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Counting Calories with a Ballerina

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Counting Calories with a Ballerina”

  1. Americans just simply lost any connection to food. A ballerina eating a corndog for bf and thinks: "It is not even that unhealthy" Only in the states. Disgusting

  2. Considering she's a ballerina, she looked really clumsy at that hike, haha. All legs and arms. Not meant as a nasty comment, just thought it was charming, because she was so graceful when she danced. I also wonder if she counted the calories from the wine?

  3. For a 5ft 7 woman, medically speaking she's underweight at 114lbs, but?? She eats so much and is so much more healthy than most?? Damn I wish I kept up ballet

  4. Thats dog food. By any measure thats awful food. Bad advert for healthy eating. I would NEVER eat that shit.

  5. An interesting approach: She's always snacking, she eats out too, but she's smart and know what can make her feel better, what is tasty AND helps her with her goal. That is smart. It's a good method.

  6. Don't think I've ever been so attracted to a woman. Beauty, brains & loves corndogs & meat! What more is there?

  7. Remember Kids!! If you count your Calories then stay within the recommended amount then You get to eat WHATEVER YOU WANT.

  8. As someone with an eating disorder she's nothing like the sort,she's feuling her body athletes have to be strict and careful with their food intake

  9. This is a self congratulatory piece… I love ballet… this is focusing on "I'm skinny… don't you wish you were?" She's awful

  10. In my opinion shes not eating enough i eat roughly 2000-3000 kcal and i dont even work out, and maintain and am really skinny , she works out and eats lesss…??

  11. I love how she breaks the stereotypes of ballerinas… people think they starve to stay skinny but she is an amazing example of someone doing a athletically demanding sport while eating to fuel her body

  12. "I need my body to be like an instrument so I'm not limited to just one note." That honestly made my heart melt.

  13. Counts calories, loses weight, stays fit.

    Fat people: cOuNtiNg CaLoRiEs dOeSn'T wOrK iT's mY bRoKeN mEtAbOLiSm

    To the fatties, I say: Eat 500 calories a day for 2 weeks and tell me your metabolism didn't allow you to shed even a single pound.

  14. After watching this video about 7 months ago, I decided to try counting calories, as other diets I tried didn't seem to work for me.
    Fast forward to today, I'm down 30 lbs and feel better than ever. Best part is I didn't have to cut out any of my favorite foods completely.

  15. counting calories and having a calorie deficit every day is a very slippery dangerous slope. your metabolism falls and you start feeling cold, indicating you're not burning as much calories as you normally do anymore. Intermitent fasting would be a better strategy.

  16. So I know that calorie counting is something normal and if it’s done well it can have a healthier output. This video is great because it doesn’t really show someone starving themselves or giving themselves a hard time. But I also think that maybe a recovering anorexic or bulimic should not watch this as it can at times be triggering… the word calorie is often triggering. So please be careful if you do fall into either of these two categories.

  17. That was fun! NEW VIDEO on my channel as well! Do these ballet plie exercises with me to achieve slim, lean and toned legs for the summer! The high heels are optional 🙂 Enjoy!

  18. I love this video because she not excluding ANYTHING. She works out, eat her veggies, but also enjoys her corn dogs. Love it! Weightloss begins with a healthy mentality about food.

  19. This shows you guess NO matter what DIET you are on you can NOT argue science a.k.a calorie counting. EVERY human being has a certain amount of calories they should be eating but gluttony gets the best of people so you just see obesity everywhere…

  20. I honestly feel so bad when I eat something with a high calorie count but I never realize how much calories I burn so I think I’m going to count calories from now on

  21. There is proverb, that in Italian is in rhyme and more ore less says " if you want to appear (in your job, your body, in a sport, in whatever you want) you unavoidably have to suffer".
    And I add "Yes, but what an effort"

  22. So she trains all day every day.Is she in a show anywhere at anytime..Whats the point..Drives a convertable..minimal apartment=rich family..

  23. I think eating like this will eventually lead to eating disorder…. becoming obsessed with nutrition and calories etc…. I mean just relax and live and eat…. Meals shouldnt be like a homework school match project…

  24. Not what I expected her diet to be at all, she eats terribly! I mean really wtf is she putting in her body? Frozen fools isle? really?? I guarantee you she doesn't even know how to cook worth shit! Allot of frozen foods are trash not recommended for ballerinas or anybody for that matter!

  25. You don't delete the calories you burn from what you ate to get your total daily intake! That's just retarted lmfao! Daily intake is a daily intake period the end that's why is called "daily intake" 😆 meaning If you eat it, you count it, you don't subtract anything burned. If you eat 2000 calories then you eat 2,000 calories. You don't eat 2,000 calories then burn 500 working out and go, dang I only ate 1,500 today since I burned 500 so I need to go eat 500 more to reach my 2,000 daily. No! Because then you just ate 2,500 daily calories. Especially if you usually burn those 500 calories daily and still maintain your normal body weight because that would mean you would then be at positive 500 calories and would begin to gain weight! You only do that if your trying to gain, lose, or maintain SPECIFIC GOALS!! What you do is say ok I need to lose weight I normally take in 2,000 so I'm going to still eat 2,000 but I'm going to add a work out and burn additional 500 so I'll have a 500 calorie deficit so I'll lose weigh WHILE STILL EATING YOUR 2,000 CALORIE DIET.

  26. I think the reason people get upset when she says she loses weight through counting calories is because unfortunately people are looking for a quick fix. Once they realize that the trick is simple (but still requires a lot of self-control and dedication) they immediately lose interest.

  27. Yeah I'm surprised about the corn dog if it is deep fried. However sitting in a bathtub for too long that's filled with water that is not filtered you could be exposing yourself to fluoride and many other toxins one of the most degrees of exposure to toxins is absorption and that comes to your skin. Beautiful woman

  28. Nope the reality: if you are naturally skinny good, if not?diet diet until you end up with an eating disorder ( as many of my friends did)

  29. But you are not counting the sodium you ingest, which is an important feature. Those prepared meals usually have much more sodium than if you prepared them yourself. Also, note how much fat and sugar the food has, not only calories. You can have the same amount of calories for two foods but one is higher in fat and sugar than the other. That makes a difference.

  30. You’re young. You can eat whatever you want. When you’re 25 or 30, the leafy, cruciferous vegetables will have to come into the picture. It’s a vicious trick nature plays on us. Thank god exists.

    This was really interesting. Thanks for taking the time. I was narrowly able to void a double knee surgery and it took ten years for me to figure out how to stay lean. I’ve learned to stick to whole vegetables – the unfun ones like purple cabbage, kale, broccoli and spinach. Then I do a little fruit and beans. But my energy requirements aren’t nearly what yours are. I drove tanker trucks and play with kettlebells.

    Damn. Those clementines are my go-to dinners in the winter. I jump out of bed like I’m on speed. Most truckers are actually on speed. Not good lol.

    Really cool video. Thank you thank you

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