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Crew Strength Training

music ♪ KJELL: Hi, my name is Kjell.
DOTTIE: And I’m Dottie KJELL: And we’re NASA
astronauts. DOTTIE: As astronauts, we spend
a lot of time in the gym working out and preparing to go
into space. KJELL: For each mission,
astronauts spend 2 hours a day, 3 days a week in the gym and
classroom until they fly into space. DOTTIE: The cool part is that
most of the training we do here in the astronaut gym you can do
too, wherever you are. Astronauts know the importance
of maintaining strong muscles and bones for
life in space. KJELL: Today, we’re going to
share an activity that will help you develop strong muscles
and bones. So get ready! Crew Strength
Training will help you Train Like an
Astronaut. YAMIL: For the Crew Strength
Training Activity, you will perform body squats and pushups. For the squats, stand with your
feet shoulder width apart; begin by bending your knees
while keeping your back straight, just like you
were sitting. As you go down, raise your arms
forward to help your balance. At the bottom of the motion,
your upper legs should be parallel with the floor and your
knees should not extend past your toes. To finish the
squat, return to the start position. This is
one repetition. Try to perform 10 to 25
repetitions. Make sure you rest 60 seconds
before moving onto the pushups. YAMIL: Begin by lying down on
the floor on your stomach. Place your hands on the floor,
under your shoulders, shoulder width apart. Using only your arms, lift your
body off floor, leaving only your hands and toes touching the
ground. To complete the repetition,
lower yourself back to the starting position. If it is too
difficult, you may leave your knees down and be sure not
to lock your elbows at the top of the move. Same as
before, try and perform between 10 and 25 repetitions. Over time you will get stronger
and will be able to complete many more repetitions. Strong muscles and bones are
very important for overall health. On Earth, we constantly
use our muscles and bones for lifting things,
pushing boxes and even walking and running. Astronauts need strong muscles
and bones for good health. But working in reduced gravity,
their muscles and bones become weak. When they return to
Earth, they have to work hard to strengthen their muscles
and bones. Let’s get to work. The Crew
Strength Training Activity will help you Train Like An
Astronaut. ♪ music ♪ .

Reynold King

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