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Day in the Life: Customer Training Professional

I dislike routine. I really dislike
routine. So the ability to see a new place and work with new people and
almost always have a new challenge or puzzle– It’s a lot of fun. I travel on site to
car dealerships and I work with the dealership personnel, kind of
implementing the Reynolds software, trying to better their dealership
processes. Usually you are in the dealership from 8 to 5, and you
work with your customers, you’re either training them or you’re supporting them
live while they’re working with their own customers. In my initial training
it involved training in the classroom, training in a mock dealership, and
training in the field with an experienced trainer. I think that the training program here
at Reynolds prepares its employees tremendously well. We’re given all the
tools and assets we could possibly want. I don’t think there is a more thorough
training program to my knowledge in the software industry. Growing up, I didn’t
get to travel a lot so it’s pretty cool to get to go to some of these places
I’ve always heard about. I think the most rewarding part about my position is just
kind of getting to work with customers. I’m a really big people person, so
knowing that I made a difference in someone’s day is a big deal. You get to know people, you develop some
really close friendships. It’s much easier to solve problems when you’re
bouncing things off of other people. Reynolds and Reynolds focuses a lot on
promotion from within because it knows that the employees that they have are their greatest asset and they know that moving them up will only move the
company forward. The greatest thing about working for an industry leader is I can
say with total honesty to the customer, “”We have the best product.
Let me demonstrate how.”

Reynold King

3 Replies to “Day in the Life: Customer Training Professional”

  1. I really would the opportunity to work for a firm that's truly dedicated to training their members to have success, and the ability to move forward within a company, And think without a doubt that Reynolds and Reynolds is that company. I've a great deal about the company and I've try several times in the past but to no avail, would love the chance to applied again, i recently move to the Tampa area and seeking to work for a firm that have a strong foundation that's in place…

  2. What's the average time length of travel? And is it within your surrounding region or national travel?

  3. Are travel expenses taken care of by the company, or would that be coming out of the employee's pocket?

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