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Discipline is the 3rd skill for success #HTipT #78

Hi. John Paul Fischbach here, the Chief Alchemist
and CEO of the Auspicious Arts Incubator with another Hot Tip for this Tuesday. This is
the third in our series of understanding what makes some artists succeed while others flounder.
Both have talent but there are four building blocks that can help. The first is desire,
the second is direction. If you missed those two, go check them out. This week we’re looking at the third building
block of artistic success discipline. You’ve got desire and you’ve got direction. The next
thing you need to master is discipline if you’re going to make your desire come true.
We all know that this is the key and that we’re very disciplined when it comes to creating
our art. It’s easy to be undisciplined in our careers. To achieve artistic success you need to develop
the discipline to follow the direction and to renew the desire every day. You need to
develop habits and practices that you do over and over that guarantee progress. These habits
and practices need to be headed in the right direction otherwise they’re just distraction. Think about the example of health and fitness.
Someone with the desire to get fit who also has direction say a gym membership and a trainer
has to develop the discipline to show up and eat healthy every day. It’s vital right? If you want to achieve success in your arts
business you have to develop the discipline to work at it. What’s your gym? Who’s
your trainer? Helping artists with discipline is why the Artist Transformation School actually
works. It’s kind of a 12 week gym with trainers. You have to be committed to the habits and
practices that positively support your journey to success. Here’s the work for this week. What could
you do every day that would develop the discipline that you need to succeed? What are you going
to ask every day? What are you going to try every day? If you need some tips review Hot
Tip #4 One Thing and Hot Tip #66 Morning Warmup. Creating these Hot Tips every Tuesday is a
good story of discipline. I’ve got desire, help more artists. I’ve got direction, share
more often with artists in bite sized chunks. It’s about the discipline to share every day
and then every week decide which thing to share, build the slides, book the studio,
pick up the lights, gather the team and get these out in the world. That’s all discipline. Discipline isn’t a chore. It’s the joyful
habit of pursuing your dreams so get on it. Every day develop some habits, behaviors and
practices that keep you moving in the right direction toward your desire. Did you like this Hot Tip? Be sure and subscribe
to the next one and tell a fellow artist about us. If you want real practical help and support
to thrive as an artist check us out at

Reynold King

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