in my life where I can afford more than fast fashion and thrifted clothing, yet it seems the only thing you really pay more for nowadays is a brand, not true quality. Welp, at least my Birkenstocks are still going strong.

  21. As a proud consumer of bespoke attire, I agree with the loss of quality, craftsmanship, and the look of a well made article of clothing. I’m happy to have friends who have a true love of fashion, and it’s creation to help me with my own love for aesthetics. Plus, I’m in line with having quite the awkward form with which to have my tailor cringe at every time I ask him about a new suit.

  22. I just stumbled upon your video, and I just could not resist to thank you for this amazing video.

    I wish more people would share your/our opinion about fast fashion.

    Unfortunately I do have to shop at mainstream fashion stores, but only because I can't afford any more than that. Although I do choose a more timeless style so at least I can wear everything for as long as possible.

    I will follow your channel and I'm looking forward to seeing more wonderful handcrafted pieces of art.

  23. So true what you said near the end. Fashion moves too quickly and it isn't as memorable. When you think 80s you have a certain idea about the fashion in that time period but these days there are no specific trends because they only last for a very short time. I personally don't buy new clothes until they get a hole lol

  24. Girl your such a bad bitch I love you! You go girl! Tell that company who’s the OG! #overroasted #shadethrown #rightfullyroasted edit needed to come back after the cothing quality rant! 😂😂😂 Holy crap girl your a star!

  25. Actually I would have to say – that considering they had to make a profit – this isn't too bad of a simulation for $41.00. I mean that polyester material is still at least $2.99 per yard in the US. The frogs are like $5 each in the US. Which alone make the dress worth the money. I'm sure both the material and frogs are much cheaper in China though.
    I don't think anyone with half a brain would think they could get a dress like the one you made for $41.

  26. Call me crazy but I would 100% pay that much for an well crafted dress with excellent quality. Anything less doesn’t get my money 😤

  27. Yeah. You chose the minimum wage for your area. If we had gone for a decent artisan's wage in my area, which you, ma'am, surely deserve, you would have roughly 60$ hourly wage. Assuming the local prices of materials here as well, equating yards to meters for simplicity, 7m of sturdy wool fabric of Bunad-quality at 35$/m makes for 245$ in the wool, and 50$/m in silk, you're looking at a dress costing 12 295$. Which it would be worth, if they stopped underpaying and undercutting the market over in India and China and such. And don't even consider sewing it on machine, Bernadette. Nothing is as good as a good hand-stitched garment. I do however care less about my curtains. They are fed through the sewing machine with reckless abandon.

  28. In all honesty the only way to get back to spending good money on clothes is for everyone to start valuing what they buy. So many people will not even walk into a upper end high Street shop because why would I spend £20 on a t-shirt when I can spend £3 at Primark? The answer I tend to give that question is do they even iron the clothes and see the twisted side seams? Do they not want to not spend less over their lifetime on a t-shirt? For example everyone should view clothes as Sam Vimes theory on boots (props if you know what I'm on about): Buy a cheap pair and they'll last a year, buy a more expensive pair and you don't have to buy them again.

  29. This rant was actually really inspiring, and articulated many points I stew over in my downtime. I'm not much for fashion, but I am very into conserving the clothing that I do have. This was the first video I watched from you, and after a few more I've subbed. I really like your passion and I have already learned a lot. Thank you.

  30. LOVE THE VIDEO AND I AGREE WITH YOU BUTTT some of us are some broke ass bitches and can’t afford “high fashion” so we have to cope with “fast fashion”

  31. I expected to hear you ranting against the dress, instead you attacked the systemic problems that caused this dress to exist in the first place, you are amazing!

  32. I don't follow trends I just wear what I like and wear my clothes until I can't wear them anymore, for example I still have clothes from 5+ years ago which has some wear and tear but I like that "homeless chic " look

  33. One video and I just already love you! I so truly want one of those fantastic dresses meant to last, for myself! I have a pattern however my mom is the one with the amazing sewing skills, so the plan is to have her teach me. Hopefully I can make it a bonding thing between my mom and I. Money is the hard part atm, buying the fabric and all, but when you look at it… A dress can cost about the same as a new cell phone. And honestly, do you want a cellphone that will last half a year before it’s broken and old, or a gown of this quality? It’s all about priorities.

  34. I have scoliosis too I have to get surgery over the summer my back is in the 60s I'm a little worried especially since I'm 13

  35. She like “seam here, seam there. There’s about 13 panels” and i’m like “I don’t see any seams even with full brightness……i’m so confused!”

  36. I ordered something online and realized ,once I purchased it,that it was a knock off of an original. It came from China. I then found out that intellectual theft is rampant in that country.

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