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As a parent and a teacher, it’s going to make your life
easier. Once you learn it, it’s one of those, well of course!
It’s effective and it works.
Here we go! Now get into it! I call it the Q-tip Method.
Quit taking it personally. And we’re going like this, “Why did you hit her? Was it nice to hit her? Is this how we treat our friends? What’s our rule about hitting?” And the frog is just like, “Ribbit.” If we could all get to this, it could be life changing. It could be
world changing. It’s amazing. It’s just amazing. Conscious Discipline is a research based program that has been shown to raise achievement scores on state tests, decrease behavior problems even in the most difficult children,
increase teaching time, and improve parenting skills. Thirty years ago I began my career as a
teacher to make a difference in the lives of
students. I repeatedly ran into students who would challenge me beyond my skills.
I became more and more negative and disheartened.
I felt more like a police officer than a teacher. I started to blame parents and the system, and society but ultimately, I felt
inadequate for not being able to meet my students’ needs.
I thought there has got to be a better way. I offer you a better way. It’s called Conscious Discipline. Now in Conscious Discipline there is no
reward. You don’t get a sticker or a star or anything good for being a nice person because we’re just expecting you to be
a nice person. And I’m going to teach you how to be one
and I’m going to hold you accountable to that. I think the overall effectiveness of
the program at our school has been fewer discipline referrals, a sense of belonging, the climate at our school is very positive. Now what the power of perception really
says is how I perceive something dictates my emotional state, which then dictates my behavior.
My class is really connecting now. They’re very empathetic, and they’re showing a lot of discipline and empathy for children of their age. So it’s not only impacting our children, but it’s impacting our lives, our marriage and also, our relationships. I was in situations where I used to feel like I was between a rock and a hard place, all of a sudden, I found a way to move and how to affect situations and children that before were unreachable. When we learn how to respond instead of react to conflict, every relationship in our life will be transformed and joy and passion will return to our parenting,
our teaching, and living. I’m not ready to retire now because Conscious
Discipline has made such a difference that I could teach on and on and on.

Reynold King

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