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Day 1 – Ease Into It – 30 Days of Yoga

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to 30 Days of
Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and I’m super excited. It’s day one, y’all. Let’s get started. All right, my friends. Today, we’re going
to begin in a nice, comfortable, seated posture, sudassana, with one foot in front of the other.
So just to stay on the same page, let’s draw the left heel in towards your center, and
then the right leg comes in to follow. You can use a blanket or a block or a pillow.
Even a book sometimes is nice to lift the hips up, if you feel like you’re getting trapped
in this Mr. Burns posture here. So take a quick second to get settled in in
a nice comfortable seat, one foot in front of the other. Make sure everything’s situated,
and then when you’re ready, sit up nice and tall. See if you can align your head over
your heart, your heart over your pelvis. You might take your fingers and touch your
booty and move the fleshy part of the buttocks aside. You might fix your hair here. Just
do all those little things, so that we can come to a nice, still place as we begin our
challenge. Nice and slow, settling in, easing into it, and really choosing to stay present.
So I like to call it getting your money’s worth. So we’re going to get a workout. We’re going to commit to 30 days of practice
together. We’re going to stretch the body, tone the muscles, deepen the breath. But beyond
that, we’re going to listen. We’re really going to use this opportunity to come into
a different type of presence, maybe learn something new about yourself. So today’s practice is focused on that. So
you sit up nice and tall. Take a second to close the eyes, relax your shoulders down,
and just notice how you feel. Notice, perhaps, the tendency to want to move quickly to the
next thing. We got 30 days. We can take it nice and slow and really set ourselves up
for a nice experience that feels good. Bring your awareness or your attention to
your breath and just notice it. You might begin to deepen the breath, play with it here,
seeing if you can extend the inhale, make it a little bit longer, and extend the exhale. Stick with your breath as we begin to move
the body and shape-shift in and out of different poses. Remember, the breath is energy. You
send breath to the tight places. Use the tool of your pranayama or your breath to stay focused
and really be honest with yourself about how you feel each day and each time you come to
the mat. Oh, and also, let’s have some fun. Dropping the chin to the chest, we’ll begin
to draw circles with the nose, one way and then the other, and then reversing your circle.
Back and forth, kind of dropping into this moment for yourself. Then we’ll bring the
head back to center stillness and draw the palms together at the heart. Deep breath in
as you lift the sternum up, thumbs, hearts coming together. You only have one heart,
I guess, heart. We’ll take a deep, deep breath in through
the nose here. This time, go ahead and let it out through the mouth, exhale. Again, just
like that, deep breath in thorough the nostrils. Sit up nice and tall and exhale out through
the mouth. Make some noise. Now we’ll interlace the fingertips. Keep breathing
deep as you press the palms forward, shoulders relaxed, drop down, and then we send the palms
up and back. Nice and easy organic movement here. The knees are going to want to fly up,
and we’re gonna ground down through the tops of the thighs, committing to a full body experience
as you lift and lengthen up through the side body and keep playing with your breath. We teeter-totter back and forth here. Stretch
it out. Notice that the shoulders are starting to rise up. See if you can keep the shoulders
relaxed, heart lifted. Arms may begin to get tired here, especially if you’re new to the
practice. Stick with it. Find ease. Use your breath to keep it together. Just kidding. Inhale, back to center we go. This time, carve
a line with your nose all the way up. So rather than just looking up, kind of crunching the
back of the neck, just really mindful activity as we carve a line with the nose. Look up.
One more breath here, and then on an exhale, we break free. Fingertips rain down. Awesome. Plant the left palm into the earth. Inhale,
reach right fingertips up and over side body stretch. Again, work on creating a full body
experience as we ease into the practice. So for me, that means really paying attention
to, yes, the side body stretch, but also grounding down through the legs and maintaining that
extension through the crown. You might find a little pulse here. You might spiral your
heart up towards the sky. Make it your own here. Deep breath in. Then exhale swiftly up and
through center, and we take it to the other side. Right palm to the earth. Left fingertips
reach up and over. Same thing. Stretch it out. Ease into it. Great. One more breath
here. You might spiral your heart up towards the sky, and then on an exhale, we bring it
back to center. From here, we’re going to walk the fingertips
behind us. I’m gonna turn to the side so you can see this. Walking them behind, pinkies
might come close or, again, if the shoulders are really tight, give yourself some space.
You can keep it nice and easy today. So I walk the fingertips back. We sit up nice
and tall. Imagine lifting up through the armpit, chest here. So we’re lifting up through this
area of the body and opening the heart, the chest. Close your eyes. Find your breath. When you get bored, or your mind begins to
wander, come back to that sweet inhale. Exhale out through the mouth whenever you need to
let go a little bit or find a little inspiration. Then slowly we’ll soften through the elbows
and walk the fingertips all the way around and forward. So nice and easy, we walk the
palms forward. To each his own here. So you might end up here on the palms, really pressing
the sit bones into the earth again. Full body experience, really expanding the awareness
throughout the legs, the hips, making sure I’m still mindful of the shoulders. For me,
that awareness is really an act of self love. I’m considering all parts. Hey-o! First hey-o
of the challenge. Okay. So you might stay up here on your palms.
You might already be way past me and on the forearms. If not, this gives you something
to look forward to. No worries, just be here in the moment. Another option is to maybe
send the fingertips all the way out and begin to relax the weight of the head over. You might find a soft sway back and forth.
And again, the sit bones are going to want to roll up here to compensate. See if you
can stay grounded. Maybe a forehead underneath a block . . . Hello. A block underneath the
forehead. Maybe even we bubblegum the fists here for a little support. Breathe into your right hip. Find that breath.
Then press into the sit bones. Press up into your palms. We’re going to walk the fingertips,
spider fingers, as we say in kids yoga, over towards the right. Don’t crank it. Keep it
easy. Remember, find ease as we ease into the practice. I brush away dog hair. So professional. Deep breath in here. Keep a nice extension
through the crown, breathing into the left side body, pressing the sit bones back. Then
we walk it through center and take it to the left. Same thing. So again, those hips are
going to want to come up. We stay pressing into the sit bones, shoulders relaxed, really
mindful through the neck. Deep breath in. Follow your exhale as you
unravel back to center, and then we’re going to switch the legs here. So right heel comes
in, left leg comes out. We draw the palms together at the heart. Once again, inhale,
sternum to thumbs. Exhale. Relax the elbows down. Just notice how your legs feel sometimes.
This side can be a little bit different, feel a little foreign. We’ll interlace the fingertips. Sit up nice
and tall. Press the palms. Actually let’s interlace the opposite direction this time,
so opposite thumb on top, a little yoga for the brain as we begin. We press the palms.
Oh, yeah, that feels weird. Forward, up, and back once again. And same thing, just a little organic movement.
Yes, to stretch the side body. Yes, to bring awareness into the spine, but really to set
the tone for our practice and our challenge that you’re in charge. It’s more than modifying
up or down. It’s really about listening, being present, easing into it, being honest. Also,
it gives you the freedom to move how you want to move. Find what feels good. Inhale. Carve
a line with your nose. Look up and exhale. Rain it down. Great. This time, we walk the fingertips together
just like before. This time, we’re going to inhale, lift the heart, and exhale. Draw a
line with the nose past the right shoulder. If you’ve practiced with me before, you know
I love this move. Imagine receiving a little kiss on the neck. This is a little hygiene
for the neck and shoulders. So it might seem like you’re not doing a lot,
but we’re drawing the shoulder blades down. We’re opening the chest, lifting up through
the ribcage, and keeping an extension in the crown of the head. Breathe into the left side
of the neck. Then on an exhale, this should feel really yummy, as you drop the chin into
the chest, breathe into the back of the neck. Oh, yeah. Then take it to the other side. So we find a softness here, even in this shape.
We relax the shoulders down. Imagine someone kissing you on this side of your neck. It’s
getting steamy in here already. Inhale in, extend, extend, and exhale chin-to-chest for
one more breath. This time, you can really draw your nose to your navel. Then we lift
up through the crown of the head. Take a deep breath in. Smile or turn on that inner smile.
Then we release, walking the fingertips forward, same thing. Palms come to the earth and feel this hip
out. So you might find a gentle sway. Again, coming onto the forearms might be an option
or maybe all the way down, breathing into the outer edge of that left hip, noticing
how the sit bones want to peel up, and the pelvis wants to rock, but we keep it grounded
and strong. Couple more breaths here. Nice, strong awareness throughout the whole body. You press into the palms to slowly release
and come up. This time, we’re going to take the fingertips, spider fingers all the way
to the left. So again, there is a tendency to want to crank here and do the yoga pose,
and I just ask you, invite you to ease up. We have 30 days. This is our first day. We’re
going to stretch it out, take a little stock, get settled in. So nice, gentle twists to
the left, and then we’ll release, take it through center and take it to the right. Breathe
nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. Then gently release back to center. Also, flip your palms up, sit up nice and
tall. Take a look at your hands. Spread them wide. We’re going to commit to a nice, strong
awareness through the hands as we come forward and up into tabletop position. So take this
focus of the hands with you as we come gently onto all fours. So we draw the wrists underneath the shoulders,
my friends, knees directly underneath the hips. Press into the tops of the feet. Take
that focus of the hands with you as you press away from your mat. So fingers are going to
want to do what they naturally do, and we’re going to really expand awareness, building
a strong foundation here on day one. We press away from the earth. Draw the navel
up towards the spine. Relax your shoulders, draw them away from the ears. So really mindful
in the head and neck. Tendency here is for the neck to kind of collapse, but remember,
the neck is a nice, long, beautiful extension of your spine. Cool. Take a deep breath in here. Press onto the
tops of the feet. Don’t panic. We’re going to lift the knees, let them hover just for
a second here. I like to do this one to just bring a little kick-start to our challenge,
but also to light a fire in the belly. Also, when we lift the knees here, we can really
tell if we’re collapsing in other places. So find that integrity. One more breath here. You might experience
a little shake, a little tremble. That’s prana, the energy moving, definitely a transformative
energy there. So one more breath, and then we release. Cat cow never looked so good. Loop the shoulders, drop the belly. Inhale.
Heart radiates forward. On the exhale, I start at the tailbone, turn it under, curl it under
as I rotate the hip points. Find the surrounding of the spine and release the crown of the
head to the earth. Inhale. Keep it nice and slow today. Dropping the belly, tailbone lifts
up, heart opens out. Moving with the breath, exhale, curing the
tailbone in, traveling up the spine until the crown of the head releases, moving at
your own pace here with your breath, doing a little energetic hygiene, getting the circulation
going. A little spinal flex. Even if we just did cat cow every day for 30 days, we’d be
rocking and rolling. So we begin to veer off the beaten path here
if you haven’t already, shaking the hips a little left to right, just kind of coming
off those railroad tracks, lingering in any place that feels tight or sore. Might get
a little freaky on me and even come forward. Whoa. This is where we just begin to let loose.
Awesome. Then we’ll come back to that tabletop position
and drop the elbows where the palms are. And again, stay aware of the hands here. Fingers
are going to want to come in or go out, especially if the shoulders are tight. So see if you
can keep two railroad track lines here. Pressing the elbows in to the earth, we walk
the knees back and melt the heart. Heart to earth pose, anahata assen. One of my favorites.
If the forehead comes to the earth, let it. Let the pelvis rock up towards the sky. Hey-o.
The sit bones shine, spread left to right. We take five nice, long, deep breaths here. Notice if the toes are coming in or going
out. See if you can keep that full body awareness rocking and rolling. Belly can soften here.
Inhale. Fill the back body with air. On an exhale, release your heart. Super awesome
for the shoulders. Let’s take one more breath here. Then to transition, I’m going to press into
all 10 fingerprints, all 10 knuckles, press into my elbows and slowly slide on through
to the belly. Oh, yeah. Press into the elbows. They’re right underneath the shoulders still.
Steel. Texas. Still. I press into the pubic bone, press into the tops of the feet, and
I grow nice and tall here in a little sphinx pose. So if you have to do some adjusting to find
length on the side body or in the spine, please do. Self adjustments are the best. We breathe
here. Again, notice if you’ve lost awareness in the wrists and hands. Keep that awareness.
Press away from your mat with your elbows, almost as if you’re trying to tear your yoga
mat in half with your elbows. One more breath. We inhale in and exhale, slowly release. All right. This time, palms are going to come
underneath the shoulders. We curl the toes under, and you know where I’m headed. Right?
Downward -acing dog. So there’s two options here. You can come to all fours first and
then peel up through the tail, or there’s always the option from this posture to come
straight to plank. So you can cool it, or you can heat it. We always have options here
together. We’ll meet in our first downward facing dog of the challenge. Pedal it out. Check in with your feetsies. Bend the knees,
and then don’t forget that awareness of the palms, of the hands, spreading wide. We’ll
take three more breaths here. So notice if you’re just kind of holding, waiting, like
onto the next thing. Try to enjoy your practice. Breathe. Stretch it out. I shouldn’t say try
to enjoy your practice. How about we say just enjoy your practice. Now we’re going to go for a slow walk up towards
the front edge. Take your time. Again, resist the urge to just task master here. We’re going
to slowly walk up towards the front. Together, we’ll meet at the head of the mat in a nice
forward fold. So to each his own here. You might walk the fingertips to one side and
then the other. If you’re feeling a little tight in the head
and neck, you might shake the head yes and no. Pay attention to your feet. Toes are pointing
forward, feet are hip-width apart here to start. You might clasp the elbows and rock
gently, left to right. So again, setting the tone for our practice and really the tone
for the challenge that you’re in charge. I encourage you to improvise, to keep searching
and exploring. Try to avoid just being the yoga challenge robot here, but really be yourself
and listen to your body. When you feel satisfied, we’ll release the
arms. Press into the feet, nice and strong. Bend the knees generously as you tuck the
chin into the chest, and we begin to roll it up, nice and slow. Take your time. Enjoy
every move, every moment. This is our time that we’ve taken for ourself. So might as
well relish.R Relish. Loop the shoulders forward, up, and back when
you arrive. So same thing here, when you get settled in, try not to fidget with the feet
too much, but keep that connection to the earth. Loop the shoulders, draw a couple circles
with the nose, work out the kinks. Oh, yeah. So we continue to deepen the breath. The more
we move the body, the more we synchronize the breath. Inhale. Draw the palms to your
heart. Lift your sternum up to your thumbs. Lift the kneecaps. Draw energy up from the
arches of the feet. This is our tanasana, our mountain pose here. So we stand up nice
and tall. We extend through the crown. We find this upward current of energy through
the front body. It’s like, “Aaaah.” Then we find this sweet and almost humble grounding
through the back body. Just balance it out. Then once again, just as we did before, we’re
going to interlace. Notice which thumb’s on top as we press the palms forward, up, and
back. Again, upward current of energy through the front, nice grounding through the back
body. So we press into the heels. We tuck the pelvis in, shoulder blades in, together,
and down. If you want, if you need a little more side body lift, we can stretch it out
here a couple breaths. Otherwise, we’re holding, nice and slow, steady breath. Carve a line with your nose. Slowly look up.
Take a deep breath in. Press into your thumbs. Up, up, up. Then exhale. Break free. Fingertips
interlace behind the tailbone. See if you can put the opposite thumb on top. It’s a
little yoga for the brain. Sometimes it can throw you for a loop, but we’ll get the hang
of it. Then we draw the knuckles down and away as
we open up through the chest. This is awesome if you work at a computer or, again, you’re
a little stressed out in the shoulders. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Inhale in and
exhale. We break free. Inhale. Reach the arms up. Full body stretch. Exhale. Palms come
together as we bend the knees and take it on down through the midline. Forward fold. From here, we inhale. Lift to a flat back
position. Palms on the tops of the thighs or the shins or fingertips on the mat. So
we have three different levels here. You can peek at the video here to see what this looks
like, because we’re going to come up to them many times in our 30-day challenge. We have one, two, and a soft bend in the knees
here for three. So you can mix and match for this flat back position, bringing lots of
integrity into the spine. Wherever you are, take a deep breath in. Inflate and exhale.
Use your breath to release it back down. Cool. Fingertips come to the mat. We walk the feet
together, and we slide the right toes back into a low lunge, runner’s lunge. So again,
we’re easing into the practice today. We’re also trying to find ease with each breath.
So if you’re feeling tight in a certain place, see if you can work a little energy into that
place. So for me, it’s the front of my right hip
crease. Stretching. I’m pulling my left hip crease back. You might lower the back knee
as I have here for a couple breaths. You might even find a rocking motion. So just a little
play time here in low lunge or runner’s lunge. Notice if you’re crashing into your fingertips.
See if you can keep it light and easy. Then from here, we’ll plant the palms, slide
the left toes back to meet the right. We come into our first plank, or maybe our second,
of our challenge. We begin to find a little movement here, staying soft and easy, really
using the breath to stay focused. So the mind wants to give up in a plank usually a lot
faster than the muscles do. So just stick with it here. One more breath in. As you exhale
out, we’ll lower the knees, hug the elbows into the side body. You can always stay lifted in that push-up
position as we slowly lower down. Elbows pull back. We come to the belly. Release the legs,
inhale, and lift up. [inaudible:00:24:46] or cobra. Find your breath and then exhale.
We release. The transition I mentioned before, you can
curl the toes up here, come to all fours, then send it up to downward facing dog. Or
for more heat, press back up into that plank position, then anchor navel to spine as you
send it back. Awesome, my friends. Take a deep breath in
here in downward dog, and a deep breath out. Awesome. Now we’re going to step the right
foot up. Come into our runner’s lunge. Same thing here. A little play time. A little exploration
as we ease in, stretching that left hip crease, pulling the right hip crease back. Find a
little organic movement. Stay mindful. Listen to your body. Then if the back knee is lifted, we’ll lift
it . . . Excuse me. If the back knee is lowered, we’ll lift it back up. Take a deep breath
in. Let your heart radiate forward. So we kind of come out of the turtle shell here.
Inhale. On an exhale, softly rock that back foot up to meet the front. So you can take
as many steps as you need. It doesn’t have to be this big move. We find our forward fold. Inhale. Halfway
lift, your version. Mix and match. Exhale. Slide it down. Now inhale. Reach the fingertips
left to right. Press into your feet, and we’re going to reach all the way up towards the
sky. Full body stretch here as we press into all four corners of the feet. Lift the kneecaps.
On an exhale, we bring the hands back to the heart. Awesome. Soft, buoyant in the knees. We inhale. Reach
it up. Full body stretch. Exhale. Hands come down through the midline. Inhale. Halfway
lift. Long, beautiful neck. Exhale. Slide it down. Step the right toes back. Come to
your runner’s lunge. This time, we inhale. Open the heart and chest. You might come up
off the fingertips here, just to check in with your core. Squeeze the inner thighs to
the midline, or you might stay on your fingertips. Then on an exhale, plant the palms. Slide
the left toes back to plank. Repeat the same move that we did before lowering
the knees, or this time, you might shift your weight forward, hug your elbows into your
side body, and slowly lower down. This time, we can either lift up to cobra, or we can
slide up through into upward-facing dog. So lots of options here as we explore our day
one of vinyasa. Navel to spine, we send it back, downward
facing dog. Deep breath in and deep breath out. Step the right foot up, runner’s lunge.
Same thing here. We inhale. Find the lightness in the fingertips. You might even lift the
fingertips up off the ground. Take a deep breath in. Front knee’s stacked over front
ankle. Exhale, release. This time, instead of rocking the back foot up to meet the front,
we’re going to bring the right toes back to meet the left. One more time, practicing here with the knees
lowered, or we shift our weight forward, hug the elbows into the side body, and chaturanga
to up-dog. So we have lots of options here. Inhale. Find your heart opener. Then exhale.
We’ll lower the knees and send the sit bones back. Child’s pose. Nice work, my friends. Find
your breath. You might rock a little side to side here, stimulating that third eye,
that point of intuition. We’ll take a second here to connect to our intentions. Connect
to your intention of the challenge, why you’re committed to the 30-day practice, why you’re
here. You might draw the palms together here. Walk
the elbows forward and bring them up overhead, kind of like a little Namaste shark fin. So
articulating your intention here for your practice, relaxing the shoulders, reconnecting
to the sound of your breath. Then slowly we’ll release the fingertips back
down. Draw the heart up, back to all fours. Then we’re going to cross the left ankle over
the right here and very gently. You can use your hands to guide you. Come through into
a nice seated posture. I’m going to center myself on my mat, and you can too. Drawing the palms behind the knees, I’m going
to inhale in. On an exhale, lift your feet. So we’re not going into any certain kind of
boat pose here today. We’re just kind of easing into this core strength and tapping into this
full body connection. So you might rotate your ankles one way and then the other. Also, it is not cheating to hold your legs
up here. I think that’s so silly. You can hold a good amount. Look, my arm muscles are
working here. See? It’s good. So we’re not going into you know a boat pose here. We’re
really slowly taking every little intrinsic muscle along for our 30-day yoga ride and
beyond. Okay. So we’re here. We can also, if this
is a little too much for you right away, can keep the big toes on the ground. But everyone,
lift your heart. See if you can grow taller up through the sternum. Then maybe you keep
your hands here, or maybe you reach your fingertips forward. We’re going to take a couple breaths
here. Just notice where your mind goes, like if you’re like [grunts], or if you can find
a little ease. Maybe turn the palms up, soften through the
toes. Belly’s working here, but so is the back body. I’m lifting my heart. So I’m not
really collapsing here, but keeping it lifted. Let’s do one more deep breath in, and exhale.
Hands come back to the thighs. Then this is a fun move. We rock it back.
We rock a couple times. So it feels good. Again, you can keep the hands on the backs
of the legs here for a little stability. We massage the spine back and forth. You know
me. I like to keep it playful. So if you feel a little goofy, good. Then we’ll release it
back to the earth. Oh, yeah. So here, we’re going to take a full body stretch
as we wind it down. Again, just easing and settling into the challenge. We inhale, reach
the fingertips up overhead. Exhale, interlace the fingertips and create a little pillow,
little neck hammock here. So you can keep the thumbs extended here or not, but I like
to do that and give myself a little massage, a little yogic massage. All right. Then keep the elbows nice and wide.
Inhale, draw the knees up toward your heart. Scoop the tailbone up, so that lower back
can become really comfy with your mat. Extend the right leg out long. Inhale in. Exhale.
Lift the head, the neck, the shoulders. Kiss right elbow to left knee. Deep breath in.
Exhale, switch. Left leg out, kiss left elbow to right knee. We move back and forth here,
keeping it really soft and easy breezy, resisting the urge to clench, to speed up. We’ll do
that later. So you can keep it nice and soft. So lower
back’s going to want to come up, and I’m going to keep my navel driving down, tailbone scooping
up. Okay. Just a couple more here. You totally got this. Breathe. Find your breath. Then
we release the soles of the feet to the ground. Release the arms and slowly extend the legs
out long. Awesome. Take a deep breath in through your nose here
and a long exhale out through the mouth. Nice. Inhale. Draw the right knee up. Squeeze it
up in towards your heart. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Exhale, taking it over towards the
left. Twist it out. We can open up through the right arm. We breathe up and down the
spine. Really nice, slow, stabilizing twist here before we head to shavasana. Gently melt it back to center, and we switch.
Squeeze that left knee up towards your heart. When you’re ready, find your twist. Oh, yeah.
Gently releasing it back to center and preparing for our final and most precious posture here. Sometimes this can be the most challenging
posture. So again, just try to ease into it. You can pillow the head with a blanket. You
can cover up if you’re chilly. You can even roll a blanket or towel up behind the knees
to support the lower back. We’ll send the arms out wide, palms face up. Inhale. Lift
your heart, your chest open. Exhale, release. I can hear the birds chirping outside my window.
It’s very sweet. Close your eyes. Get all little wiggly movements out of the body, and
then we settle in to the corpse pose, finding stillness here. Even if you’re short on time,
find a moment to just pause and give yourself permission to do absolutely nothing. Just
let go. Thank you for sharing your time, your energy,
and your practice. Good job. Namaste.

Reynold King

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    I live in the middle of nowhere Idaho and have no close option for exercise guidance… and concerned with hurting myself in a pose done wrong…

  11. Okay I just wanted to say I came to find a yoga challenge and picked your name because I wanted to name my daughter adriene as well! But everyone was so against it I named her”Adriana” anyways lol! Love your personality I can’t wait to start this journey with you!! It’s gonna be awesome!

  12. It took me way too long to find this, I’m really happy we have Adriene she’s literally helped me get out of a dark place and head space and focus on being good to myself and my body.

  13. Started yesterday, 8/9/19. Since December 2018, I’ve lost 60# by exercising consistently (cardio & weights) and eating a little better, but wasn’t doin much yoga. Today when I woke up, after just 1 beginner yoga session, I felt like I had worked out for the first time again…I was a bit sore in my butt cheeks!! Lol!! But In a good way, and very surprised! I focused on the “sensation not shape” idea and let it serve me, rather being a slave to it (as w/other workouts) and felt incredible! I didn’t know til this morning how badly I must have needed this! Now that I know, I’ll definitely trade in my weights & running shoes for a yoga mat ON A REGULAR BASIS. I’m amazed at how calm I felt doing it (NOT like a workout!), yet worked hard w/o knowing it!

  14. I always seem to procrastinate about yoga but when I start doing it and focus on my body, god it feels so good to stretch out like this. I can immediately connect with where the tension is. Today I could really feel it in my tailbone and butt area, probably because I sit all the time. And when I release the energy when stretching it feels so good. Yoga is underrated.

  15. Hello! Amazing video jsjs!! I have a question, can you lose weight by doing this yoga routine for the 30 days? And of course eating more moderately jsjs. Is there any specific diet or eating tips you might recommend while I do this? Please, and thank you! 💛

  16. I finished my 30 day yoga and i am starting over again. I really loved the yoga. This was the first time i ever did something like this. And kept my commitment. My body is more flexible and i feel more energetic. Thanks Adrian .

  17. I have watched and did some yoga before this 30 day challange and I can definitly say that I feel much better after 😁 I am happy and proud of myself!
    It is hard but I think that after 30 days of effort I would be stronger. Also meditating in free time. Love this things, I hope they would help me with my anxety and panic desorder

  18. I had never done yoga, but this video was a good introduction, it really helped. I will keep doing this! You'll for sure find me in the comments for the next 30 days.

  19. Namaste Adriene, I'm starting a yoga proyect with my parents and sister and your videos are really helping to make it happen. Big hug from México.

  20. I really appreciate this video and series, however, if you're not necessarily new to yoga, you might find that she talks too much. Way too much. Anyone have suggestions for a series that's a little more advanced and less talkative? I know to be aware of my hands, my breath, all that, so to me there was like a good 6-7 minutes of solid content that I had to blindly skip through.

    I realize this if FOR beginners, and for them it's probably a God-send. They might not know many of the things she's teaching, and I'm not discrediting her in any way, this girl has TALENT. This is just an observation and opinion from my little old self, if you disagree, that's fine by me. (and I'm still gonna do the whole series, but I figured it was worth putting my opinion out there, because someone may feel the same and have a suggestion. All suggestions are welcome!)

  21. Just finished day 1 and….that was so hard! I've never done yoga before and I found it kind of challenging for a first day. It was amazing dont get me wrong. But it was so tiring lol I will definitely be back for more 😊❤

  22. way to chatty. just talk students into good form with few words. maybe they could concentrate more on the actual yoga. i find most youtube people like to hear themselves talk.

  23. Starting day 1 today! On a journey to have my first baby so I have started yoga and meditation to get in the right head space ❤️

  24. I am back at yoga again after stopping due to pregnancy, life, and motherhood. I am tired of the anxiety and fatigue. Now I am back in August 2019, doing yoga with my 2.5 year old girl next to me, excited to complete my first 30 days! Thanks Adriene!

  25. I am super unfit and unhealthy. I've been having major problems with motivation and focus and even getting out of bed in the morning. I'm not sure whether I'll go through this as a challenge, but definitely want to commit to doing yoga most days. I think I'll just repeat day 1 for a few days until I feel a bit more confident and move to day two. My goals are just to feel like I've accomplished something each day and I hope to find focus in other tasks and strengthen my muscles. Good luck everyone.

  26. Is there anybody feeling pain on the wrist/ lower part of the palm( the one near to the wrist) while doing the downfacing dog?

    Am i doing something wrong? Any suggestion

    Thank you so much and althought i wasnmt able to finish this one properly, i’ll keep it up

  27. Very good day 1. Don't mean to be a misogynist but the fact you dress appropriately helps reduce distraction compared to the other women yoga teachers . It helps maintaining the concentration in yoga. CHEERS

  28. Started the 30 day challenge today🧘🏼‍♀️
    Have been doing your videos for a few weeks and love it. Feel so good after a workout.
    Best yoga teacher by far
    Thanks Adriene x

  29. Just got through day 1! As someone who is 70ish lbs over weight with wrist pain (due to having a forward posture) this was rough, but I did it!!! Downward Dog is hard because of my wrist but I just took a couple small breaks so I didn't over due it and managed to still feel good about it. I can't wait to come back in 30 days and see where a am then!

  30. I have completed this 30 day challenge and you have no idea how it’s helped me. I’ve been exercising since 1982, I practiced yoga now and then. Recently my joints were feeling incredibly stiff and I knew I needed help. I was exercising too much and not stretching enough. I was in pain in completing simple things, every joint of my body ached. I needed to begin a yoga practice slowly and carefully, here’s where you came in. This practice was exactly what I needed, I feel brand new. My pain has diminished significantly, and I thank you. I know I must continue practicing yoga as long as I possibly can. Thank you so much Adrian, you saved me. I have only one question, How many different yoga shirts do you have? Lol. ❤️

  31. Thank-you! I enjoyed every second. I had a slipped disc last year and sciatica for 3 months. This got me inspired to get back into Yoga and my body and mind. So, thank-you – many blessings to you X

  32. Thankyou for making this video, no way would I have been able to do a busy class straight away ahaha can't wait for tomorrow

  33. this comment is for all who are watching this first video and are new at yoga: I'm not an outdoors or sports person at all, I always made fun of people doing girly things as yoga, but I am in day 18 now, and this practice had been a great lesson of humility and a source of joy. Please keep dong it! and thank you, Adriene, from the bottom of my heart

  34. Hi Adriene just want to say thank you for inspiring me to get my health back on track . I did this 30 day challenge last year and felt great but then my emotional health went spiralling down due to a number of things to the point where I was so depressed I couldn’t get out of bed . I’m now on the road to recovery and woke up today with the desire to get my physical health back to how I felt last year .
    Day 1 finished and already feel better – 29 days to go , bring it on !! 🙌🏼🧘🏻‍♂️🦋🙏🏻☯️🥰❤️❣️❤️

  35. I've always been skeptical (and angry) at people who say "do yoga it will change your life :))))" as if it were a magical cure for everything, and I still believe many of us need other elements (specifically talking about mental health issues here – I have a chronic personality disorder and need therapy and will take daily medication for the rest of my life) but after doing the begginer's video for like a week in a row and today starting with this, I can say I feel miles better. I have been battling with addiction for years and trying to be sober for the billionth time this summer, and following your videos every day has helped me immensely. I've always been intimidated by sports in general and particularly anything flexibility related, but the way you explain things with compassion and patience has really made me feel comfortable enough to try this out, enjoy myself and see I can actually do the whole thing and see results. Thank you!

  36. Difficult to start day1. My body is too stiff, rigid, knees aching. I'm a 50yo , divorcee , grieving, but i want well being , and a new approach through meditation mindfulness and yoga.

  37. She's not explaining how to breath properly throughout, only occasionally.. If you are not inhaling and exhaling correctly then you can easily end up holding your breath and that's when you lose balance or get pain. She does tend to talk to much too!! Not very relaxing! Have been doing Hatha Yoga for nearly a year now and at the beginning I struggled because I didn't breathe properly, now I know when to inhale and exhale I can reach each position easily.

  38. I dont know what tf she is saying so i have to watch the videoa nd i feel like me having to watch the video is ruining it because her eye are closed

  39. Wow, this did wonders on my lower back. At first I was hesitant to do the rocking motion, but the sideways stretches laying on the floor after felt so good. Thanks!

  40. hi! a friend recommended me this 'challenge', i was supposed to start yesterday but i was a bit nauseous so i started today 2.09.2019 and finished now actually 17h05GMT. I didn't realise the exercises require quite a strength, struggled with the lotus position and also felt very anxious at the first 10 minutes but ended up more relaxed and really enjoyed it. i'm thinking of doing this in the morning before breakfast, hm. thank you so much Adriene!!

  41. I got so fed up with my sports bra every time I went back down I literally just ended up doing this topless. Highly recommend. Feels amazing :'D

  42. I just finished day 1. Im a complete beginner to yoga, only have done 5 days of Adriene's beginner yoga video before giving this a try. And man OH MAN there were parts of this video where i didnt think i could make it (im looking at you lunges!!) but Adriene's words helped me push through and the 30 minutes flew by. As I laid flat on the mat at the end, "I feel good," were the first things I said and it surprised me. I dont like exercise. Physical fitness and me dont mix. I quit every workout series I've tried and never looked forward to continuing. But, for some reason I keep coming back to Adriene's yoga videos. And Im enjoying them!!! I have scoliosis. Im overweight. I have back issues, shoulder issues, neck issues. But I feel good. I really recommend giving this a try.

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