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Day in the Life:  Athletic Trainer USF Football

If you don’t have a firey passion for athletic
training, it’s going to be a tough job to do. We’re all really passionate about taking our
players and getting them back on the field, having them perform at the highest level every
day. It’s a really satisfying feeling for all of
us. So, typically a day starts before the first
athlete even gets in the building. We have to make sure the athletic training
room is all ready for them to get there, the tape drawers are stocked, the pools are cleaned
and refilled. Then the first wave of athletes come and it’s
all about getting them ready to go out to practice Taping, stretching, warming them up, doing
some quick manual therapies. Then we go out to practice. At practice is care of acute injuries, making
sure nobody gets hurt out there, make sure everyone is staying hydrated. Come in from practice, do some quick rehabs
on all the guys that are injured. Some post practice treatments on anyone that
got nicked up. Eval any new injuries. Just see what we have to do to get them ready
for the next day.

Reynold King

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