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Day in the Life: Remote Customer Training Professional

I’m part of the remote training team in
the Distance Learning Center. The Distance Learning Center, or the DLC,
is a remote training department where we train our customers in the dealerships
on the Reynolds software. We use a web-based technology similar to that of
Skype, in which we interact with our customers and we can share our computer
screens. Along with that we have conference calls so we can speak with the
customer and it will allow us to see what the customer’s doing and they can see what
we’re doing. A training can take anywhere from a half hour to two hours, depending
on what product we’re training on. A typical training with a customer would
be spending time with them on each individual product so that they can
then turn around and do their job. I really like when I train a customer
and they’re excited about the product because it makes me feel like I picked the
right company because they could have chosen many different solutions and
they’re on top of the world, they love what they have, and we help them get
there. I really enjoy working with everyone in
the Distance Learning Center, especially my team. Everybody works really well together and
it just feels like a big happy family. I would tell someone that is considering
a career opportunity with Reynolds to go for it. It is an awesome company to work for. You never get bored. Every day is new.
There’s always new experiences, always new things to learn and it makes your
days fun and your weeks go by so fast. It’s a phenomenal place to work.

Reynold King

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  1. Trying to figure out how I would find out about getting set up with a place to live during training which would be over 800 miles away from where I'm currently located?

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