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Customer Testimonial: Parchment provides solutions for K12 Guidance Counselors

Shrine Catholic High School
was founded in the 1940’s It is a Catholic, co-ed,
college-preporatory school. We are a small school
in size, we have approximately 70 students per grade.
So, on an average year, I will process between 300-350 transcripts
for our graduating senior class. I started at Shrine
three years ago, and I refused to process applications
in the traditional way, which would have been via paper.
I said we needed to join the
electronic age and it was the absolute first initiative that I did.
It has been a fabulous transition. Our students now,
I actually teach every single student in the school, how to create
their Parchment account. They then log on and request their
transcripts to be sent and they know that it’s going to
generate an email to me. Every morning I come into the office,
it’s the first thing that I do.
I look and see who was up at two o’clock in the morning
finishing an application.
And then I electronically process the request,
and it takes me about five minutes. One of the big lessons
that I use in terms of utilizing Docufide/Parchment,
is I think it’s a very valuable experience for our students
and their families to actually know and understand what is on
a transcript, and how each grading period affects the overall
grade point average, so, I believe in utilizing Parchment from
the end of the first semester, or actually the beginning of the second
semester freshman year, which is
when I teach them how to create their Parchment account
and then each successive semester, they can see how
their grades are impacting their overall grade point average.
That is very important in terms of the long-term planning and
understanding for students and parents
about what their overall college options will be. I think that the report
section that Parchment provides is very helpful for me,
in terms of being able to manage my students. It helps me
double-check my bookkeeping,
but I can run a report and see
who has applied, at what date, and sometimes it comes in very handy,
when I’m working with a student
and they’ll say, “When did I send it?” and we can look
right up on the Parchment screen
and I can again calm some nerves and say “Look, remember? We sent it on
this day and it was received here.” So I enjoy the report aspect as well. Parchment is definitely a partner.
I don’t think I could do my job
effectively without their assistance My customer contact is Patty,
and I consider her one of my friends at
this point, we spend a lot of time talking in the fall every year. We recently
had a technology glitch that was
actually on our end, not on Parchment’s and Patty
connected my to technical support It was an extrodinarily time-sensitive
issue and we were able to resolve the matter within
a day, which was critical
because I had to process a number of applications, immediately.
I constantly recommend Parchment to other students, to other institutions. I can’t imagine my job without them,
I would endorse them to basically anybody.

Reynold King

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