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DAY 36 of 100 Days Belly Fat to Belly Fit – Dr. Mani Pavitra|| Million Moms

Hello moms…how are you all doingToday we have sirisha with us… She is a pregnant mother.she is in her 2nd trimeister most of the mothers are asking us what can we do during pregnancy? people from vizag and even sirisha was asking me …. Like full-day she will be at work place and and there is no time for me to travel to yoga place…. can you please teach me some asanas, which I can practice at home…. So, i thought I will do this session for all the mothers and pregnant women And also all the mothers though you workout regularly and if you add this in your plan, it will help you with hip opening… Hip opening is one thing which helps you during pregnancy and especially to give normal birth… not only that… it will help you with in general hip opening also This is called Upavistasana (30 secs) when you doing this exercise you will feel a stretch in your inner thigh.. and also stretch in your growing area… as you are moving forward… while doing this… yes I understand there is a pregnant belly… but make sure there is as much space in between your legs as much as possible… very easily few people can touch their foot…. but if you are not able to do that there is nothing to worry at all… It is all about progress… Am i doing better compared to yesterday… While doing this movement, if you can see she is exerting her upper body the movement should always happen from the hip… move from your hip… if you are feeling a stretch in your belly…. that means you have not opened your legs completely… you will the stretch in your hip… which is the correct position… Butterfly Posture( 1 min) this is another beautiful hip opening posture… even in this try to move forward and back During pregnancy we get back pain most of the time… because, the core part of the body is moving out… then lower back will take a toll… suppose there is no strength in lower body we develop a kind of pain… though we working on hip opening and your feeling the pain then there is no strength in lower back… to improve your strength in lower back I will show you some-other exercise… Cat- Camel pose ( 5 to 7 times) lunges (each leg 5 times) Wall stretches ( each leg 5 times) very important for Calf muscle… Sirisha works for us at Million moms… Its such a pleasure to have around the team… She motivated so many mothers… to take up the 21 day challenge… but she is handling all those with ease… Taadasasana (30 sec) Generally most of the mothers think, before planning also they should not workout should not walk more… that is actually not correct… we should actually do more exercises at that point of time you can relax in the first trimester but from your second one .you can also swim if you are comfortable with doing that… you can do all kinds of work till your body supports…. listen to your body.. I hope all the mothers do all the exercises correctly…and go with a proper diet… Thank you 21 days challenge

Reynold King

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