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Donald Trumpy: ‘I love the poorly educated’

Reynold King

100 Replies to “Donald Trumpy: ‘I love the poorly educated’”

  1. Btw, he won 46% of registered GOP hispanics who caucused. He actually won 11% of Nevada's Hispanic vote.
    The man is a stone cold liar 🤥

  2. Trump loves the poorly educated because they're the people who are easily conned. Trump isn't hot shit. He's just the world's biggest con man.

  3. humpty dumpty can't build the wall
    dummy trumpy is too tall
    grumpy puppy is afraid to fall
    all the america first and the people
    sees a wolf in sheep's clothing wheeple
    couldn't tell trumpy humpy that we're not sheeple!!!

  4. This is funny because the only people that vote for trump is the uneducated and that makes up most of the population

  5. Of course he loves the poorly educated, because they're so easy to manipulate & easy to fool.

    Only those dum-dums would consider voting for this nutjob.

  6. this is fantastic. " i love the poorly educated", only to receive cheers from the poorly educated. usually it is democrats that are very poorly educated.

  7. I have a hard time with the whole educated thing. I see athletes with degrees from major universities and they can't even speak like they went to college. So to me education means very little. Common sense is far more useful

  8. "I love the poorly educated, {we are the most smartest people, most loyal} hahaha lmfao! He finally admitted he's a dumbass for the first time in his life!

  9. Rigged because the only only ones who voted for him were the Spanish and Latinos and he admitted "they are the uneducated ones." Move out hispanics, yours the fkn reason he's in there….

  10. So what you're saying is, it's the Hispanics fault you are in there? Fak, then you toss paper towels at them..

  11. What a fucking moron.  Trump you did not win.  You cheated your way into the White House.

    Trump admitted to a rigged electorate and that is how he was put in office of the president. 
    -Through a rigged electoral college

    Clinton: 65,788,583
    Trump: 62,955,363

    Rigged electorate

  12. Hmmmm its almost like just cus someone hasnt been to College doesnt make them a bad or stupid person lmao

    I thought the left were meant to be Communists, good luck reaching the working class

  13. Typical uneducated Trump supporter, "I don't know what he's saying, but the way he talks surely will make him a great president."

  14. This man is a CON – ARTIST whoever voted for him out of disparity will be worse off than they ever imagined..The poorest Americans voted for this uneducated clown with dreams of granduar an self loathing i feel sorry 4 those people, you never had anything in life an now your dreams won't ever come true..MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN….

  15. In the context of statistics, educated/non-educated simply means attended college or not. Its the only way to formulate such statistics from polling. Educated/non-educated in this context has nothing to do with how intelligent or informed you are as an individual or as a group. Many who would technically classify as poorly educated are some of the most intelligent, informed, free and abstract thinkers in the world. And inversely, many who would classify as highly educated are some of the least informed and simplest thinkers in the world. Especially today where universities have basically turned into nothing but group-think echo chambers and partisan sociopolitical indoctrination camps. Indeed, in todays world, the "poorly educated" is probably the more desirable base.

  16. The fact that he can say this and most of his supporters will still defend and support him, just says it all. The only reason he says it is because he knows his supporters well. He knows he can get away with it. He knows that they are too dumb and simple-minded to even realize that they're being insulted and exploited. Everyone with a brain (including most of the rest of the world) realizes that he only loves the poorly educated because their lack of education means that they are easily manipulated, especially with fear. After all, that's how he got them to vote for him.

  17. I love how nobody in the comment section mentioned the fact that he won with Hispanics and also the highly educated. Doesn’t work with the agenda does it?

  18. I heard that and thought "What does that mean, 'poorly educated'?" Was Abraham Lincoln poorly educated? Was Jesus Christ or St. Peter poorly educated? St. Paul was well educated. At least God didn't hold it against him.

  19. Out of respect, you say “non-degree” voters… Donald Trump insulted his own voters by calling them “poorly educated” and they cheer!

  20. Ann Coulter said:
    Good news for George Herbert Walker Bush: As of today, he is no longer the biggest wimp ever to serve as President of the United States…… Why hasn't Mr. Fight said anything to Ann ???? Maybe its because her balls are bigger😲

  21. 99% of you are poorly educated, wtf are you even smoking kids? say thanks to mr trump that he doesnt put you into slavery like i woud :d . I hope if i ever get president no one will trace this youtube comment to me, lol

  22. Hahaha well he said it, not me. But it's true that Trump loves poorly educated and the poorly educated loves Trump. But people who are actually intelligent see Trump for the con man he is.

  23. Trump read the situation perfectly. america is a nation of mostly idiots so those are the people he tailored himself to appeal to. He is far from stupid. He can pretty much say anything now and his low iq flock will cheer and applaud.

  24. They're too poorly educated to realized he's calling them stupid. To they're face. And they cheer. They deserve Trump. The rest of us can see through Trump's leathery, orange veneer.

  25. Don Jr.'s face was like "Ehh, dunno bout that…we're just using you, we don't really love you" LMAO!

    Gotta love this clusterfuck presidency and his clusterfuck base.

  26. "we"??? So he's saying that he's poorly educated as well??? Well…it ain't nuthin' we didn't suspect.

  27. Y’all are so judgmental. He basically just said he loves everyone. What if I said I love all my friends, the smart ones and the dumb ones, would you fucking care??? No because you are clearly bias against trump because the media is brainwashing you in to thinking he is the enemy when really the media is dividing our country. Trump cares about our people. Stop believing the lies! He is the best thing that could have happened to our country but y’all won’t believe it because you’re brainwashed! Please people do your own research and stop believing everything!!!!

  28. Fortunately for him, much of America is poorly educated and will likely vote for him again, even when their coal mine is going bankrupt as the CEO builds his mansion with a golf course through underpaid, undocumented labor. Trump voters are a special kind of stupid.

  29. Trump's dumb, dumb enough to beat both political parties, the media, the deep state, the FBI and on and on…yeah, dumb guy.

  30. Education polling data solely determines attendance of formal education centers. Which has exactly zero to do with level of intelligence. Thinking "highly educated", or continued attendance of formal education centers beyond High School means very intelligent, and "poorly educated" means very stupid, really only shows how unintelligent you are. The smartest people are usually unconventional thinkers and avoid formal education, but never stop learning and applying that knowledge successfully. Some of the dumbest, most rigid and conventional thinkers are college educated.

  31. Sometimes I wonder if I should move to America but then i think about this stuff and the health care system and it makes me think twice about leaving Europe

  32. What you folks fail to realize is that the media had previously characterized Trump supporters as “uneducated”. Never Trumpers don’t get it at all because they haven’t been paying attention. Trump supporters are well aware of how they have been characterized and marginalized by the media and Hillary as the “uneducated deplorables” and so applaud Trump when he mocks them for “their mis-characterization” and error in using that as a tactic, because that mistake, in part, cost them the election.

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