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Clery Center – Campus Security Authority (CSA) Training Video TRAILER

Kathleen: I have had to report Clery-related incidences. My first night on duty ever, I had an alcohol-related incident. Carlos: I dealt with a… sort of a drug disposal situation inside one of the dorms while we were doing inspections. inside one of the dorms while we were doing inspections. Reilly: Something I’ve dealt with recently is a boy possibly harassing residents. Narrator: These CSAs understand their role and realize they have to be ready for anything. Shondrika Merritt: When you get information or when someone comes to you and tells you something happens to them, your responsibility is to make sure you get all of that information You are supportive to that person but, you also are making sure that people who can help … and people who need to know are notified, and you’re doing that in a timely manner. As far as investigating as a CSA that is not a part of their role. There are usually people, professionals, at the university, who take care of that. Again, the most important part is that you get that information to the appropriate people so that they can, they can do that investigation. Narrator: And that’s where you come in. Campus Security Authorities – known as CSAs serve a critical role in protecting your fellow students and the campus community in general. So typically, who are CSAs? Alison Kiss: The most common would be public safety or campus police officer, next it could be someone responsible for campus security, so, it may be someone who’s monitoring entrance to a residence hall. It could be someone with significant responsibility for student activities, and that’s probably the broadest category of campus security authorities. That’s where we’re going to see resident assistants, coaches, advisors to Greek life or clubs. When students are reporting crimes, they may not go to campus police or public safety. That’s where we want them to go, but they may go to someone they have rapport with, or someone that they trust. That may be the advisor to their Greek club, it may be their coach, it may be their resident assistant. Jim McNesby: It’s not all about statistics. I think it’s important that colleges and universities have to report statistics, but the Clery Act is all about keeping people safe. Reilly: Helping people has been priceless, and it’s been one of the greatest things I’ve taken away from being at school … is being a CSA and helping all the people that I have. Shrondrika Merritt: At the end of the day, I think that it really is making sure that you understand that … we are all a part of a community and it’s all of our responsibility to make sure we all feel comfortable and safe. Alison Kiss: As a Campus Security Authority, your role is not only to handle the technical elements of the law and the requirements of the law, but to take it one step further and to understand the spirit of the law, and in Jeanne’s honor, to make campuses safer.

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