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So today is day seven for Dominic and
day two for Sam, and I just want to point out how relaxed Dominic is at this point in
here. So far today we did a little bit of a group walk and I just had Dominic on
the dog powered treadmill. Did some work with him on the treadmill as well as him
being near Lobo while Lobo was on it, so that he could practice not triggering to
excitement; that’s been one of his things is fast movement, high-energy activity is
one of the things that triggers him. So having him near Lobo while Lobo’s on the
treadmill, Lobo moves pretty intensely on there, is a good exercise.
Overall, Dominic at this point we’ve got Charlie, Lobo and then Sam his housemate
in here and I don’t even really need to keep an eye on him. He’s just chill,
which is amazing to see. Some people will ask, you know, if he’s doing so good, why
the muzzle still? You know we take safety really seriously here. For me, just
because the dog’s done good for a few days or a few weeks isn’t enough. I need
to be a hundred and ten percent certain that that dogs not gonna injure another
dog or a person if there’s human issues. He doesn’t have human issues. And
especially if we’re gonna bring in other dogs that belong to other clients, we
don’t risk anything here. You know this isn’t a television show, we’re not going
for sensationalism. This is real real world rehabilitation and muzzles are
there for safety. So, you know, he’s only here till the end of this week. I
probably won’t really remove the muzzle in an off-leash socialization setting
within that time frame because it’s certainly not enough time for me to have
seen him doing good to be that 110 percent certain and we just don’t want
to take any chances. But you’ll see him, you know, wandering around.
He’s just looking fantastic and I’m just really focusing on Sam now. Sam’s got
some insecurity and confidence issues and he tends to shut down a little bit
more in socialization, so we’re working on just some really simple agility equipment just to get his feet moving, trying to get him and Dominic moving around each other a little bit
more because yesterday they just sort of avoided each other for the most part, and
that’s basically it for today.

Reynold King

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