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Chris brown No Guidance I Dance Tutorial STEP BY STEP I Whereismael

(beep) – Welcome back for another tutorial today, we’re playin “No Guidance” by Chris Brown. So the first one, first
step, okay we going to hit the WOAH!. We just going to through it up, and we’re were going to catch it. Yeah, you got that? If you don’t know what the whirl is, I’ll prolly drop a tutorial so gotta look out for that. So after we hit the whirl just, there’s a peak as it drops,
we’re gonna twirl up, we’re gonna wait for a bit, then we’re gonna catch it. And after that, we’re
gonna step on our left foot then our shoulder is gonna hit. For this next bit we’re
gonna come back in. (beep) Step, boom. (feet shuffle) (mouse click) (chime) (beep) Plant our feet, we’re
gonna twist our legs, come back down and it’s gonna go, we’re gonna step back we’re gonna step in, back, back. So your right foot steps forward when you’re in your twist then your right foot steps forward, left foot steps back, right foot back, and boom. (beep) (stomping) (beep) Then again we do it, but
this time when he says, “work so hard”, work with your arms this first one, place
your feet, second one And you’re gonna do your arms, and you’ll go around and up. And then after that, you’re gonna go up. You’re gonna go up, step. Boom, boom, bump, step, step.

Reynold King

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