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Demet Özdemir became a training volunteer. He participated in the donation campaign. Demet Özdemir became a training volunteer. He participated in the donation campaign. Turkey was organized in a television program broadcast live on television. Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman volunteered on donation day. On the TEMA donation day, donors are sending messages on their mobile phones. Each message meets one child’s nature education. On such a day, Demet Özdemir poured sweat to reach the number of donations. He said that people should contribute to nature and education. He stated that sensitive society and highly educated individuals will contribute positively to the world. Donations from foundations in Turkey through a lot of artists gathered. Everyone was asked to participate in donations by sending messages on their mobile phones. Both conversations were held for the targeted donation figure. Good wishes and wishes were made. We invite Demet Özdemir. Welcome, Demet. ..
-I found it nice. Good thing you came, Demet. What’s going on inside? Behind the camera, there is a great thrill inside. I can’t even describe you. By the way, I have some very good news for you. I’il tell you, by the way. From now on, 40,000 children will be able to study nature.
-That’s great news, Demet. As the help increases, the excitement grows. Everybody keep sending SMS. Because every child has the right to grow up with nature. In my childhood, I grew up in a place intertwined with nature. I feel so lucky. Now our children in the metropolitan are growing under very difficult conditions. I feel sorry for them because they are not with nature. Actually, I’m sprained. I appeal to children, their parents, their parents. Come on, donate. Let’s write a theme and send 3464 SMS. Let’s raise our children in nature. I will be following the latest situation. I’m going in. – Those who see you here “If you have Sanem, can’t you do Divit? he asks… ” Where is Can Yaman Demet Özdemir? Can Yaman Da will come here after a certain number of donations. :)) Yes Continue your donations by sending an SMS. The corporate firm supports that we want to share continue to come. LC Waikiki announced that 5000 children will support with Nature education.
I thank everyone very much.
-I’m going in. I’m here until the end of the campaign. We will reach the destination …. Because we are so crowded. We will reach our goals with this crowd. I have infinite faith.

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