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Crowd watches Carmichael Denny’s restaurant burn for Sacramento firefighter training

[BLANK_AUDIO] All right, as soon as that goes we’re out. [BLANK_AUDIO] All right, let’s start moving. [BLANK_AUDIO]>>Whoa.
[BLANK_AUDIO]>>This trainiing is really to help
us practice, just like anany kind of sports or athletic team would do for
their playbook for the game. For us,
we have standard operating guidelines. They help us actually respond to
an incident in a systematic and planned way so that units that aren’t on
scene yet have an idea of what people are already doing and what their role and
job is going to be when they arrive. We’re also doing forcible entry. You can see the ventilation
that’s going on behind me that’s cutting holes in the roof
To light out the smoke and the hazardous gases out of
the building when there is a fire. That helps us see that
increases our visibility, which helps us with our number
one priority, victim search and rescue on any kind of fire before we even
really focus on putting the fire out. We’re not gonna burn down a building
that’s still functional and viable. So typically these buildings are already
Deemed to be on preparation for being torn down, the demolition permits
were already pulled and the building owner realized that he could help his fire
district become better at our job. At the same time you know, they get some
value too because there’s less debris for them to remove after
the completion of the operation. The small commercial structure like this
one, with the challenges that present itself from the building construction and
the other industrial systems like big commercial heaters, air conditioners
and refrigeration units on the roof. were actually able to
train in that environment. Use live fire, watch how that fire
behaves in this type of building. And these are types of buildings
that have killed firefighters and civilians in the past. So this is a really big opportunity for
the people that are here from metro fire as well as for us to document it
with video and other lessons and present those to the members of
the agency that are not present tonight.>>I’m in a documentary
photography class and so i’m out here to documents what’s going on
this was the place to go i just come here. With my well we used to
come here with our grandpa.>>Yeah.>>All decided so.>>We grew up in Carmichael.>>So this is a big deal for us. [LAUGH]
>>It’s going to be sad, spectacular. But I see why they’re doing it to train a
lot of others and I think it’s a good day. I think it’s a good thing.>>Out with the old in with the new.>>Out I think.>>Carmichael needs a new.>>Yeah, Ago.>>Sacramento’s golden, I like that.>>As you can see here
we got quite the crowd. My understanding is we have people
across the street, we look over here, it’s the same type of thing. It kinda blew our mind the way we saw it
all over our social media channels when we announced it. We expected a crowd, but still seeing it out here is One surprising
plight that tells us two things, one, that we recognize this was a
community center, the other thing is it’s kinda humbling for us to see that people
are actually interested in what we do. So we thank everybody for the support. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Reynold King

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