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Cerebral Palsy Can’t Stop This Bodybuilder

– [Female] Pull your shoulder
blades back together. There you go. – Okay, three more. – [Female] Okay, good. – Wade and I have been
friends here at the gym, I’m his personal trainer. And he approached me
with a very serious tone, and he told me that he wants
to do a bodybuilding show. – [Tina] In the beginning
he didn’t have the control to get on a machine and
just work the body parts that we were intending to work. His hands and his feet
need to be stabilized. You in? – Yeah. – All right. So I got very creative
and I built up apparatus’ that would fit him in order
for him to secure himself and actually pull with the muscles that I was wanting him to do. Up, up, up, up, instead of it telling you what to do, you’re telling it what to do. So let’s tell it what to do again. – Okay. – Okay. – Up, wow. – It has improved a lot. The basic happiness that
comes from feeling strong and feeling able, instead
of disabled, is a big deal. – [Tina] Seeing Wade
accomplish his pro status as a bodybuilder was the
most unbelievable experience. This was something no one
ever thought could happen. And it happened, we made this happen.

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Cerebral Palsy Can’t Stop This Bodybuilder”

  1. For fucks sake. A man with drive, with hope, with ambition and his soul has been in-prisoned in a body afflicted with cerebral palsy. Wtf. This hurts. They knew how great he would have become. They tried to stop him. But he never says never. Even in his affliction he keeps fighting. I’m touched. With healthy bodies We have no excuse than to make it. 😢

  2. I rarely seen a strong person like this man.. I consider him a legend in my book! Good luck in your upcoming success!

  3. Hats off to this man for having the courage to not give up and also to that women for training him and helping him to achieve his goals. This is a beautiful story

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