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Let’s just start with the definition, if you’ve
got high Discipline, the world needs to be predictable. And when it’s not, no fear, you make it that
way. It’s about order, and structure, and planning. People with high Discipline instinctively
impose structure on their own world. They do that by setting up routines and maybe
by even setting up timelines or deadlines. A couple other of the powerful sentences that
I find in this definition which by the way is at the top of the companion guide, you
break long term projects into a series of specific short term plans, and work through
each of those plans diligently. So Discipline is an Executing Theme, it really
is about i think finding a groove that works and following it. I got a, there was a question on our Facebook
page recently, about what the difference is between Discipline and Consistency. And I think that’s a super fair question and
in fact I had to sort of pause and think about it myself. Consistency is about fairness, it’s about
there is some predictability involved in both of them but I think the predictability of
Consistency comes from an external comparison of how do I want my system to all work together
or how do I want my people to all be treated the same. And with Discipline it is more about that
internal, how do I want to follow the cleanest, most orderly way of getting things done. So I think people with high Discipline think
about accomplishing quite a bit by doing it in the most effective way. So if you’ve got high Discipline, think about
what may be a leadership extension of that. If you are thinking about running your own
life and you’re just using Discipline as an individual contributor you probably are thinking
about clear processes. Perhaps if you’ve got high Discipline and
you’re a leader, you’re not only thinking of those clear processes but also thinking
about a clear purpose.

Reynold King

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